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Monday, August 31, 2009

Misty mountains

A soft milky white veil is spread
from one end of the valley to the other
dark mountains are gathered around it
as if bridesmaids of a bride to be.

Walking toward the altar, her veil sailing
behind her, gracefull and full of purity
mountains waiting to catch it
if it flies too wildly in the wind

While the bride walks toward her groom
the morning sun in eastern sky…
Who will come down to kiss his bride
and confirm his vow of being together.

His glowing love will make her blush
redness spreading all over her face.
And her bridal veil will slowly sway
In the soft morning air and disappear.


Slender trees standing side by side
elegantly lined beside the sleeping river
small boats sailing here and there
morning breeze softly caressing all.

Gently kissing the boats to make them stir
playing with the leaves and branches of trees.
softly nudging the lazy river to wake her up
silent river breaks into giggles of crystal ripple.

Suddenly the eastern sky was set on fire
as if a ball of fire leaped up from the horizon
the river, the boats and the leaves
all became aflame with a golden fire.

Small flames were leaping from the treetops
tiny sparks bursting from the river
slowly the sun rolled a little higher, little further
everything went back to its old self.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Why do people get scared of reality
when they see it face to face?
looking back coldly at those eyes
full of curiosity and innocence?

These naïve souls who try to play
with fire, thinking that it’s the small
earthen lamp burning, lighting up home,
get frightened when they see its power.

They think that life is evenly distributed
with the same harmony and rhyme
they try to tally their life with all live
when they are proved wrong they detest.

Reality is just like fire, some places it burns
Low, lights up, warms up and glows
In some places it burns out of bound and
Scorches every soul which comes around.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dark eyes

I was about to lose myself to sweetness
the sweet land of sleep and dreams
where I can fly without wings
and every thing impossible comes true
where life takes me wherever asked
and lets me linger in fairy land ..

suddenly someone came out of my dreams
handed me a magic quill and ink
asked me to write her story in my words
her dark eyes mesmerized me
I came back from the gate of my dream castle
To write her story in my words…

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Poisonous friendship

King’s daughter had a lovely companion
a dazzling beauty beyond comparison
the princess had a charming soul
hidden inside a ordinary frame, a jewel.

The gorgeous moon and humble diya
showered the king’s palace with light.
They were as if answers to one another
one was body the other one the soul.

Chand was the doe eye, diya vision.
Chand the dance of fairy, diya song.
Everyone in palace and surrounding
blessed this marvellous union endlessly.

One day a neighbouring prince came
to visit the king, as they were strolling
in the garden the prince heard the most
enchanting melody, simmering in moonshine.

The king answered his query about the singer.
The prince became mesmerized and lingered
there for long, hoping for a glimpse of the singer
but shy diya never became visible to him.

She thought the prince was too handsome for her,
Chand also saw him and got smitten by him.
She tiptoed to his rooms while he was resting.
He got mesmerized by her dazzling beauty.

When he asked her who she was she lied
she told him she was the princess and the singer
she left him after completely stealing his heart
the poor lover passed a sleepless night tossing in bed.

The next morning he asked the king for his daughter.
The king happily agreed to wed her away to him.
The marriage happened very fast, Chand was sad,
but could not dare to open her mouth, scared for life.

The bride was in veil as was the custom in kingdom
the veil to be removed from her face after reaching home
till then not even her prince could see her face
he was allowed to see her only after entering his home.

Chand was ofcourse her only companion to her new home
In the way she poisoned her trusting friend and took her place
because she knew no one will recognize her here
no one will come from diya’s kingdom, hundreds of miles away.

She already had the prince’s heart and his blind faith!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

True path

Last night I was dreaming
as if I was standing on a cloud
watching down on the blue earth
spinning gloriously below my feet.

Above me were two loving eyes
looking down upon the earth
and at me with a soft tenderness
the way a mother looks at her own.

Softly I heard a voice speak to me
I have nurtured you all for centuries
I have let you all have your will, wisdom
you have chosen your own paths to love me.

You have loved me back through all these ways
of religions, service, knowledge and pure love
they all reach me and merge inside me
so never think that any one is lost in his way.

Or I look down upon any path or follower
It doesnot matters to me if he is wise or fool
man or woman, saint or sinner, black or brown
If he loves my children, his love for me is true.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flame of liberty

A burning flame imprisoned
in a chamber made of steel
created by a cruel despot.
The despot in his blind pride
forgot power and rage of fire
thought he had her under him.
He has conquered her forever
he bolted the chamber and slept.

