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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Love and hate

Why do we hate when we can love
why does hatred often wins the war?
when we look at others why do we forget
its just fine to have nothing in common
with other fellow human beings or
its alright to be weak, feeble or at fault?
These don’t create a reason to hate!

So many times we let hatred
win over love, compassion,
when we might have won
we defeat ourselves.

We forget Jesus prayed
to his father to forgive those
who hated him, tortured him
in return of his love, affection.

We, his children fail to love those
who have not caused us any wound.
We forget that loving and forgiving
is normal.. hating is not right or fair.

We act against the human nature,
and betray the love of the creator.
We forget that at the end it will be
ashes to ashes and ground to ground.

So in this short stay in this earthly abode
before leaving for heaven, we should live!
We ignore and forget to light
the lamp of love and keep it burning.

Light that will remind others of our
love and affection when we are gone.
We forget that it needs fire of love
not darkness of hatred to keep earth turning.

Every time we give in to hatred,
to contempt, to anger
without provocation,
without being harmed by any one
we walk a step away from
God the nurturer and move a step
toward the destroyer the evil one.

We cant change the entire world
or go on preaching every one,
but we can look inside our souls
and try to destroy hatred.
Try to love as long as we can
trust until we are betrayed,
Turn our back to the darkness
take a step toward the sun.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


remember that pure loving soul
who left her palace to toil
with her lover in wilderness
left riches and welcomed rags.

Then she sent her lover for a wild goose chase,
full of girlish innocence, seeking a golden deer
It was not meant to be found just like any bait,
every thing went just the way it was in her fate.

She ended up in claws of Ravan
Who tried to win her in vain
He lured her, tortured her,
terrorised her, imprisoned her.

in the dark forest of his greed
his temptresses and aides
tried to break her defense
corrupt her love but could not succeed.

then came the day her lover came to her side
she felt as if she was flying in the seventh sky
their eyes met and her heart was shattered
she saw darkness of suspicion not loving light.

all her love, sacrifice and self restrain
was scattered on the dust was just in vain
she was tested by fire, and earth, and pain
miracles could not prove the absence of stain.

then mother earth took her to her bossom
and swore in anger that she wont bloom
such a precious flower on this earth again
to be tortured by evil and scorned by men.


Such a simple sweet word,
but without it our coming
to the earth is meaningless,
life is worthless,
the body is only the covering
around this eternal light,
Our real existence, is
not the outer brilliant petals
but the sweet nectar inside
bodies are just the shells
covering the pearls called souls.

Keep this pearl dazzling white,
that’s how it was given to you
and when you will leave the
shell behind, your real worth
will be judged by the pearl.
The beautiful petals
will wither with time,
and the day you will leave
for final destination,
soul will be the only thing
picked up from within you.

If you think its too tough to
keep this gift spotless white
in this world brewing with
temptation, greed and spite
think of the oysters
who keep it glowing white
facing torture of splashing waves,
deep dark abyss and harsh sand
yet they keep unscathed the pearls

Friday, May 29, 2009

Distant star

You are forever here, but never here
You are like a distant burning star
Always burning in the night sky
Since the day I opened my eye.

Forever present, yet when I am sad,
I am alone,I feel uncared by all
cherished by none I reach out
for your touch, to feel you near
I only touch empty space and feel only air

Ray of sunshine

Waves were coming and going
in a strange rhythm
Restless as small children
running around in circles.
Deep blue ocean was rolling
to and fro the land as if some
priest was chanting an ancient hymn.

Scattering away white petals around him
waves carrying those petals with them
their sound was echoing like his hymn
a lonely soul was standing watching them.

Running away from life,
too tired to fight
tired of a life devoid of
laughter and light
gathering up the courage
to take the last flight
to turn his back on
the light and walk into night.

He stood there watching the waves
coming one by one
tears rolled down to think
he’ll be mourned by none
he will be forgotten like the waves
when they are gone
then he took the step
to do what should not be done.

He turned his face at a sound
coming his way, then he walked away
from death just turned away.
Gently bowed down and picked up
a small ray of sunshine
Left on ground by some guilty soul
who will later pine.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


When the shadows were too long
the road seemed too long
every step was blocked by a stone
I was in a crowd but completely alone.

