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Monday, January 18, 2010


The sharp knife in velvet sheath

when you suddenly befriended me

after ignoring my presence so long

for a while I was so happy so touched

that I missed the razor’s prick

which was hidden under the velvet.

A blood thirsty soul disguised as flower.


The venom that was craftily hidden

behind sweetness was sometimes spilled

by unprovoked cruelty and bitterness,

why do you do this only you will know

trying to pull me down below

damaging my spirit from its free flow.

is it because you envy my spirit?

Or is it because you hate yours?


Written on 30.04.09

Black and white

Black souls and white souls

both are god’s creations

one is inclined towards hell

the other one towards creator.


Pure black and pure white

are too hard to find

most souls are shades of

gray and shades of white.


If these two souls are ever

born and brought together

destruction of one is sure

depending on luck,  power.


They both being the purest

try to change the other

and none gives in to other

ending one or both at the end.


Written on 30.04.2009

Sunday, January 17, 2010


love is called god himself

tis said that it reflects him

every time it touches you

in any form..love, friend..

be thankful to god that he

sent you a touch of himself

be thankful to the messenger

who delivered his touch to you.

It is the shower from heaven

Itself which comes down on blessed.


Feel it as a blessing of divine

not as an offering to divine

feel blessed that someone

bestowed it on you, don’t think

that you deserved it that is why

you won it, arrogance and love

cant last with each other for long

while arrogance sits on the front door

love silently walks away through the back door

While  arrogance sits alone and broods.


Written on : 30.04.2009


He trusted you with all his heart

so much that he asked you

to see if his love was placed right

for he lived in a distant land.


You, called yourself his friend

little did he knew you are a wolf

in sheep’s attire, you twisted

his mind against his own love.


Using his own weaknesses against

him, made him believe a white swan

was a black raven and tried to win

his love, you did succeed for a while.


But then fate played its part he met

the white swan in the path of life

and recognized the wolf dressed as

a lovely innocent warm sheep.


He may not get his swan back again

but he is a human being not sheep

so your chances with him are over

go search for some one else to fool.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


An evil sorcerer had a pretty daughter

and a rogue son without a soul to go

her son befriended an innocent  prince

who was in love with a distant friend.


A friend he has never met face to face

but had fallen for her deeply

he sought the help of his friend to help

him in winning the hand of his lady love.


The rogue said yes, he will help him,

he will go there himself and bring her.

He covered the dagger in velvet sheath

said noble words hiding the greed.


He asked him for some symbol so

he could introduce himself as his friend

and took his ring and went to the girl

and told her that he is the prince.


He harassed the girl so badly faking as

the prince that the girl started to hate

his very name. Finishing his job there

he went back to prince with fake dismay


Told him that she loves him but is an

old woman married to some one else.

Then he offered her his sister’s hand

like a gallant knight, the prince denied.


The sorcerer casted her spell on the

doomed lovers, slowly their love ebbed

on one hand she pretended as the prince

to the hapless girl and did the same to him.


They both started to believe that the other

one is vile, their love was misplaced

the prince fell for sorcerer’s daughter and

his love started to hate his very name.


wriiten on 28.04.2009

Friday, January 15, 2010

Blossoms and bees

Dazzling white cherry blooms

covering the whole tree

the bees are hovering above

as if drunk by their beings


What do they say to them

when they hover above them

their wings creating a soft music

oh so pleasant to human ears.


Do they sing a song of love

thank them for the honey

or they tell them stories

of the places where they’ve been.


For they know their gorgeous friends

cant go from places to places

so they come to rest their wings

and tell them these stories.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


How many times will you get caught

before you know that lie walks

without a feet? It can walk a while

but once it stumbles it falls flat.


You cheated your friend

stole someone else’s love

then your mate found out

what you are and left you.


Its no use haunting those who

had nothing to do with you

nor will ever have to do

you should rinse your soul.


You have ruined your yesterdays

by masquerading as an angel

now just admit your dark side

repent.. that’s the only way.

