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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

golden birds

Golden birds fly
I ride on their wings
to kiss silver moon


I want to sail
In this tiny lil boat
and conquer your depths


nightingale sings
in the pre dawn darkness
her music pours out


frost freezes the lake
swans fly to warm places
she waits alone blue

Sharmishtha basu


sunshine and gold
blue sky with scattered pearls
green carpet below

Sharmishtha basu

red petals

bright red petals
open to permeate scent
rose smiles at the thorns.


gray slate awaits
ocean nymphs pick up the pens
write story in foams


wind whispers softly
leaves sail down in breeze
fall weaves its carpet


Rain drops softly
on the ocean blue and green
clouds bow down to see.

festive seasons

on the carpet of grass
dew drops scatter
glittering and sparkling
miniature stars.

dew drops scatter
harsingars sail down
softly shower down
after living all night.

harsingars sail down
fragrance spreads out
sweetly permeates
darkness of early dawn.

fragrance spreads out
announces autumn
filling up hearts
with the festive mood.

announces autumn
with it all the fun
all the cheer and laughter
of the festivals to come.

Sharmishtha basu

Real hero

It’s a good feeling to share good things with friends. This is one really good thing I think I came across today.

In this world of molecule
Where every single soul
Orbits around his center
Without much time to bother
For the particle right beside him
You have built a different kingdom
Stashed with not jewels and pearls
But with blessing of hungry souls
You gave up glittering gold
So we could have a man made of gold.

Well, just a few days back I wrote a poem about stolen heroes. Heroes lost, seems fate laughed a bit when he/she came across that poem and here I am sharing a real life hero with you.

I certainly salute this noble heart, and I have a deep belief that if you read the article you too will salute this selfless man, who has sacrificed a luxurious future to feed hungry people

Bravo Narayanan Krishnan! We sure need more heroes like you!


The picture was copied from Google. I hope there is no problem with that. If there is, please feel free to tell me I will delete it.

I hope there is no problem in using this URL here. I rarely do it; I hope I did not blundered.


love knows no ownership
still its empire is endless
its invisible embrace
its silent worship
is mightier than chains
powerful than monarchy
stronger than anarchy.

it simply conquers
consumes the very existence
nothing works against it
logic, argument, wisdom
it’s the mightiest
in all three kingdom
earth, heaven and hell below
all three to its power bow
it’s the undisputed empress
of the whole universe.

Sharmishtha basu

journey awaits

my boat is ready to sail
eagerly it waits for me
bobbing up and down in gale
it urgently calls out to me.

we have been together
from the mountain top silver
kissing the crisp clear ether
since we rolled down the river.

we descended winners
depending on one another
we came down victorious
battling rocks, through lather.

stones tried to pierce her
foams tried to smother
it was such a fun to maneuver
all that rock and lather.

we crossed sleepy villages
and the fields and valleys
heard the sweet stories
told by wind, land and valleys.

now she is waiting in ocean
calling out to me andantily
to endless journey in ocean
to abandon ourselves merrily.

Sharmishtha basu

bride in shroud

she was a beautiful maid
full of beauty and gaiety
ready to bloom, to wed
a picture of beauty, frailty.

you stole her wedding gown
crushed her life under your feet
you wanted to seal her doom, her ruin
you changed her beautiful fate.

there was no fault of her
you wanted to destroy her
to avenge your wronged sister
wronged by the groom about to wed her.

she discarded the gown, picked up shroud
now you scream, you run, you try to hide
but wherever you go you hear her laughter loud
you are stalked by a shroud wrapped bride.

Sharmishtha basu

Binky’s revenge

Evil monster binky
acting by the demon rules
decided to seek revenge
by vilest set of rules.

acting by the demon rules
he decided to avenge
his darling sister pinky
destroyed by another monster.

he decided to avenge
wrongs done to one
by wrongs done to another
just to avenge his sister.

wrongs done to one
wrong done to another
he settled each and every score
on the other monster’s sister.

wrong done to another
innocent harmless soul
opened doorway to hell
binky marched in there to dwell.

Sharmishtha basu

Mister Owl

Mr. Owl thought he was wise
Mr. Owl thought he was nice
So he decided for himself
He deserved a dainty bride.

He went out to search
He searched high and low
Finally his choice zeroed
On pretty Miss Finch.

“Now, now Miss Finch,
You chirp too loud
You jump too high
You sing and fly too much!”

“Oh my dear, how can I convince?
Pretty little girls
Don’t act like this.
Do change yourself completely.”

Every time they met
He made Miss Finch flinch
His sarcasm quoted wisdom
Made her eyes wet.

She flew away to brighter lands
Now Mr. Owl sits brooding
His world is colourless, silent
His nights are spent without winks.

Sharmishtha basu

Mr. wise 18.09.10
Mr wise
was looking
bride charming
who could gracefully
match his stride
he looked high and low
all were shallow
soon he realized
life has flown by
and he wasted it
looking for perfect bride.

Sharmishtha basu

Nature and man

Invisible and visible fingers
Together have created
A magic on earth
Green, tall trees
Huddled together
A balm for hurting eyes
Deepest hue of emerald and green
Stand like sentry, against azure blue.

A spread made by visible fingers
Lies at their feet
A garden of flowers
A man made dream
Pink, red, white, yellow, purple
Every colour, every shade
Plays like happy children
Under watchful eyes of the trees.

Sharmishtha basu

perfect beauty 18.09.10
a flower farm
lying in arms
of wilderness
man and nature
painting together

sprinkled seeds
create a river coloured
red, blue, pink, ochre
nature paints her part
tall green woods, velvet grass

Sharmishtha basu

My prayers

Oh how I longed
How I yearned
For that handsome prince
To end up in my life forever
You turned your face away.

