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Monday, January 31, 2011

wild wind blows free

wild wind gushes
wild and free happily
don’t try to stop
let her blow freely.

she does not exists
in confinement of walls
her very being resists
Suffocation of boundary walls.

let her dance all around us
spread her spontaneous vivacity
across the ocean and nations
across the villages and city.

let her dance with the trees
let her waltz with mountain high
swirl and tug the veil of waterfalls
tease the daisies and roses shy.

Sharmishtha basu

wild lie

in the wild life
endless independence
there is fun in abundance
then there is strife
when to wild winds collide
they stir up a hurricane
or a small scale typhoon
causing only destruction
if at the wrong place

Sharmishtha basu
31 .1.11

I want to be

The little girl looked at me
her eyes lost in thought
her sweet face became thoughtful.

“What will I be?”
her eyes looked so wistful,
the little girl looked at me

“Oh so many things I want to be!”
she smiled with a tiny dimple,
her sweet face became thoughtful.

“Some times I want to be a bee.”
her eyes were sparkling and playful,
the little girl looked at me.

“Sometimes I just want to be me!”
she cooed softly like a turtle.
her sweet face became thoughtful.

“Then sometimes I don’t want to be me!”
I want to be huge and strong like a bull,
the little girl looked at me
her sweet face became thoughtful.

the gypsy in me

there is a gypsy inside me
she sighs when she sees
pieces of this planet
spilling with beauty
captured in Polaroid and films
it aches to pack its bags
and go out on a trip
scale every possible mountain
touch every ocean in reach
before lying down to sleep.

there is a wise woman inside me
one that chastises that wild
reminds her again and again
you can save yourself
from cold, heat, rain and snow
stalking tiger, snakes, wolves
for they strike for fear or hunger
what will you do with men?
they will be waiting everywhere
you can save yourself or fail!

Sharmishtha basu

drunk bee

her lovely eyes speak
with every flutter of lash
his heart soars with her eyes
just as a drunk bee
who has been drinking nectar
from the sweet flower of Neem

Sharmishtha basu

ballerina girl

ballerina on the dance floor
dancing on the pond of dark stone
graceful petite mon amour
a lovely bloom dances alone.
just like a lily in breeze
you sway gracefully, full of ease
your feet softly kiss the dance floor
let the breeze make your sweet soul soar.

Sharmishtha basu

the king

the king

sitting on throne

turns to face the stern scorn

on the faces of his people

tired by his selfish idle ways

no more fooling around mister

he heard the silent roar

heard the uproar

the king

Sharmishtha basu
16 .1.11

under the moon silver

under the moon silver we wait
for our mate who is too late
the crow starts to stir in its sleep
the soft dew drops as heaven weep
we start to lose patience in wait
oh why is he so much late!
how much longer shall we wait!
the crease on your brow gets deep
under the moon
ah the ebony turns to slate
no more are we going to wait
let him pay for his careless sleep
let him complain and let him weep
let him groan and let him too wait
under the moon!

sharmishtha basu

nobody’s child

behind him was the long dark shadow
his father’s lust, mother’s innocence
one disappeared after satiation
the other gave him this so called existence.

No cradle, no lullaby no sweetness
two strong arms sheltered his mother
they were too strong to hold her
but too weak to save the other.

he stands alone neglected
his back turned on light
his own shadow covers his future
as he faces away from light.

have you met him somewhere?
the nobody’s child?
did not his pain pierced your soul?
his tiny shadow started to haunt your mind?

Sharmishtha basu
19 .1.11


a cozy bunch of monkeys
lived up floor from me once
a chirpy herd quite funky
dwelled on my roof top once.

their days started prior dawn
as I laid snuggled and comfy
they opened their beady eyes at dawn
got active like a bunch of zombie.

One minute they were thump thump
the other minute they were squealing
then they will start to hop and jump
sometimes they will go rolling.

for years I tried to convince them
my rooftop is not their home
I will be so glad to see the last of them
if they will kindly return to their home.

Then one day they disappeared in thin air
I woke up sans their jumping and sound
as if some angel heard my prayer
vanished em with a single whiff of her wand.

Sharmishtha basu
19 .1.11


it struck all of a sudden
it came out of nowhere
snatched away that sunshine
that sweetest ball of hair.

I believe the fault was mine
I forgot you were bound to go
your time will come before mine
you will have to leave me and go.

oh how I was afraid to see
places where you snuggled up
those blank places used to bite me
I thought that gap wont fill up.