Leave them alone

Leave her alone guilty soul

you wont get anything by

stalking her to the end of

the universe, but heartbreak.


You lost your man because

You did not loved him

You only wanted the luxury

The material things not love.


When you got him in your palms

you thought now you can go astray

he is so blind that he will not know

but love has feelings, he did.


He left you for a loyal soul

who lacked your glamour

but had a heart of gold

now leave them alone..go!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Little butterfly

A lonely butterfly lost its way

it was wandering in the desert

with no sight of flowers

no view of shrubs or trees.


It met a high mountain

blocking the vision

part of its heart said

quit fighting give up.


Something inside it said

lets try and see what comes

it flew high, high and higher

and it reached the other side.


Its tiny wings danced with joy

when it was welcomed by a

valley full of flowers and

thousands of tiny, little butterflies

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Angel love

Angel love should be for angels

for humans it should be human love

for humans abuse so very often

when they get something celestial.


One should never stop loving

for his own soul will perish

if he deprives it of love

but he should know when to stop.


Tis love’s nature to shower down

give it self away completely

without holding any thing back

to surrender itself absolutely.


When loving human beings one should

act like a well in desert

rising itself to those lips

which respect its worth and care.

Monday, January 11, 2010

To keep love burning

It feels so nice to see a face light up

the moment the four eyes meet

to see a face break into a smile

whenever two paths meet.


Its not very hard to win love

harder part is to keep it

for we tend to forget so much

that love is the union of two souls.


Two souls unite forever in love

one heart gives the other takes

then it is the turn of the other

to give the love it received.


Same way they act in trust

faith and respect, they share

each and every feeling meeting

each other half way down the road.


When both hearts show equal longing

to love one another, to be together

to share every joy, pain and feeling

then only that dream takes its wing.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fear of losing love

Once a tender soul was shattered

to tiny pieces by the one he loved

he made up his mind to never

laugh again or be happy in life.


He closed all windows of his heart

filled it up with pitch darkness

did not allowed a single breeze

of love, happiness and peace.


He created a hell for himself

determined to burn himself

fate had some other plans

and every thing changed.


There was a loving friend

who knew his torments on self

and tried her best to bring

him out of that selfmade hell.


He kept on ignoring her love

till one day he thought its lost

fear of losing her made him love her

and every thing changed to love.

Don’t lose your heart

Don’t lose your heart  

if the person you love

could not understand

your love’s worth.


All lovers are not blessed

with the blessing of union

try a little longer, stronger

if you can make him yearn.


If not, then let him go

remember the golden words

you can love anyone

but you cant make them love.


Never look down upon your love

nor look down upon your beloved

remember and have faith

God will bestow you to the deserved.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fairy and the frog

Golden fairy was playing

With her friends in lotus pond

They were sitting on lotus leaves

Splashing the water with their tiny feet.


Crystal drops of water

Were skittering here and their

Just like drops of crystal

Flying around in air.


A little frog was watching

he fell in love with the fairy

he swam to the lotus leave

scrambled on it to meet her.


The fairy flew away

The moment she saw him

The tiny creature sat there

Shedding drops of tear.


The lotus asked him why,

Did he thought she will love him

They are not meant for each other

Nor will they ever mean to be.


“No matter how much you yearn,

How much you change, adorn

Your very body and soul

You will never be like her.”


“She will never love you

Your desire will turn in pain

Your union will be a ruin

So don’t fret my dear friend.”

Friday, January 8, 2010

You reap what you sow

Heard so many times

from so many people

you reap what you sow

is it always so?


Then why does it happens

innocents perish

evil prospers

again and again in earth


every fruit is born

a little bitter-sweet

then they all face

the cold, rain and heat.


Some soak them up

turn them into nectar

some shrivel up

fall while they are tender.


Some become bitter

with the passing hours

it all depends on

what is inside than outside.