You came out of nowhere and started to walk
beside me, holding my hand in your hand
my heart in your heart and soul in your soul
you became the oasis in that never-ending sand.

we walked together for miles,
every time I stumbled your hand pulled me back
to my feet again with a smile
every moment we spent together flew away.

Then life took a sad turn,
our paths parted,
you went your way, I went mine
but whenever I lose my light
I know your invisible light will burn

Black and white

Why should black and white not mingle?
the eternal war of white truth and black sin
cant they mingle together as one and rhyme?
The reason is day and night cant be one.

Their difference is too much, their paths vary
they travel the opposite direction
so how can they be together for more than
just a while when they are passing each other?

If they try to travel together one of them
loses his goal and starts to walk
just the opposite direction of his goal
so the eternal truth remains the truth.

Black and white cant be together
If they try one of them loses its colour
or both of them lose their colours
and mingle to form a third colour.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hey mastadons!!

Hey mastadons don’t you have some
other thing to do but jump in ponds
full of crystal clear water and flowers
blooming with loving glory and charm?

Hey mastadons this is the realm of poetry
its not made for elephants who will rip
every flower and assess its anatomy
and tresspass without knowing own territory.

An elephant cant understand the charm
of serene, peaceful calm of a pond.
Its not their fault its nature’s irony.
But hey! Cant you stay away from ponds?

You can jump into the rivers or ocean
where there is nothing to ruin
why ruin some poor guy’s pond?
when there are so many rivers and oceans?


Don’t mistake my softness with petals
my silence with the coolness of lake
my desire to avoid confrontation as
a proof of my gentle, tenderness.

Have you observed a flame?
How soft it looks and glows with light!
When you blow it it sways, grab it it ducks
as if it is trying to save itself from you.

If you take that as a symptom of weakness
you are inviting your own destruction
the strongest powers in this world are often
disinterested in any type of confrontation.

They often shy away from combats
not because they are weak.
But because they know if they rage
they will turn their opponent in ashes.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

The lyre and the pen

A caring friend of mine asked
Why have I put down the pen
And picked up the lyre to play
I can do so much good with pen.

I smiled and pondered about
Reasons which has brought change
How I realized that I cant write
Fairytales when I am using pen.

A light of truth starts to glow
And lightens up my very vision
That’s not fit for this time
Nor very appetizing for most.

A civilisation which whitewashes
Its black body and screams I am pearl
And dares any one to prove him wrong
And proving wrong results in destruction.

So after playing with the pen for a while
I thought that its not a magic wand
Which will wake up a sleeping country
So I laid it down and picked up the lyre.

Arrogance and vengefulness

one a warm heart and hot head
other a heart full of passion
with sensitive mind, full of
vengefulness and cold fury.

Can they last together
with love and harmony
one is a lion with a huge
roar and forgiving heart

The other is insignificant
small, silent scorpion
which strikes without sound
then the poison does the job.

One warm, clumsy, arrogant
the other one ready to strike
anyone and everyone when hurt
and pour down poison in vein.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Journey of life

Life is not a dream, it’s a journey.
its more like a boat travelling
in a river than sitting on the bank
to watch the river flow from there.

Its more like a roller coaster ride
than the seat of the operator
We have to go up and down
and stay as much calm as we can.

Its more like tossing and turning
in a turbulent ocean on a boat
than watching that from the shore
and feeling the power of storm.

Don’t expect life to be a plain
chartered, well planned path.
It’s a journey through unknown
you have to take the up and down.

There will be uphill, plain, downhill
There will be storm, rain, silence
There will be laughter, love and tears
There will be question, answer, fears

River of love

A beaufiful angel caught
the fancies of a dark demon
the demon wooed her but
she refused his love with scorn

The furious demon snatched her
away from her land of love,
innocence and happiness to
the land of guilt, lust and desire.

The fairy tried hard to hit
all the hands grabbing at
to prove her disgust at lust
her heart filled up with anguish.

Every day the demon would visit
and ask her if she was ready to give in
every time he met the same hatred
and returned disappointed, enraged.

One night the fairy had a dream
God has come down to help her
she told her in a voice full of love
and peace that she is wrong.

She is not wrong in her chastity
or her refusal to surrender to dark
she is wrong at trying to hit back.
Being lonely she first should be strong.