I could feel you snuggle up against me
in the dark of night, in my bed
so many times you haunted me
I just could not wipe you out of my head.

its been a decade since you are gone
somehow my heart says to me
tonight you will not be gone
you will be in my dreams for me.

Sharmishtha basu
24 .1.11

let there be peace

soft calm water spreading
just like a crystal sheet
from your feet to horizon
where it kisses the blue….

oh that sweet breeze
that blows across it
first kissing its calm self
then spreading that to you.

don’t pick up that pebble
it means nothing
that gesture can be shunned
that impulse is easy to control.

think how it will distort
this crystal clarity to muddy
don’t give in to that imp
let peace rule all around us.

Sharmishtha basu
29 .1.11

journey to light

burning bright sun
softly rippling crystal
blended with gray
splattered with milk
dancing under my oar
my little boat
glides forward
facing the sun

Sharmishtha basu
31 .1.11

haiku collection 3 17.1.11

deception (HH)

her hazel eyes
shining soft and bright
hid the deception.

Sharmishtha basu

medusa 8.1.11

a humble grass flower
boasted celestial charm
got forever doomed

Sharmishtha basu
8 .1.11

sin (HH) 23.1.11

tabooed love, lovely eyes
temptation too strong to shun
heart sways towards sin

Sharmishtha basu

Story of guilt 28.12.10

those hooded eyes
tongue licking lips fast and quick
telltale story of guilt

Sharmishtha basu

confinement (SHW) 25.1.11

confinement gone
cage of ice has shattered
crystal creek is free

Sharmishtha basu
25 .1.11

inhibitions 25.1.11

shed inhibitions
bear your flower and fruit
world belongs to you

Sharmishtha basu
25 .1.11

the thinker 21.12.10

her hands reach within
deep in the ocean of thoughts
to scoop up wisdom

Sharmishtha basu

butterfly dreams 28.1.11

burning orange, gold
ivory n ebony
studded in deep green

Sharmishtha basu

scorpion 4.1.11

the black scorpion
lethal and poised to kill
anyone annoying.

Sharmishtha basu

scorpion 4.1.11

red ripe cherries
simply shunned my conscience
I gave in to Sin

Sharmishtha basu
16 .1.11

tug of war

earth threw a feather
sky caught it in mid way
moon tries to snatch

Sharmishtha basu

for a haiku

its quite a fun
to scratch your head for a spell
for a haiku

Sharmishtha basu

red rose

velvety smooth red
mellow and glowing ruby
smiling among thorns

Sharmishtha basu
coldest heart

its the coldest heart
that fails to melt at the pain
real bad disease

Sharmishtha basu


its murder of men
only the pretexts vary
what spills is just blood

Sharmishtha basu

shattered faith 31.1.11

agony of death
bows its head to crushing pain
of a shattered faith

Sharmishtha basu
31 .1.11

darkness 31.1.11

overwhelming love
blind surrender of self
darkness engulfs world

Sharmishtha basu

splendour 31.1.11

dazzling gold torrent
exploding from a volcano
a killer splendour

Sharmishtha basu

birth of a mermaid

I softly fall inside you, I sink
your velvety cool touch
envelops all around me
a shiver runs through the spine.

slowly I immerse deeper and deeper
in your dark depth
water flows all around me
I get submerged, I give up, surrender.

my open reckless hair dances
with the ripple of your wave
its fine net surrounds me
just like you as I descend in you.

my legs join together to glue
I could inhale you inside me in my breath
softly I rise above again
after losing myself to you I become you.

Sharmishtha basu
28 .1.11

Monday, January 17, 2011

poem and me

an outlet of emotions
whirling inside my heart
in oh so many visions
myriad hues of passions
its poetry that unchains
that fluttering bird of art
it softly removes its chain
lets it fly out to your heart.

road ahead

road is what it takes us home
across the vales, mounts and sea
or it is the endless dream in which we roam
when we want to run away from home.
away from the confinement of the home
our eyes and feet chase whatever they see
our hearts like wanderer roam
and our soul dance with endless glee.

Sharmishtha basu

the woods

I stopped by woods
feeling the absolute peace
every movement talked
told me hundreds of stories
a history was unraveled.

Sharmishtha basu

swami vivekananda

a being
selfless divine
a blessing
from heaven
came down to bless nation
may be the whole world

Sharmishtha basu
12 .1.11

gypsy lady

she sat in a trance so serene
her hazel eyes reading me
the gypsy lady made a sign
towards the next chair for me
her language was not known to me
she drew a symbol just for me
on the table with a small chalk red
her fingers painted words unsaid.

