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Monday, September 21, 2009

The robe

Who don the robe of God these days?
tormented souls or fortune hunters?
or both of them stay side by side
like butchers keep their animals?

One seeking peace and sweet words
ready to give any thing for them
the other seeking that “any thing”
whatever it is suits them fine.

For a third person its very confusing
one who truly seeks God in robe
to distinguishe between these two
for they often reflect each other.

This is why the sages have said I guess
To seek one’s salvation within oneself
No need to wear robe or become a monk
search God within you not in outer world

morning sun

Early morning sun is still to show up,
birds chirping, flying around busily
mighty river tamed by human, flowing
dispersed in crystal clear creeks.

Serenely flowing parted by sand
the sand below could be seen through it
softly singing in a soothing voice
cooling the morning wind with her cool.

Standing on the bridge in early dawn
waiting for the sun to rise in sky
without a single worry for future moments
a calm mind and soul at absolute bliss.

Softly the eastern sky turns red
the orange baby sun shows up
turning the crystal water to pink
softly removing the veil of morning mist.

early morning

The sky was studded with night diamonds
morning was still hours away
jumping down two stairs a time
I reached out for my beloved mate.

Her sleek, well oiled body
Waiting in the dark corridoor
I softly patted her and took her out
Together we went out to explore.

Deep fog softly diluting in morning mist
Gently showering down on my head, brows
Moistening my face and eyebrows
Filling my lungs with their pure strength.

Together we crossed miles on the roads
Still not crowded by busy men and women
Trees, birds still nestled up in sleep
While the night diamonds twinkled at us.

After crossing half way we met dawn
Peeping at us through the soft mist
Then we reached the bridge on river
Waited there silently to wish morning sun.

a strange land

A lost child reached a strange land
where people wore masks to hide faces
for reason unknown to her
they preferred to hide their real selves.

In her eyes they were very normal
ordinary people like her own
with vices and virtues side by side
just like every one should be.

Every morning they picked up masks
which they thought was best for them
then they wore it and walked around
pretending as per the mask on face.

The little girl was surprised to think
they don’t realize the simple truth
that their real nature shines through
she wished that they should just be them.

Monday, September 14, 2009


A careless gardener once planted
a thorny cactus beside a gentle shrub
every time a wind blew across
the gentle shrub brushed against
the sharp thorns of its neighbour
they will pierce his tender body
though he bled his heart could not hate
his merciless, cold neighbour
who was made that way by the nature
yet he bled without his mistake every day..

It seems to me God sometimes plays the
same irony, or shows the same lack,
lack of sensitivity or tact can we say?
By placing a very tender, meek soul
With the harshest ones to suffer forever
Can someone tell why it happens?
Why are these soft tender hearts
are placed beside these bitter souls
to bleed and suffer forever by merciful God?
Or they coexist normally like light and shadow?

stalk stalk stalk

stalk stalk stalk
it happened again
when I went out
in the garden.

The morning was calm, cool
I was hoping some time to chill
But went back inside simmering.
Why? The stalking began again.

I don’t know why he does it
I know he cant even tell
Whenever I go out in the garden
He appears from somewhere

Naaah!!! Not a human being
He or she is our ancestor type
Those who jump from tree to tree
Living a life of freedom and delight.

Whenever I go out he appears
And watches me with his beady eyes
Mimics every thing I do or try to do
Driving me crazy all the while.

You cant be God

So you think that you are God
you can do justice and punish
anyone and everyone you think
is bad, corrupted and stinks..

Anyone you think that he has
wronged you, abused you, used
you.. you have the right to
settle your scores your dues.

Move ahead my friend satisfy
your vengeful heart and soul
but tell me my friend if morrow
morning tells you were wrong?

You ruined an innocent life.
Someone tricked you or your
judgment tricked you to think
that the person is vile?

And you ruined him beyond repair.
Will you be able to turn back clock?
Will your tears of repentance work?
No my friend the god’s mill will grind.

rational fear

Why will I not be scared when I see
the tentacles of evil reaching for me?
When I see that black fire burning
in the eyes of another human being?
I feel the chill of that dark fire numbing me
trying to soak the light of God from me.

I am not saying that I hate him or her
I don’t know what is in his or her soul
but I know something there which is
taking me away from my path to God
I am not God or one of his angels
I am a human being who can fall.

Will it be too wrong for me if I keep away
from the sins, temptations and its carriers?
Or from the powers which I cant understand?
Will it be alright if I love some people from distance?
From a distance so that they don’t influence me?
Will it be okay if I know I am frail and save myself?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Lake and mountain

When I first saw you two I thought I was dreaming
peacefully standing in the middle of the lake
surrounded by a small patch of velvety, green grass
your heads touching the blue sky, white clouds.

I stood there and my eyes wandered beyond you
across those snow capped mountains, guarding you
blue water of lake reflecting the blue sky, singing to you.
I realized deep inside, why this earth is called heaven..

Gentle breeze softly caressing your green leaves
crystal clear water singing sweetly to you
sun rays and moon beams coming down to kiss you
how magnificient is your entire being my friends.

When night is deep, no soul around to see
do the fairies come down and sit on your branches
to watch the lake glitter in silent moon light
they sing and dance around you and fly away in morning.

king and his pet

The king sitting on a throne of ivory
His pet beast dwells in his court
Inside a cage, forever coiling in anger
Only the king knows how to control him.

He forever tries to break free from chain
Trying to lash out or just run around free
but once he goes prowling on his own
he can bring destruction beyond repair.

The king knows his pet very well
Knows he will have to pay dearly
If he escapes once and goes free
On his wild, uncontrolled rampage.

So he watches over him with caution
tries to keep him under leash, chain
and the beast tries to trick him
to con him in setting himself free.

Friday, September 4, 2009

White stallion

Soft blue moonshine pouring down
from distant dazzling moon
in the deep blue night ocean
adorned with white garlands of foam.

A mesmerized soul was sitting
under a tree simply staring at you
your waves coming and going
with a wonderful music in them.

it appeared as if a dream woke up
or the foams have risen up from sea
taking the form of a white stallion
gracefully galloping on the beach.

It galloped away gracefully
I could not even confirm myself
if I was dreaming..if it was a magic
or a sea nymph came up to the beach.

Crystal cascade

sitting on the rock, gazing silently
the rushing water of hilly, wild river
tumbling down in crystal cascade
dancing, singing on cruel rocks.

She looked like a beautiful girl
Dancing her way down a hill
Gently stepping on rocks
Singing a soft, sweet song.

Sometimes she looked like
crystal cherubs running
down the body of the hill
tumbling all over each other.

Then sometimes she appeared
a lonely maiden, singing alone
walking down the hill to her love
knowing soon she will meet him.