Alas, after sealing the door
he left, got involved in chasing
other dreams, conquering others.
The chained flame started to shine
her glory melted down the steel.
It cracked open, tethered to pieces.
Her light melted darkness around
the despot returned to see her raging.

Luminous moon

You think you are the only one?
at whom cruel folks smirk?
and snigger and taunt?
pointing out each folly of yours?
no my dear, adorable soul
the fault lies not in you
nor are you a rare unfortunate,
these things are suffered by all.

Some people lose love somewhere
they forget to accept other's faults
instead of looking for beauty in moon
they start to search only the dark spots
soon they overlook the luminous moon
and stare at only the dark spots it holds.
When you come across them remember
you are the luminous moon with dark spots.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Th e key

Your whole hearted love went unanswered,
may be he did not even treated you nice,
that’s not because you are wrong, or he is
that’s because he doesnot holds the key.

The key which will reveal YOU to him
so he can see the glorious creature you are
even Jesus did not received the proper return
for all that love he showered on us.

Every heart doesnot holds the key to each heart
we just sometimes fail to see the beauty
when your love is unanswered don’t be sad
just look around yourself and be happy.

There are so many hearts waiting with key
to your heart, eagerly waiting to reveal
the fabulous being you are to them
just surrender your heart to one of them.

Monday, August 10, 2009

True love

Don’t even dream in your
most childish fanciful dream that
a person who truly loves you
will follow you around the world.

Two type of people love too deeply...
One are those who love with whole heart

and demand the same from the mate.
The moment you fail completely.. they go!

For they know with that loving heart
they will find another mate soon.
So instead of ruining your peace
by begging for your love.. they move on.

Second are those who love very rare,
but love with all heart, soul and more.
They will think of only your happiness
So again, they will let you chase happiness.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Distant moon

No don’t let those fingers slip
The way they are clutching yours
Shows a love too much deep
The one you love has never shared
Her feelings with you or cared
Even though you have told her
Atleast one hundred thousand time
May be she will never love you.

I agree you adore the full moon
And an earthen lamp adores you
But just think, the moon is distant
She may never come down to kiss you
the other one is filling up your nights
with her light may be softer and gentler
But more true and reliable than the
Distant, forever, unreachable moon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

destined to be

Gentle rays of light travelling through
endless darkness and void space
reached the earth together at dawn
to light it up with love and warmth.

We all have been covering journeys
In this endless, restless world
oblivious of each other’s presence
but destiny brought us together.

And we merged with each other
as if we were never apart
do we need any other proof
to know we were destined to be.

Destined to be each other’s hope
destined to be the light in dark
cool stream of love in desert
we were destined to be together.

Lets not ever, ever part!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love vs. wisdom

In this world full of turmoils,
So many lonely, hurt souls
hoping for a shoulder to rest on
think about the role you can play.

What would you like to be
A vessel of peace and love
who will soothe every soul
sometimes hiding own pain

Or play the role of a sceptic
the searcher, the restless soul
forever in the search for answers
losing all in that never ending quest.

You may find the answers and get wise
or you may end up searching it till end.
So think well before moving forward
for we all have counted breaths.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A piece of stone

Morning sun looked down on the earth
Saw a beatiful pond, full of lotus blooms
Surrounded by graceful swans, crystal water..
A soft breeze blowing kissing every flower.

Softly he smiled to himself when he saw
His reflection shining among the lovely flowers
He gazed at the charm created by that
A little mesmerized and full of sweetest joy.

Suddenly a kid came out of nowhere
Picked up a stone and hurled it in water
He kept up hurling them till the birds flew away
And the crystal water lost its sparkle.

Sun glanced down sadly, knowing nature will mend
Soon the water will be crystal clear, birds will swim
But why do these souls do it, no one knows
They ruin a beautiful, peaceful heaven just for fun.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

To all my friends

have I ever told you how much you mean to me?
Your silent presence steadies my steps
Your loving gaze helps me face the world and smile?
My hand in yours makes my path charming and dear?.

Ever since you walked into my life my life has changed
Now I look at life with hope and expectations
A feeling I never thought that I will own so firmly
only a heart as pure as yours can cast such a spell..

Did I ever told you I love the way you laugh
on my clumsy jokes, and silly pranks
the way you always take out some time
to see what I have been doing all day?

To never let go a chance to make me smile
Never let go a chance to praise and adore?
I always believed God acts through her children
after meeting you that thought has become a belief..

just wanted to know you now and here
that you all have made my world lovely and dear
who has seen tomorrow, don’t know whats there
so I want to say it to you while we all are here.

“You all created a heaven in this world for me,
there are more thirsty souls waiting out there
to be blessed by friends like you, so don’t wait
shower them with the love you showered on me.”