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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Prince of dream

Don’t give in to the time
It often pretends as fate
Wait for the very best
Don’t fail in the test.

Wait for the person
You dream about
Don’t give in to the jeers
Of a strand of white hair.

May be he is stuck in traffic
Or he has wandered away
When he reaches you
He sure will make up for delay.

What if you give up and give in
Then he comes knocking?
All you will do is repent then
So wait till your heart gives in.

Dreams-what are they?

Some times they come to tease
Make us do the things
Which we yearn to do in real world
But just cant seem to do.

Some times they come to us
As if bearing some warning
For some thing bad coming
From some unknown guardian.

Who are they, what are they?
Sometimes I truly wonder
Specially when I look back
And realize their real worth.

The way they sometimes tried
To show me my sleeping pain
And sometimes they seemed to warn
About the dark days to be met.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

hideous beast

He was a hideous beast
With a battered soul
A ripped heart
Tormented mind.

Hated since birth
His mother fainted
When she saw him
His father deserted him.

Two uncaring hands
Picked him up from street
Left him at the cold door of orphanage
He was taken in that living hell.

Not a single day passed away
Without his being singed.
When he reached his youth
He was angry, bitter, and resentful.

She was a beautiful rose
Born without a gardener
Every hand reached out for her
She was always on the run for cover.

They stumbled into each other
The beast found his love
The rose found his gardener
A beautiful garden of love bloomed.

A beautiful fire glowed
Inside the dark coal
And inside the battered flower
A river of nectar flowed.

Two souls destined to be ruined
Found God inside each other
They embraced each other and lived
God proved again that She cares.


The night was crawling
Moving forward
Tiptoeing toward the dawn
He walked alone.

His path took him through
Woods, fields and marshes
Taking him to home
Where his family waited.

Jackals were howling
Owls screeched
Unknown night creatures
Made ominous sounds.

He walked past a tree
dark, shadowy, gnarled
he felt as if he saw
something in the dark.

Surprised he stopped
And saw a woman
Standing under the tree
Gorgeous as a fairy.

“Will you take me home?
I have lost my path.”
He lost his wit
When he heard that voice.

Eagerly he asked
“Where do you want to go?”
“Right across the marsh.”
“But it is deep and deadly.”

“For those who don’t know path.
I am born and brought up here.
I will show you the way.
Just take me to my home please.”

“I am scared to go alone.”
She led, he followed
Soon the mud reached his thigh
He did not even bothered.

He followed the gorgeous dream.
When the mud reached his neck
He feebly protested once
But by that time it was too late.

Aleya the mysterious lady of marsh
Claimed her next prey
She stalks in the marshland in dark
Trying to lure them to their death.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


what are they really?
Message from God?
Spirits, souls or mind asleep?
Or are they hidden desires?

We meet them every night
Have been doing the same
Ever since the day born
Still we don’t know them.

Some mysteries stay with us
For centuries and generations
Still they stay mysteries
Human wisdom fails to grasp them.

I wonder if we will ever capture
The mystery lying behind dreams
Or shall they just tease and run
Like they do every night now?

A blessing

I prayed to God
Just before
I laid down my head
To sleep.

I prayed for a dream
Full of sweetness
For my heart
While I sleep.

I dreamt of you
you came to me
with the promise to stay
every breath promised that.

You were there all night
as clearly as a real being
not a being of dream
I woke up with feelings of you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Red gravel road

A red gravel road to nowhere
Lined by tiny trees and bushes
Hesitantly looking at reflections
casted on the lakes on either side.

The road has lost its way
Far beyond the horizon
Leaving the open gate
Far away behind it.

The sky is full of clouds
Fluffy, white and black
Looking at her with amused eyes
Watching if she will make it back.

But the road goes only forward
Never even looks back
It travels across the mountains
Finally it reaches its destination.


He came into my dreams
I never invited him
he came on his own
and stayed with me.

Though it was only
in the land of dreams
but he filled my days
with the lingering sweet.

