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Monday, March 30, 2009


Once a weary soul was aslumber
under a cool shade, his tired body
was soaking the cool of the tree
shade after a tortuous journey.

His slumber was gently disturbed
By sweet chirping of the birds
Which were resting there just like him
Chatting and chattering away from sun.

All of a sudden his reverie was broken
By the melody most divine
A nightingale started its solitary song
As if by magic all else hushed up.

He laid awake with his eyes closed
Listening to that tiny bird
Pouring its heart out selflessly
Soothing every soul with pure love.

Suddenly the strain was shattered
By a raucous caw, the tiny bird
Flew away hurt and scared by a rogue
The man snapped out of his slumber.

Opened his eyes, saw the tyrant and muttered
in a tone half furious and half amused..
Beauty is placed alike everywhere by God
Some adore it, some possess, and some abuse.
, hu

Saturday, March 28, 2009

love came for me

love came for me, walked away rejected
that hand which stayed too long upon mine
those lips which laughed for too long
whenever they beheld me passing by
those eyes that talked so much with mine
softly withdrew themselves when they failed
in getting the answers from mine.

I never noticed those fingers going slack
those lips breaking into faint smile
those eyes first stopped talking
then they slowly started to distance
and finally they started to hide
one day I came back looking for them
and realized love came for me but now its gone.

Queen of spring

Every morning she walks alone
Her eyes lost in distant hills
Her hands busy gathering
Wild red poppies burning like flame

She gathers them together
In a bunch, wears them around
her head like a crown and pretends
She is the empress of spring

She picks up a huge bunch
Of flaming red poppies
And golden sunflowers
Stiches them together

Wears them like a crown
On her head full of golden
Locks, tumbling all over
Her pretty rosy cheek

She stands in the morning
Sunshine, glowing like a
Greek goddess, innocent of
the eyes full of love and smile

That are cast toward that sight divine
a beautiful spirit, shining in morning sun
Immersed in own beauty and grace
reflecting the early morn spring sunshine.

Monday, March 23, 2009


before you say that, “I am too busy for you today”
I will let you know when I am a little free.” Stay!
Think! these might be the last words spoken to him,
You may never see him ever again aft today.

So many times we push away a hand that
Yearns for our touch, craves for our comfort
Thinking we will have enough time tomorrow
To deal with his anguish, pain and sorrow.

Then we become the grieving witness
The bearer of the tremendous shock
of knowing it was a weak, drowning soul
reaching out for a hand to pull him back to shore.

When deprived of that last straw
It slipped forever in the darkness
Leaving our souls scarred forever
For turning our back on a hapless.

No one drowns without a cry for help to people around
So lets be caring enough to hear that silent scream
strong enough to be the healer, the strong, calm,
loving hand reaching out from the steady land.

owning a loved one...

Once there was a little girl, full of innocent charm
Who chased butterflies in gardens, green fields
In her childish ecstassy, her eyes brimmed
with dreams of catching colours in her little palm.

So many times she used to catch them
Those winged, lovely dreams
In her innocent desire to own them she
Used to keep them in crystal jars

Her little heart used to break the next morn
When she used to see them lyin
In the floor without the soul, just the tiny bodies
The little girl used to break in tears of pain.

One day her mother saw her cryin
Strings of pearl rolling down rosy cheeks
Knowing the reason she gently hugged her,
and told her we cant own every thing we love

Child, there are free spirits, not meant for chains
Spirits like them are most beautiful ones
Everyone craves to own them as their own
But they wither away at the touch of chains

My darling daughter, if you truly love some one
See what is best for him, what keeps him out of harm
Don’t force your desire on him, let him fly to blue heaven
Let him live, love, relish and nurture his freedom.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


sita 12.03.2009

remember that pure loving soul
who left her palace to toil
with her lover in wilderness
left riches and welcomed rags.

Then she sent her lover for a wild goose chase,
full of girlish innocence, seeking a golden deer
It was not meant to be found just like any bait,
every thing went just the way it was in her fate.

She ended up in claws of Ravan
Who tried to win her in vain
He lured her, tortured her,
terrorised her, imprisoned her.

in the dark forest of his greed
his temptresses and aides
tried to break her defense
corrupt her love but could not succeed.

then came the day her lover came to her side
she felt as if she was flying in the seventh sky
their eyes met and her heart was shattered
she saw darkness of suspicion not loving light.

all her love, sacrifice and self restrain
was scattered on the dust was just in vain
she was tested by fire, and earth, and pain
miracles could not prove the absence of stain.

then mother earth took her to her bossom
and swore in anger that she wont bloom
such a precious flower on this earth again
to be tortured by evil and scorned by men.


stay 22.02.2009

dark shadows extended their hands
she realized that she was in a land
where she was alone, on her very own
all her friends relations were gone.

They have disappeared like dreams after
a night, without any traces of their
presence last night, just like night flower
which with touch of harsh sunshine wither.

She called out the name of each and every soul
she knew, called out loud till her voice grew feeble
In the roar of the deep shadow about to come down
upon, like a bird of prey spreading its deadly talon.

Suddenly a pure white light came down upon her,
like a warm blanket of sunshine it surrounded her,
the talons about to strike shrunk back with fear
shrunk like darkness does when morning sun is here.

It gently lifted her, nursed her, nurtured her
Guided her through the terrain of dark fear
Walking beside, showing the way, leading her
Then the end of the darkness was seen coming near

She saw her friends and relations waiting for her
In the region of light and sunshine, happiness and cheer,
She gently turned her face to see her noble guiding star
She saw her angel shining gently standing beside her

Her creator, her eternal mother it was who came there
In the pit of darkness to guide, protect her very own
When no one else dared to venture that region of fear
She had to come down there because she was her very own.

as she looked at her with loving eyes, she turned to say,
now you can leave me your near ones are waiting there,
you have suffered enough my child now go there and play,
she clutched Her hand and said I want YOU to stay.


Soul 19.01.2009

Such a simple sweet word, but without it our coming
to the earth is meaningless, life is worthless,
the body is only the covering around this,
Our real existence, is not the outer brilliant petals
They are just the shells covering these pearls.

Keep this pearl white, that’s how it was given to you
and when you will leave the shell behind, your worth will be judged by the pearl.
The beautiful petals will wither with time, and
the day you will leave for final destination, soul
will be the only thing picked up from within you.

If you think its too tough to keep it white
In this world full of temptation, greed and spite
Think of the oysters who keep it glowing white
Facing the torture of splashing waves, depth fathomless,
darkness and harsh sand yet they keep unscathed the pearls

Ray of sunshine

Sunshine in the dark 10.02.2009

Waves were coming and going in a strange rhythm
Restless as small children running around
Deep blue ocean was rolling to and fro the land
As if some priest was chanting some ancient hymn.

Scattering away white petals around him
Waves carrying those petals with them
Their sound was echoing like his hymn
A lonely soul was standing watching them.

Running away from life, too tired to fight
tired of a life devoid of laughter and light
gathering up the courage to take the last flight
to turn his back on the light and walk into night.

he stood there watching the waves coming one by one
tears rolled down to think he’ll be mourned by none
he will be forgotten like the waves when they are gone
then he took the step to do what should not be done.

He turned his face at a sound coming his way
Then he walked away from death just turned away
Gently bowed down and picked up a small ray of sunshine
Left on ground by some guilty soul who will later pine.

The distant star

Distant star 22.02.2009

You are forever here, but never here
You are like a distant burning star
Always burning in the night sky
Since the day I opened my eye

Forever present, yet when I am sad, I am alone,
I feel uncared by all cherished by none
I reach out for your touch, to feel you near
I only touch empty space and feel only air