When a pure but narrow stream of love
enters a dry, cruel desert it dries up
but if that same river fills up bank to bank
it easily crosses the desert to the ocean.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A poem

a pen, some thoughts, some words
sometimes the yearning of an ordinary
life poured out on white paper
dreams of a dreamy soul scattered around.

Words are scattered on paper
Sometimes with deeper meaning
Some times to just play with
Sometimes to paint a beauty.

Dreams of a bird without wing to fly
touch the blue heavens, the sky
roam around the white, fluffy clouds
to kiss the wind, to catch the rain in sky.

His mortal body with limited means
may not be able to do these things
but his mind the most powerful being
indulges in these dreams unrestrained.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Last night I again dreamt of flying
among the clouds above the trees
the strong wind underneath my body
was cool, soothing and refreshing.

Flying above the unknown lands
oceans, mountains, ancient ruins
I glided in the wind like a swan
smoothly without least effort.

I knew I was dreaming all the while
yet I was enjoying the joy which
my open eyes could not offer me
the joys of touching the clouds in sky.

When I opened my eyes slowly
I was lying in my bed full of joy
as if I really have been flying
through the night in the sky.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

White dove

White dove flying in the blue heaven
you look so dazzlingly graceful
I keep on staring at you from my window
before you disappear in distant horizon.

You look so pure and divine with white wings
I see you every day and wonder
is your fate is also like human having white souls?
Do other birds become envious, malicious?

I see not! Your kingdom only acts on few laws
for food, sleep and love.. all the works are done
no other passion invades your earthly minds.
May be this is the price we humans only pay.

For opening the window of our soul and mind
freely without any binding or restrains,
it has invited the good things in this world
and it has invited the bad things inside us.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wind beneath your wings

I want to be the wind beneath your wings
I want to see you fly high and smile
smile like you used to smile
when you were a small child.

You will find so many of your friends
who are greater well wishers than me
those who want to correct your faults
let me not be one of them.

I will rather turn your frown into smile
Your scorn into a charming laughter
Your tears will be the tears of joy
Your eyes will shine with loving light.

Let others guide you to excellence
to the path of perfection and success.
I will guide you to true love, happiness
the land of endless laugh and smiles.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mortal flame

My mortal flame is simmering
aching, yearning in this hope
soon this wait will be over
and will be enveloped by yours.

Then I will lose myself in you
will become a part of you
stay within your eternal flame
till eternity, glowing with you.

Everytime a tempest gathers
I shiver with fear and sigh
Thinking I will never reach you
Will be blown away by winds.

Every time darkness gathers
too tightly around my timid light
I fear that I will never last this night
Fear i will never reach your door.

I wish I could fly away to you
but you are the one who picks us up
and gently envelopes us within you,
so I wait shivering and longing for you.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

the curse

An evil witch casted a spell on an angel
that spell perished her from heaven
cursed her to wander in loveless lands
her body became so deformed that
whenever she reached out her hand
for love, every one shrank back with fear.

Her eyes forever brimmed with tear
for she ached so much for the love
which she used to share with her sisters
back in the glory days in heaven.
Though she yearned for them to be back
a part of her heart was slowly giving away.

One dark night she saved a man from
the clutches of sure death, he clung
to her like a small child she guided him
to morning, knowing he will throw away
the hand when he sees her in the day
the day came and the day went to her wonder.

When nothing changed she asked her friend
why is he not going away after seeing how
deformed she is, the man laughed out loud
and said, my angel your love brims in your
eyes, have seen so many women never
seen such divine eyes, I will stay forever.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Power of tears

Taking the help of tears to win.
a game often weak souls play.
don’t fall in this slippery trap.
Weak souls set these traps.

These souls don’t have courage
to stand alone on their own.
To toil to get their goal.
Work hard to reap the harvest.

So they try to win what they want
may or may not deserve to have
by the power of their tears
which may or may not come from heart.

All tears are not fake and all are not real
some come from heart, some from eyes
and some are just a easy tool to win.
Knowing every one will respect these pearls.

Passionate heart

a heart full of passion
caught in chains of iron
will it beat harder and break
the chain or will it surrender?

No it wont give in it will beat
even if in stealth or discreet
it will keep beating, yearning
for the chance to break free.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

So you say

So you say you love her now,
when she loved you
you could not love her back.
Your love was stolen by a temptress
a dazzling beauty, a seductress.