He sat beside me in my dream
held my hands softly
his lips never talked
his eyes talked endlessly.

Eyes burning with passion
igniting my heart and soul
hands soft and firm
promising to stay forever.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beach and coconut grove

The ocean waves splash on rocks
Soaking my body and soul
While I sit there sipping
Coconut juice from a coconut.

The tall, firm coconut trees
Raise their heads to dare the skies
and their bushy heads
sway in wild ocean breeze.

The blue ocean spreads to blue horizon
Its waves play with the rocks
Like unruly gang of children
splashing water all around them.

The breeze intoxicated by their mischief
ruffles the bushy hair of coconut tree
Who shake their head in impatience
The sun watches the fun and laughs with glee.


Where are you flying alone?
in this endless sky
wrapped in golden hue
a golden river lying underneath.

Where are your mates?
whose invitation has dragged you out
alone in the morning sky
with no one else in sight.

Even the sun is not up yet
it’s trying hard to open its eyes
to push away the blanket of clouds
to peep through that golden rug.

Are you lost?
Are you in search?
Or a wanderer like me?
Who loves to get lost.

Monday, March 22, 2010

A small castle

A small castle overlooking the ocean
Blue, deep and full of waves
Waves as high as mountains
Wearing crown of white foam.

Crown that will turn into gold
Orange, red and white in sun
Will again turn into silver
When the moon will shine upon.

That’s where I am going to live
With a pack of cutest hounds
a library full of books
a garden full of flowers.

I am gonna build my castle
In a deserted island
Full of wild flowers and birds
All of you are invited therein.

Sun rises on ocean

Deep blue ocean with touch of emerald green
Kissing the blue sky in horizon
Deep red sun slowly opening its eyes
Spreading its red hue all over them
The sky, the ocean, the foams and clouds.

A riot of colours have started
Every thing is sprinkled with red
The white foams have turned pink
The white clouds have turned red
The sun looks at them with great glee.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The voyage

I want to take a stroll
Out of this earth
In the endless space
Where the stars will shine
In eternal darkness
Their colours will be bright
Sometimes blinding the vision.

The colourful planets will glide by
Filling me up with ecstasy
The clouds of unknown gases
Will swirl around me magically
I will sail through all this
Watch them with my mortal eyes
At the end I will come back
To my blue planet, my earth.


The glowing orange sun
appearing and disappearing
in western and eastern horizon
sunrise and sunset they are called.

In between them they hold
the earth in its full glory
its children play games
within these two boundaries

Sunrise opens their eyes
to a new day full of hope
love, desire, despair or pain
reminds them they are still alive.

Sun bids goodbye with sunset
with the promise of another dawn
a night it leaves behind
for souls longing for rest or not.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Fragrance of wet earth
After first kiss of rain
Fragrance of jasmine
Swimming in a bowl
They fill up my soul
Like nothing else can do
They take me to a trip
In the land of ecstasy.

Fragrance of trees and grass
A garden full of flowers
Or a land full of weeds
Each has its own feeling to give
To feel our heart with them
various shades of joy or sorrow
sometimes they lift our soul
sometimes they burden our hearts.

To which sky?

To which sky are they flying away?
With those tiny twigs in their beak
Flying side by side
Spreading their majestic wings.

Will they build their nest?
On some far away hill top
Or will they chose some tall tree
In some deep, mysterious wood?

Will they succeed or not?
To carry that small twig
To that tree waiting
Braving these naughty winds?

That will be a mystery for me
I will never know
Where they are going
And where there nest will be

Friday, March 12, 2010

Morning dream

“Why are you smiling like that?
tell me, never seen that smile
on your lips before today?
it looks oh so sweet, tell me!!!”

The morning sun asked her
The breeze softly teased her
The birds chimed in
The brook joined the chorus ..”Tell me!”

She blushed and smiled and blushed again
“I was about to wake up in the morning
When I dreamt of him
The one I truly adore, he is one in millions.

