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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

If you

If you befriend me
And then stab me in my back
My heart is only stabbed
Your heart is vile.

If you flatter me
When we are face to face
Mock me in my back
I am naïve and you are cheap.

If you gain my trust
By pretending what you are not
And then shatter that faith
I am trusting you are cunning.

In no way can a person
Be a loser as long as
He is trusting and loving
The one who abuses him is the real loser.

Soul and body

Kings court was packed
With eager eyed musicians
Waiting for their chance
To prove their excellence.

One by one they enchanted
Court full of audiences
Spellbound by their expertise
Mesmerized by their excellence.

The masters retreated one by one
Took their seats to hear
Others pour out their souls
With utmost perfection.

He came forward last
Eyes lowered, bowed his head
Folded his hands to everyone
Sat down with his lyre.

Music herself came down to earth
She danced around the court
Took each and every listener
To her heavenly home.

The audience just sat there
Spellbound, not even realizing
The musician has stopped playing
His head was resting on floor.

“Perfection is the body
Passion is the soul.”
“A perfect soul can survive sans body
A perfect body can’t survive sans soul.”

No one had any doubt, regrets
When the court musician was named
Every one stood up and applauded
While he stood there humbled and cheered.

Passion never dies

You can never kill
A passionate soul
As long as his body
Possesses his soul

He will resurrect
From every death
No matter how hard
You try to kill him.

He will paint
A marvelous painting
With all the shades
Of black and gray.

He will build
A castle of sand
To marvel at
Or bewitch you.

Or maybe dig a pond
Create an oasis
In the desert
You have banished him.

Passion never dies
It’s a bubbling brook
It will tear free
From each n every rock.

It knows only to fly
In the endless sky
It will never stay
In a choking cage.

Magic potion

Passion is the magic potion
God placed in your hand
Try it, before it’s too late
And you will see how it works.

Add some passion in your eyes
When you see the birds, the sky
When you see your kids, friends
When you see your office gate.

Add a little of it in your hands
When you clasp, shake another
Write a poem, type a letter
When you open the kitchen door.

Just a little drop of this potion
Will transform your dreary world
Into a world of fairy tales
This prescription has been tried well.


If you have been ruthless and cruel
When the tides were with you
You should better not eavesdrop
When the tides are against you.

You should better not peep
Through the keyholes of those
You have crushed under your feet
When the spotlight was on you.

You may see unsavoury things
Things mirroring your face
Through their eyes
Their hateful, wronged eyes.

You should better not eavesdrop
A single word they are saying
You may hear the cruel truth
Spoken by those destroyed by you.

We all make mistakes,
Sometimes they are horrible
Its sane to not stalk those
you destroyed as insane.

Different shades of passion

A beautiful flower
Opened her eyes
A butterfly glided by
Wanted just to touch her
To softly kiss her petals

A bee buzzed around her
Its tiny wings buzzing
In ecstasy of finding her
He wanted to have her
But not forever.

An artist tried to paint her.
His heart filled up with joy
His eyes filled up with dream
He wanted not her
He wanted to capture her beauty.

One lovely flower
Stirred so many passions
Passion to kiss her
Passion to have her
Passion to capture her charm.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Passion is……..

Passion is driving like lightning
Passion is relishing
A slow walk down the road
Enjoying every second.

Passion is dancing till you drop
Passion is dancing in the rain
Dancing slow waltz
While ecstasy runs in your vein.

Passion is eruption of volcanoes
And it is the glowing fire
In hearts and candles
In eyes, smiles and embraces.

Passion is to grab the brush
And create a masterpiece
Passion is to stand in awe
And soak its very soul.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Passionate living

I love to kiss the trees
And caress the flowers
Chase butterflies
Scare innocent birds
When I know
No one is there to see.

I love to soak myself
In sun, moon and rain
To lose myself
Without holding back
In the cascade of
Gold, crystal and silver.

I love to live
Live to love
Every thing in earth
Flowers, bees, fruits
None are deprived
Of my wholehearted love.

I cant dream of a life
Without passions
A life of
Stiff calculations
I will rather
Giggle till I die.

Life without passion

Tis passion
That makes us live
Not breathe
Through our live.

Its passion
That grabs the brush
And adds colours
To this life

Its passion
That laughs
At pain
And survives

Its passion
That picks up
Buckets of colours
And paints boredom.

Cant imagine a life
Without them
I would rather die
Without them.

A wild horse

It’s a wild, untamed horse
A gust of crazy wind
To ride it, have to tame it
Or else it will tame you.

What’s the fun?
in being a man
If you don’t ride
Wild horses?

If you don’t soak
The lashing of storm
Relish the blinding flash
Of gorgeous lightning?

Passion is life
Life is passion
You can rein it
Or it will rein.

Both ways you will live life
Without passion life is death
It’s just a parade
Of undead zombies.

Lady love

So you have your eyes
on a lady, a grace
better treat her
like a queen.

You want a diamond?
You will have to pay
Every cent of its price
Diamonds don’t come free.