Soon that mask was gone
And I realized
Your naïve daughter
Was about to embrace snake
That’s why you ignored.

How I yearned for money
For riches, gems and glitters
Sometimes you gave
Mostly you ignored
How I sometimes was mad at you.

Then with wisdom came sense
I begged you for peace, love for all
Soon my heart filled up and swelled
I asked for a drop
And you filled up my being.

Sharmishtha basu
I pray 18.09.10
I pray I insist
You refuse
I beg I persist
my prayers
go unanswered
all I receive
is your silence

Fury boils within
sometimes I hate you
then one day I realize
you were, are and will
always be right.

Sharmishtha basu


Let me first confess
From the bottom of my soul
I do love you
With all my heart and soul.

The way a daughter loves
An incapable mother
Whose children are rogues
Who keep tormenting one another.

The way a daughter loves a mother
Who just can’t teach
Her children the ways of acting
Almost any thing proper and sweet.

How can she hug and say,
“Oh mom! You are the greatest!
When she can see her turning her face
Away from the plight of her siblings.”

“So she loves her as a daughter
Fails to worship and applaud
She accepts her with all her faults
Knowing very well she won’t change.”

Sharmishtha basu
imperfect 18.09.10
every mother
is not perfect
imperfection does not
Deprives her from love
of her own children.

I too do the same
I know your failings
yet I love you
I may not look up at you
but I don’t look down at you.

Sharmishtha basu


A riot of colours
Red, pink, white
Lying deserted
On a concrete slab.

What’s the story?
A broken heart?
A forgetful mind?
Ignored beauty?

By Sharmishtha basu

red and white 18.09.10

soft petals
red and white
bruised by
harsh concrete
shed tears.

who left them behind?
forgetful mind?
broken heart?
mysterious lover?
they wait
for a hand
to take them home

Sharmishtha basu

Kingdom of stupidshine

In the kingdom of stupidshine
Every thing was fine.
King demoniac ruled his roost
With utmost precision.

His kiths and kin
Pals and chums
Dear and near ones
Flourished like sunshine.

Every voice that dared to protest
Was snuffed to silence
Before that spark could ignite
It was thrown in darkness.

His chums controlled the outer layer
Of that tasteless fruit
The whole world was bedazzled
By their prosperous look.

Deeper one went into that fruit
Bitter and bitter it became
But Demoniac was smart
He knew how to maintain his façade.

His rule was simple- buy them all
So that they sing his praise
Don’t even bother to look inside
Where the common people dwell.

If you can’t buy them- crush them
For one voice generates another
So before it’s too late
Kill them- kill each and everyone.

There is no use trying to serve
Each and every citizen
As long as crème de la crème is happy
Rest can go straight to hell.

Silence the protest
No one will know
Whats inside that glitzy covering
Just pretend the fruit is made in heaven.

Pretension works magic
Especially if it’s pouted from ruby lips
Discussed in chandelier lit dining rooms
Where diamonds and emeralds glitter.

Sharmishtha basu

Kingdom of king Kong 18.09.10
King Kong rules his kingdom
just the way its meant
no one should dare to say
a single word against

dungeons await rebels
shower of gold jesters
wealth for supporters
scary death for protesters.

Sharmishtha basu

moon and sky

Old moon rises in sky dark blue,
Stars show up one and two;
A silver crescent on azure hue,
Glittering diamonds twinkle too;
Every night but one it glows,
Just one night in month it sleeps;
So many shapes it takes and shows,
On moonless night the sky weeps;
Missing her constant companion,
Her tears drop as crystal dew;
Aching for the reunion,
Moon shows up fresh and new;
This happens once in thirty day,
They stay away for just one day.

Sharmishtha basu


some evil monsters
pair up with greedy youngsters
to punish disobedience
to crush resistance
these evil monsters
and these greedy youngsters
form a evil force
to make everyone else coerce
ugliness of one’s soul dark
tames the others greed stark
ugly shriveled monster binky
rules the goblin stinky
through him the cruel beast
controls everyone rest

Sharmishtha basu

It’s a general poem, mainly toward the quagmire of politics, where sly old politicians use warm blooded, hot headed youngsters to get their dirty deeds done.


mingle with your own type
wise people say it
its just not another hype
one should better follow it
if ice surrounds itself with fire
and water itself with sand
sooner or later to everyone’s ire
ice will melt, water will become sand
so many times when wise men
surround themselves with fools
ignoring one after another omen
they prepare own destruction’s tools
never leave unguarded your treasures
surrounded by pack of greedy or robbers.

Sharmishtha basu

life as rose

life changes like a canvas
picking up colours
from the swirling world
colours we choose.

picking up colours
gorgeous as rainbow
spreading them across
whole life through.

gorgeous as rainbow
sweet as a rose
fragrant and colourful
a picture perfect.

sweet as a rose
smiling in thorns
that will be my life
that or none.

smiling in thorns
taking them in stride
riding every wave
that life sends my way.

Sharmishtha basu

dancing on waves

life is such a fun
if you can grasp it
roller coaster ride
if you can hold it.

if you can grasp it
its depth becomes shallow
your soul lights up
its ebony black hollow

its depth becomes shallow
its waves become tame
you ride on them easily
like a dolphin or whale

its waves become tame
it unravels its glory
you write your story
in its rushing waves.

it unravels its glory
your soul is mesmerized
no time for being sorry
you live dancing on waves.

Sharmishtha basu