He was sitting beside me
I could feel him through my being
His hand softly laying on mine
I woke up with the sweetest dream.”

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

White roses

Walking along
Dusty village road
Soaked in the charm
Of the rustic scene.

Came across a bush
Studded with white roses
Seemed nature has placed
A fragrant bouquet for me.

Gorgeous like pearls
Fragrant like dream
They looked like cherubs
Resting on the branches.

I stopped and watched
Though my fingers yearned
My heart forbade
I walked by without plucking one.

Monday, March 8, 2010

The well

Silver moon shining above
A soft, white mist rising
From the earth toward sky
A lonely rider galloping.

He has to reach the next town
Before tomorrow dawn
So he gallops away
While the whole world sleeps.

His throat is perched
His horse too seems drained
Suddenly he saw in distance
A well, a dream come true.

He galloped his horse toward it
Reached it and climbed down
He looked around for a bucket
But there were none.

Despaired he was about to climb back
When he heard a haunting song
Ringing in a voice oh so sweet
He searched and found a hut.

He reached the door and knocked
A beautiful woman opened the door
“Is it you my love? Are you back?”
He saw that she had not sight.

Beast within him woke up
He saw left and right
Seeing no one around
He entered the hut.

Next morning the villagers came
To get water from the well.
They saw a horse tied to the well,
Its rider lying dead a mile away.

They shook their head and sighed.
A blind girl lived there
With her loving husband
One night someone took advantage.

Of the hapless girl’s lost sight
And her husband’s absence.
They both were found in the well
By the villagers next day.

Every thirsty traveler
Is lured to that hut
Those who ask for bucket
Get one and travel away.

Those who forget humanity
Are found here lying
With body as cold as ice.
Without their soul within.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Wedding bells chime
Veil, heart, soul flutters
Cheeks burning
Heart swooning
Steps faltering
Leaning on daddy
Here comes the bride
Daddy’s little girl
Apple of his eyes

The return

His weary feet dragged
His wearier body
Towards the house
He once called home.

He stood in front of it
Under the full moon
Silver rays shining down
On a desolate ruin.

He climbed the steps of porch
The wood creaked under his feet
Weary by age and neglect
It protested his heavy weight.

he walked toward the door
where once she waited for him
every evening with a smile
when he returned from work.

Cobwebs tangling with his body
Bats swooping by
He entered the deserted house
That was once his home.

No one was there
The rooms were bare
None has been there
Since ages it seemed.

He leaned against the wall
Mournful like the house itself
Looking for traces
Which could take him to his love.

Then he heard a voice
Startled by it he turned to face
An old friend a neighbour,
Standing on the doorway.

“She waited for you right here,
While you chased mirage
We have laid her down
Under the oak tree there.”
“The tree under which you two
Loved each other and spent hours
Your names are still written
On its trunk, its branches shelter her.”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Whose yacht is this?

Whose yacht is that I wonder
Creating a dazzling dream
Sailing on the deep blue ocean
Creating a gorgeous silhouette.

A silhouette against the crimson hue
Of the early morning sun
And against the deep blue ocean
Upon which it softly sways.

Can the sailors feel
The ecstasy they are causing
To the eyes that are watching
That dreamlike yacht sailing?

Crimson glow of sun
Adding a little colour to it
As if a fire is burning
Inside the fireplace.

Bed of ferns

Green, bright bed of ferns
Spread out covering earth
Under the lanky trees
Enveloped in dreamy mist.

As if they have thrown
A veil of white mist
Their slim, lanky bodies
Are little hidden in that.

Their narrow branches shoot
Like in an oil painting
Losing their sharp, real colours
In that misty haze.

The ferns in absolute contrast
Burning in their full glory
Adding a greater charm
To that dreamy, misty wood.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


I truly miss it from my heart
The symphony from nature’s orchestra.
The price we pay for urban luxuries,
that beautiful intimacy of nature.

Those early morning songs
from the children of nature
that cascade of bird songs
pouring down like a fountain.