If you want a lady of class
First learn to give her
Each and every one of her dues
Or else you will lose her.

If you throw diamond in dust
It will be gone
Before you blink your eyes
It wont stay lying there at all.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The hand

The hand that holds yours
By itself
Promises lot more love
Than the hand you hold on to.

The feet that follow you
Wherever you go
Promises a commitment deeper
Than those steps you follow.

Blessed are those lovers
Who can feel their worth
And shower them back
With the love they owe.

They never end up lonely
Yearning for a hand to hold
Never walk alone
Longing for someone beside them.

Poker player

I am not a poker player
Who can read the faces
Or by just the look in the eyes
Can tell what’s in their mind.

Tell me what’s in your heart
And what is that in your mind
So my soul rests in peace
And I surrender myself to you.

Even if I can assume
I won’t ever act on that
For not being a thought reader
I might have made one mistake.

So please, please do tell me
In clear and crystal clear words
What’s in your heart, mind and soul
Don’t put our love on a stake.


Will I start loving you?
If you come down from a plane
Instead of coming down from a bus?
No- love doesnot cares about money.
I will never love you honey.

Will I stop loving you?
If you come down from a bus,
In place of the plane,
No-honey love doesnot cares about money.
I will love you just the way you are.

Be careful

Child when you are in love
Keep a few things in mind
Love is too tempting
But it’s a test to our soul.

When you are smiling in love
Be careful that it’s not snatched
Dishonestly from someone’s lips
Who deserved that smile.

When you are building your nest
Don’t build it on the ruins
By ruining another lover’s nest
Unless it’s deserted, love is gone.

Don’t decorate your vase
With the flowers from grave
Grave of someone else’s love
Which you digged by your own hand.

You may not get your prince of dreams
But your soul will be always clean
And a happy soul is the greatest bliss
Sometimes it surpasses love’s bliss.

Two lovers

Two lovers
Sitting together side by side
At the farthest end
Of the wooden jetty
Heading to the ocean.

Morning sun has showered
Cascade of gold on every thing
The sky, the ocean, the clouds
All are painted in pure gold
Their silhouette is painted in it.

Distinct, separate from the world
Mingled in each other
So much lost in one another
Its hard to they are
Two separate beings, not one.

I stood their watched them for a while
Then I turned away with a smile
Thinking I should not disturb
That pure, serene sunrise
Under the gorgeous, golden sky.

Soft sunrise

Soft sunrise
Gentle sunrise
The most beautiful one
Of my whole life.
My head is on your shoulder
Your arms around me.
The sun rises in the east
Blue sky turns into pink.

A soft morning breeze
Blowing to touch us
As we sit side by side
Morning sun greets us
It seems the sky has borrowed
The glowing pink of our hearts
Have generously sprinkled
It all over the earth.

King’s doll

How could he dare?
To call her doll of gold
A fake, a dead thing?
Now face the wrath
Of the mighty king.

All his men came running
To his tiny home
Swords shining and blazing
To tear down his small hut
How could he dare?

He knew the king was smitten
By his pretty little doll
How could he have guts?
To call her fake, a false?
That too clear and loud?

Now he should face
The fury of the king
His coming generations
Will remember this teaching
To never touch king’s doll.

Be love

When your heart is filled
With love for all
Without anyone around
To love you back
You have touched true love.

When you no longer
Seek, yearn or look for love
Outside yourself
For you are filled with it
You have touched true love.

Love comes from within us
It’s our breath
The light in our eyes
The blood in our vein
Nothing else is required.

Pure love glows Without reciprocation
Angel love glows even in crucification
God’s love is above all, unchanging
Its beyond earthly condition and reasons
To have love, being love is the condition.

Bully society?

Surfing through the movies page
A couple of promos got me
A gorgeous, dark, young girl
Was staring up at me, tears in eyes
“Why is everyone rejecting me for my skin?”

Next one was a perfect beauty,
Have rarely seen such a gorgeous dame,
This one was marble white in colour.
But… she too had tears in her eyes
“Why a barren woman is denied dignity?”

I felt like telling them, and their sisters
Who give away themselves too cheaply
Feeling overwhelmed that someone is an angel
Noble, kind beyond words to accept them
For they are dark skinned/ugly or barren.

The society doesnot decides your position,
Most of you are enough capable
Of forcing the society to treat you with dignity
It’s the scared, little girl inside you
That stops you, not the bully society.

Single women

Powerful women
Who have the true power
Who can survive on their own
Without a child, man or woman.

Why is the society so scared of them?
Forever eager to crush them, brand them?
Witch, pervert, mentally deranged
The list goes on and on never ends.

They try to crush them, intimidate them
They leave no stone unmoved to do that
If we read history with care
It will freeze our souls to know how.

Stoning, burning, ostracizing
Every trick under the hat has been used.
I truly sometimes wonder why it is so.
Why is this fear so cruel and strong?

They love to crush those who are weak
Looking up on them for crumbs and pity
They love to kick them, and pet them
They happily Use them, and abuse them.