Sharmishtha basu
17 .1.11

bitter sweetness

of chocolate
soft creamy delicious
with that little tinge of bitterness
extremes embrace to make life perfect
shadows of black and white dance
hand in hand together
love that bitter

Chinese connection

harsh Truth
truly harsh
Can’t be denied
Had a lot of grudge
For their cruelties
On their own and neighbours
And then I read a touching thing
Lotus is their July flower
Loved this Chinese connection for a change

Sharmishtha basu
10 .1.11


ship in sea doldrums
watching clouds gathering
time to hold mast

Sharmishtha basu


watching stars sparkling
see them close their lil eyes
insomniac me

Sharmishtha basu

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


a heart full of love
love filled eyes, words and gaze
so celestial.

Sharmishtha basu


diamonds in coal
resolutions in mind
uncut gems await polish

Sharmishtha basu

when gulmohar blooms

when the gulmohar blooms
spring lets out a sigh
its sigh sounds in wind
when her flowers fly
one after the other
far away from tree
one by one they scatter
spreading a carpet on green
a carpet of fiery red and orange hue

Sharmishtha basu
7 .1.11

silent flute

your eyes speak and talk
your lips are mute
you are a silent flute
a flute made of rock.

your unsaid words pour down
in wind, rain and sunshine
they fill up this world of mine
even if heard by no one.

Sharmishtha basu

merry go round

Life is nothing but a merry go round
to the daring comes the crown
they go round and round
with its every leap and bound.

to timid souls scary it will sound
in vain will they fret, sob and frown
Life is nothing but a merry go round
to the daring comes the crown

Sharmishtha basu

a brook

from the hill
a gurgling brook falls
in valley
lovely green
it picks up grace after fall
and freedom from pain

Sharmishtha basu

golden hour

golden leaves spruce up
autumn has come to invite
golden hour of dusk
gathers to see the sight

Sharmishtha basu


Oh I have read his story
the story of the naïve one
whose wax wings melted
as he flew too close to sun.

What a dream it was that night
I saw myself standing proud
two milk white wings on my shoulder
daring me to touch the cloud.

with the meadow larks
I flew high up and down below
happily I flew from tree to tree
like a tiny little sparrow.

I kept my distance from the sun
basking in his golden ray
remembering the story of Icarus
I did not ventured too far his way.

I flew up to land on a mountain high
a lush green valley was spread
as I scooped down to touch the grass
I opened my eyes in my bed.

Sharmishtha basu

evil shadow

that night I turned and faced her
demanded a clarification
what gets inside her heart
what were her intention.

Why oh why did she
echoed my every movement, step
her ways truly exhausted me
who will like to be copied by ape.

she begged to me with moist eyes
told me she just cant be other way
she has no body, no concrete form
she just have to copy my way.

I felt her pain and allowed her
to copy my each and every action
after all a shadow has to follow
the owner of her body’s destination.

that night I felt someone choking me
soon my soul was hovering by my body
I saw her open her eyes to look at me
it was the shadow who possessed my body.

“Thank you for training me so well.”
she laughed at me with mockery
“I think I will take care of this body.”
her eyes were filled with trickery.

Standing there I realized my fault
I have sealed my own doom
I have been conned by a trickster
an evil have I given a room.

Now I roam in spirit world
while the slave is now the owner
she relishes the things that were mine
by replacing the rightful owner.

Sharmishtha basu

pearly pegasus

oh pearly white equine
sweet pegasus from land of dreams
here to show me beyond dreams
the pathway to land divine.
Where sweet golden moon shine
faeries dance holding arm
moon gets drunk by their charm
mermaids swim up to sing a song
nymphs rhythm their lyres with song
soul gets drunk from sight divine

sharmishtha basu

Saturday, January 1, 2011

yellow leaves

yellow leaves flutter soft
fall is beckoning to them
spring is dressing up

2011- a shardoma

pick it up
the sleepy silent flute
play your song
from your heart
unleash yourself completely
don’t go for applauds

Sharmishtha basu


I heard her playing flute
its soft sound flew in
like the fairies of light
fly inside darkest deep
it sang out to me
“I am here at your door,
waiting for your embrace.”

“Come sing with me
sing my song, sweet, carefree
dance with me in the land
of endless ecstasy
together we will dance
arm in arm, feet in rhythm
another year through.”

I opened my doors and windows
she flew in and settled down.

Sharmishtha basu


pink roses in vase
white lilies on canvas
daisy in meadow

Sharmishtha basu

2011 a haiku

tender dreams await you
what are your feet waiting for
move forth and hold them.

Sharmishtha basu