Who did not wanted you
but stole her love from you.
Then when she left you
she too went her own way.
Leaving you used and empty.

Since then you have cursed your
very own choice day and night,
you want her back but don’t dare
to approach her fearing hatred.
Because you broke her to pieces.

Though love is a one way road
Its hard to get back to what
you have once left behind, then,
in love actions talk more than words
so, go back, hold her hand and try.

Sometimes deep affection heals
the wounds made by neglect.
Deep repentance makes up for
time wasted after a mirage.
To claim your love first prove your love.

Tender love

Love doesnot always means
warm embrace and kisses
love may also come as
a gentle smile, a soft touch.

Some souls overflow their
beloved with their passion
some souls just yearn
and hope to be embraced.

They are like gentle flowers
forever needing gentle care
but once they come to bloom
they fill up the carer’s soul.

They need to be coaxed out of
their fear of being rejected
their love is a stream blocked
by a boulder waiting to be freed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tiny bird

Tiny bird what was your unheard word?
I was sitting beside my window
listening to a soft melody on radio
a song I loved so very much.

You flew out of nowhere
and perched on the branch
beside my window and started
a melody most beautiful and soft.

Desperate to listen to your song
I quickly turned off the radio
but that movement scared you
and you flew away in blue sky.

I went back to my once adored song
with a deep dissatisfaction in my heart.
Did you came to show me the difference
between real and fake, diamond and crystal?

Or you wanted to tell me we often lose
real thing pursuing the false pearls
when we lose it we realise our loss
but cant get the real pearl any more?

The throne

The throne is empty idol is gone
you were offered this throne
with love, gratitude and sweetness
your coronation with love was done.

Your heart could not feel that love
which was showered down on you
from the very heaven above
through a mortal human body.

The more she doted on you
the more you thought yourself worthy
so worthy that she cant help but love you
you believed that you are too good for her..

One day she realized her love was in vain
she picked up the pieces of her heart
and went away to offer them to herself.
Every thing changed that very moment.

That moment she realized that she is queen
a queen with a heart full of unselfish love.
That moment you realized you are a pauper
who had a kingdom, throne but threw them away.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soul traders

An innocent soul trapped in
the quagmire of darkest sins,
she dropped down on her knees
every night, and prayed to Gods
that she be delivered from the
hell which has become her life.
Every night a kind angel will
appear and promise her God’s love.

Then one night another angel in
dark robe visited her in dreams
he promised her Garden of Eden
in return of two innocent souls
she was so tired of that hell
that she promised him to do it
and did it as soon as she could,
she pulled down two souls in hell.

That night when she prayed to God
to keep His promise as she has kept.
Her angel appeared with tears in her
eyes and told her she has traded her
soul to Devil. She told her that God
can never ask her to harm someone.
How could she be fooled by the syrupy
words of the darkest soul trader?

Light in the dark

Light in the darkness
don’t tempt too much the
demons of dark to snub you
by dancing in too wild glory.

Slow down your passion
to win over the dark
glow with a steady light
wait for your day to come.

Till then increase your
strength, your power
let your light shower
like a steady morning star.

Once your day has come
your inner light will
shine so bright that
the darkness will retreat.

Patience is the virtue of
noble souls, they have faith
on God and they know to wait
for the day of truth and light.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Golden shower

With tired body and dry eyes
I stumbled to the door and knocked
fearing it wont open but it did
the angels came out and took me in.

I just sat there silent and thankful
my heart filed up with joy and love
as angels of God came one by one
to bless me with their love divine.

Their shower of love rinsed away
all the dust gathered on my soul
as I was walking down the desert
to reach this gate of their abode.

The shower turned my clay body
to a body of pure, divine love
one by one they hugged me
tears filled up both the eyes.

Butterfly wings

A butterfly was born among the moths
blessed with a pair of dazzling wings
splattered with all colours of rainbow
shining like a garden of flowers.

The moths were not accustomed to see
such dazzling, glorious, colourful wings
they could not understand the reason
so they despised the innocent friend.

They hated her, called her names
mocked her, called her deformed
some of them though admired her
could not take the side for fear.

The innoncent creature could not take
it any longer, all that mocking and taunt
it flew away from them in despair
knowing not where it was going.