That is what that matters

that is what that decides

what the fruit will become

bitter, sweet or unripe.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


A soul born with the strongest virtues

Virtue as strong as his life itself.

That immense strength made him humble

so silent was he about virtues

naives often thought he had none

they often tried to lure him

to make him wander away from his path

every time they had to retreat..defeated.


The deeper the faith goes down in a heart

the more silent the lips become.

When a soul knows he is right

he also knows he will follow right.

His faith in truth becomes so profound

when debates arise he rarely makes a sound.

Never mistake his silence with weakness.

Lion never roars when he kills in forests.

Steel grip

Steel grip of cold hands

gripping your heart

aiming for your soul

teaching you to hate.


Making you forget God’s words

sometimes blinding your vision

to turn you into its slave

choking your thinking, thoughts.


In its eternal lair of hell

fire of mistrust and hatred

burns darkly through hours

which twists and corrupts minds.


Turning humans against each other

like blind soldiers they fight each other

till they drop lifeless to earth destroyed

the dark monster watches from distance.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

false pearls

Oh she was desperate for him,

she wanted him with her

so she picked up all she had

to dress up to woo him to her.


One by one she picked up

false pearls of love, charity

and every other virtue she could

see or find in anyone near her…


she created a gorgeous necklace

and adorned it in her neck

she admired herself in the mirror

and went out to please him.


The path was long took days to reach

she saw his house was made of glass

she recoiled when she saw the string

of colourless beads hanging from neck.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


so what you have not been blessed

with the voice of a nightingale

sing with love in your heart it will

surpass the sweetness of a lark.


Who cares if you don’t look like venus

As long as your face glows with love

Your eyes shine with kindness, truth

Your mouth utters words of affection.


We are as different as five fingers

Varying in every thing looks, taste, talent

Some of us have abundance, some none

But we all are blessed with beautiful heart.


No matter what the outer covering is

The soul and heart is equally pure

Those who cherish these blessings

Can shine from the glow within themselves.


Shine like a diamond embedded in crown

Shine like an evening star in dark

Which may not be as beautiful as sun

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lying eyes

So you say you love me
you vow it again and again loudly
when everyone is around us
then why does that feeling change?

When its only you and me
your way of acting changes
you try to push me to things
which you know will ruin me.

In the crowd you say I am sweet
in solitude you say I wear mask
in crowd you say I am adorable
in solitude you say I strive to be.

Is it some game which you are playing?
thinking that I cant look through it?
thinking I am innocent as a babe
and you can ruin my nature or self esteem?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

He played the flute

He sat there playing the flute
on the throne, beside the window
and watched flames engulfing
the huts outside his palace.

One by one they reduced to ashes
he sat there playing his flute
thinking that it’s not his business
to go out and help them.

He looked at the walls of stone
this made his palace strong
and smiled at himself smugly
kept on playing a playful song.

Suddenly he felt heat
saw orange flames leaping
slowly licking his dream palace
after swallowing the huts surrounding.


Its so easy to love than judge
to hold someone close
than assessing his worthiness
love is real, scrutiny is unreal.

Sometimes I think its better
to love and get hurt
than not loving at all
and living a dreary, loveless life.

Forget about what smart ones say,
what if we do the other way round?
in place of judging and then loving
what if we first love and then judge?

May be we will see that love is enough
once we love we wont need to judge.
love will win all the differences
and we will end up surrounded by love.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Sunrise on beach

Slaty green ocean kissing silver sands

Surrounded by blue green mountains

Woke up at the touch of dawn

The green trees were kissed by gold

The distant blue mountain’s snowy crown

Softly became sparking golden crown

The golden rays shot through the ocean

Rippling to the shore with each wave.


The molten gold turned to dazzling silver

The sun softly lifted himself

From the horizon to the blue sky

And looked down serenely at the ocean

Which laid aside its golden threaded stole

For the next morning adoration

Picked up its slaty green gown with foams

And resumed its soft singing to the shores

Happy New Year!