I could only hear them
all I could see out side my window
was soft envelop of darkness
dark skies and night diamonds.

A promise of new dawn
made them sing
the most beautiful song
human ears can hear.

Now I hear an occasional twit
a hesitant call at mid day.
As if they are too shy to sing
for the urban audience.

They feel that they are
not very welcome here
in the crowd of men
and man made sound.

Winter days

Warm cocoon of blanket
Snuggled deep in it
Only eyes and nose
Peeking out of it.

Every turn on bed
Shots a chill through spine
I feel like I have touched
A sheet made of ice.

Still I love these winter days
More than I can say
These stolen moments
Of warmth and sunshine.

Shivering under the soft sun
munching hot popcorn and nuts
keeping a watchful eye
for any shadow of mom or teacher.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Will you be there

Will you be there with me
When the nights are too cold
When the days are too hot
And I want some respite.

Will you be there to walk with me
Every step through that path
Or will you walk away
Scared of that dust?

Will you be there when I laugh
And I laugh till I cry
And I want to share that laughter
With someone who will laugh.

Will you be there to hug me
When I am feeling down and out
Lend me your shoulder
Where my tired head can rest?

Written on 9.12.09

Dark velvet

cruel skies snatched away
her dazzling moon from her
left her alone in darkness
and disappeared forever.

She picked up one by one
The night diamonds
Stitched them in her veil
And threw it across the sky.

The night diamonds sparkled
Played in the night wind
Sang soft songs for her
And waited with her for moon.

He came back slowly
Taking one step at a time
But she kept her tiny friends
They both simmered together.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The sage

Morning sun was still asleep
beyond the eastern horizon
he dragged his tired body
and reached the sage’s feets.

He has heard it far and wide
this sage had a magic touch
he can heal every pain
make every sorrow disappear.

He has lost every thing
every thing that mattered to him
someone showed him the path to him
when he was about to end it all.

The sage sat with an aura of peace
his eyes were firmly closed
he waited for hours for him to look
day turned into night and day again.

Days turned into weeks
the sage did not opened his eyes
and he did not ventured away
he sat there at his feet patiently.

He watched with sheer joy
how wild birds and animals
came and shared the fruits
left by the villagers for the sage.

They treated him with blind trust
playing around him like babies.
he noted the aura of happiness and peace
on the face of the penniless sage.

He walked away a transformed man
he did not needed the sage to confirm
peace lies within our own souls
no one can show us its way.

And when we have found that treasure
losing every thing else wont count
for we know we have the greatest wealth
stored within our very own soul.


The glowing orange sun
appearing and disappearing
in western and eastern horizon
sunrise and sunset they are called.

In between them they hold
the earth in its full glory
its children play games
within these two boundaries

Sunrise opens their eyes
to a new day full of hope
love, desire, despair or pain
reminds them they are still alive.

Sun bids goodbye with sunset
with the promise of another dawn
a night it leaves behind
for souls longing for rest or not.

Monday, March 1, 2010


you loved her
she loved your friend
he did not cared
he left her and went.

What did you do then?
did you held out your hand
and told her that you are there
for her as a friend forever?

Or did you just watched the scene
the act on the stage of life
as a mute spectator
got up and walked away?

Or was it the third thing
you watched with joy
his refusing her
thinking it was your settled score?

Or may be you did the wisest thing
you held her hand and said
you will always be beside her
in whichever way it suits her.

Golden glow

Sitting beside the window
Lazily gazing out
At the summer sun’s rays
Playing with water of pond.

I felt a drop of sunshine
Got glued together and fell
From the sky above
And landed on the branch.

Then I heard it singing
Oh in a voice so sweet
All the symphony of earth
Bowed its head before him.

A dazzling creature wrapped
In feathers of gold and black.
As if the sunlight and shadow
Lighting up a mango branch.

You flew away after a while
Leaving the echo of your song
Which resonate in my ears
Every time you cross my mind.