It crossed miles and miles distance
never, ever looking back behind
suddenly it found itself with butterflies
and all the answers dawned in her mind.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The angel

Once a soul lost his way and stumbled deep
In a pit full of darkness, sin and destruction.
He used to cry every night to sleep
cursing the heavens above and creation down.

An angel felt mercy for him and flew down
in that deep, dark, stinking pit of hell.
She appeared to him and asked him to climb,
follow her to the land of light and sunshine.

The soul screamed at her in anguish and fury,
“You are the ones who landed me in this pit
and you expect me to climb that steep hill
and follow you back to the land and light?

The angel looked at him with eyes full of pity
then slowly reminded him of all the hurt,
and accidents which came his way when
he was taking every step towards this pit.

Then firmly told him the heavens warned him
every time he stepped towards this pit
yet he kept on blindly ignoring each sign
and finally ended up in dark pit of his deeds.

“We love you that is why I have been sent down.
Now get up and follow me step by step.
Above the hill of your own dark deeds,
back to the life which you discarded at your will.

Spring has come

Open your eyes sweet angel
while you were sleeping
the world has changed
open your beautiful eyes and see.

The cold, bleak snow dried your eyes
heavied your spirit and tired your soul
all you could see around you was
white snow covering every living thing.

Your senses got numb by fury of cold
you could no longer fly and kiss the skies
every thing was enveloped in white mist
you gave up, thinking this must be the end.

Fairy of sleep gently kissed your tired eyes
Dream fairy came down and cradled you,
a deep, peaceful slumber soothed you
your tired soul eagerly surrendered to them.

While you were sleeping God picked up
colours, pallette and brush to paint the canvas
open eyes sweet one and look at the riot of hues
spring has overtaken the winter as it should.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Farewell amigo

You think I am too loving and naïve
I should change and become vile
and corrupt because this world is evil
and angels like me are destroyed.

Amigo you call yourself my wellwisher
yet you want to ruin all that is good
I don’t think this world is evil, and I will
rather strengthen my virtues than discard.

I will rather make myself strong
so strong that I bloom like a lotus
and face all the scorn and tease
wait for the sun and the Gods.

Amigo, friends come and go they cant stay
soul is our only companion which will stay
and lead us to the gate of heaven or hell
I cant betray her my amigo, farewell !!!

You walked away

Once you fancied me
but could not love me
you thought we are too
different from each other.

You walked away, loved another
but lo you could not make it last
you came back looking for me
thinking I still care for you.

But time changed me I changed
I started to love myself again
you were stopped by that wall
of love, you could not enter.

Then why do you come back again
and again and bang on the closed door
of my heart and tell me a thousand times
my faults which made you walk away?..

Thursday, May 7, 2009


unhappy, jealous minds
which could never spread
their wings because they lacked
the spirit to fly in the blue sky.

So they crouch on the ground
looking at every soul in flight
with eye full of envy and some
times the envy twisted in hatred.

Whenever a soul touches the ground
in desire of friend or food for his soul
they pounce on him to fill him up with
negative thoughts and irritations.

Sometimes they make fun of flying
Sometimes they scorn at the flier
Sometimes the paint scary pictures
Sometimes the earth they admire.

They linger around these free souls
the objects of their blind jealousy
to drag them down to the earth
so that they too desert flying.

These souls let them linger because
they sometimes look for friends and
sometimes for compliments and end
up as wingless, flightless, visionless.

Your friend will never drag you down
if he finds a fault in you he will share
but in a way that it will help you fly higher
being a friend he will love to see you fly.

Irritants will pretend as your wing
then they will steal the wind beneath it
they will talk sweet and poisonous things,
which will enchant you and kill your dreams.


Don’t play with your pain
sweet one its an all consuming
ruthless fire, which slowly
consumes the heart that lets it stay.

Stay more longer than it should.
once it makes its home in a heart
it slowly convinces its stay for ever
then its flames spread around.

It slowly consumes the entire being
turns a living, thriving life
into handful of ash and dust
Its raging flames never stop burning.

Don’t let it linger in your heart
either extinguish it with love
or just throw it out of your life
and move ahead, don’t look back.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

dont spoil the charm

Love is a beautiful song which needs
two hearts, two souls and two live
to rhyme and tune together forever
to flow in a harmony like a lip and flute.

All the songs in world strive to end
in harmony but often they fail
some disharmony silently creeps in,
and the sweet tune loses sweetness.

Musician then tries to mould that tune
to another form, to another rhythm
or sometimes just leaves it and restarts
with a fresh tune from the scratch.

Treat your love like that, sing it as far
as it sounds sweet and melodious
as long its tune makes you and all
around you happy and full of peace.

If you fail, try to change its tune,
if you still fail just let it ebb away
don’t try to play it by force
and ruin its wonderful charm.


You had him for years
but couldnot realize his worth
he tried his best to win you
but it looked as if you have
sworn to Gods to not give in.
He wooed you, begged you for love
pampered you like a queen
nothing could make you love him.

Then finally he gave in
walked away in dark, alone.
even then you did not cared
you thought he will be back himself.
Miracle occurred and he found love,
why is your heart aching now?
Why are you calling him a traitor?
And his lover a home wrecker?

Will you love him if he is back? I guess not!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Hunger for perfection is good
when you are working
but don’t crave for it
when you are playing.

Don’t make every second a war
life should be left to its own flow
nothing in nature is perfect
so don’t try to turn life’s flow.

Sail along with it every day
you will gather scratches on way
they will tell a story
of a fulfilling journey.

You should steer the boat
navigate it to the end
but let life play its game
every river has its bends.

Window to heart

Open the window wide
let the sunshine in
let the gentle breeze blow
fill up every corner.

Every corner of your heart
which you kept under chain
for all these years barring
light, happiness, air, laughter.

See, it was just like then
when love broke your heart
the birds are singing sweet
flowers blooming in vibrant hues.

Life doesnot stops for anyone
it treats death and life the same
when you close window it darkens
so don’t close it, let the light shine.

No matter how beautiful life is
how much gift it has showered
if you don’t open your heart
they will just wither in dark.

Monday, May 4, 2009


A tiny bird was singing sweet
in a shrub full of dark shade
a cool wind was blowing
every one was spellbound.

A little sparrow could no longer take
all the attention which the bird had
it started to chatter in a burst of fury
so loudly that it disturbed the strain.

The tiny bird knowing her mood
fell silent after singing for a while
her friend asked her why did she stopped
she sings better and all know that.

The bird told her friend.. reason knows
but jealousy never knows the reason
playing with jealousy only ruins the beauty,
better step down with grace when you face it.

Green eyed monster

Don’t give in to the beauty
of tempting green eyes
it will lure you to its dark pit
you wont get away from it.

It will poison your mind, soul
steal your smiles and peace
poison your very breath
drag you deeper in its den.

Where envy will turn in hate
jealousy in desire to destroy.
In place of teaching you to
transform yourself into a flower

It will teach you to pluck it, crush it
destroy it, and your very soul with it.
The monster hiding within you
will slowly turn you in himself.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Soul snatcher

Tender words forever praising beauty
always ready to fiercely protect fragile
never letting down his weapon when
it came to save damsels in distress.

Every body thought he was a saint
but one day merciful winds tore open
the covers from his dark soul
he was discovered as a soul snatcher.

Lurking in the alleys of pain and sorrow
he picked up the most beautiful souls
with his sweet, syrupy tongue
and words of highest virtues he killed.

Keeping his preys and the world blind
with his dazzling white robe
he made the kill in one strike
and stole the soul without being caught.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Nibbled fruits

a gentle soul full of deepest love
picked up berries juicy, ripe
for the person she worshipped
he was about to come to meet her.

Suddenly she got afraid
what if one of them is sour
it will cause distress to him
when he will eat that one.

She nibbled each and every berry
just a tiny bit to test its sweet
then she placed every ripe berry
one by one in a plate full of love.

The honoured guest arrived and sat down
for his lunch, the bowl of fruits followed,
every one snapped at her for nibbling
but her guest stopped them and ate them.

One by one with great relish and said
His loving thanks to his sweet host
Told his companions that those nibbled
fruits only spoke about a heart full of love.

Friday, May 1, 2009

light of love

it is true so very true
we often put out our
own light ourselves
we close our eyes
shut our ears tight
and dread that the
world has lost its
light and music.

But the moment
the magic wand
of love touches
our ears and eyes
we listen and we see
the pouring music
and the shining light
and laugh at ourselves.