If they call their life a failure
Then they get a pat on back, sympathy too.
If they say they are far happier
The gossip mongering machine starts to work.

And soon the whole place is abuzz
Trying to find out non existing reason
Why a woman is happy all alone
Soon they invent a dark, unsavoury reason.

Then they come out to punish her
Sad but true women too lurk in that crowd
When the mob justice is settled
Everyone returns home licking their fangs.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ways of world

A friend of mine asked me
How does it feel
To walk in the shoes
Of a single woman.

Well, if you are independent,
And travel around in limos
Can afford a bodyguard
Or live with your family.

Society doesnot bothers about you
And you don’t bother about them
You both ignore each other
And walk your own ways.

If you are a lost cause
Out there to entertain them
Half of them hate you
Half of them are crazy for you.

If you are a miserable one
Begging for their pity
They treat you like a cow
They feed you and milk you.

If you are independent from mind
Don’t depend on anyone
Then they try their level best
To pull you down and walk all over you.

They love to see a single woman
As an object of pity or profit
Someone they can use or abuse
They hate to be absolutely ignored.

But at the end if you tally
The plus and minus of singledom
You see that its worth all the scorn
For it means flying in sky.

Flying in the sky of life
Tasting every thing freely
Without any obligation
Without any chain around me.

So those scorns and fury
Ebb away from your heart
While you sit at your window
And sip your morning cuppa at eleven.

While peace surrounds your being
Love envelops your heart
World looks so beautiful
Just like watching children at park.

Single and happy

Another pair of eyes
Looking at me with pity
A part of my heart fumes
The other half smiles.

She is someone who claims
Her life is ruined, destroyed
As she has fallen in the hands
Of a drunkard, a corrupt man.

She looks at me and says,
“We both are ruined, destroyed.”
“I fell in the hands of a beast.”
“You could not find any one for you.”

I firmly say to her,
“Sorry I can’t agree with you.”
“I didn’t find someone
for I didn’t wanted to.”

“You count yourself as destroyed”
“Think whatever suits you.”
“But please don’t try to think
I am because I am happier than most of you.”

“I live like a queen free and happy
I don’t have any chains around my body, soul,
Above all my spirit is free
So how can I think my life is a waste?”

“I do what I want to
I live the way I love to
I act the way I yearn to
So I certainly am not destroyed.”

“I wake up and sleep when I want to
I dress up the way I want
I eat what I want; I drink what I want,
I am the queen of my life- not exactly ruined.”

Just a woman

I am just a woman
Just a human being
Don’t imagine anything
But that for me.

I am not a Goddess
I am not perfect
I am not an angel
I have vices.

Just like you men
I too can fail
Make mistake
Or walk tall.

I too may be cold,
Cruel, vicious, selfish
Any thing which you can be
I too can be.

Don’t disillusion yourself
About me
I am just a human being
With light and darkness inside me.


Single means
Not alone
Not incomplete
Not failure
Not rejected
And certainly
Not ready to mingle.

Single means one
Not zero
It may hold another hand
And become two
Or it may stay as one
Happy and free
Settling mother nature’s score
For overburdening her.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

snow white

Snow white was a little princess
Who lost her mother as a baby
His father married another woman
Thinking she would mother his baby.

She turned out to be a witch
Who was obsessed with her own self
When she saw that her step daughter
Was pure and beautiful like an angel
She became blind with envy and rage.

She called her accomplice and ordered
The little princess had to be killed
The accomplice took her to the forest
Had pity on her, spared her,
In place of her a rabbit was killed.

The queen was not very sure about him
So she sent her seven ghouls
To see what he does with the princess
When they saw that the princess was unharmed
They faked as her friends and took her in.

They kept her there instead of telling the king
The queen came there in disguise
Fed her a poisonous apple, the poor child died
The evil woman returned to her palace
Gloating with happiness and pride.

Fate had some other plans
It made a prince pass by the hut
He saved the princess, married her
Together they came to meet the queen
You should have seen the look on her face.


Sweet Cinderella, pretty girl
never saw her mother at all
her father too passed away
when she was just a tiny girl.

Being brought up by step mom
Whom she thought her real mom
Surviving on her leftovers
Thrown at her by three of them.

After toiling for all day
She was made to sleep in stable
While her step mother and sisters
Slumbered in plush, soft beds.

One night a traveler knocked their door
Seeing his torn and tattered dress
He was at first shown the door
Then when he begged, offered money.

He was allowed to sleep in barn
He saw Cinderella working in the yard
And came silently to her
Asked her for something to eat.

She shared her dinner with him
Hearing her kind words, seeing her beauty
He asked her if she will marry him
She asked to take the permission of her mom.

When he asked her for Cinderella’s hand
He heard the most horrible stories about her
Her mother and sisters vowed again and again
She was the vilest, meanest creature.

The traveler went away, left behind Cinderella
Sad, miserable, broken hearted
For she has lost her heart to him
The only person who has been kind to her.

Next morning a golden chariot stopped at gate
A well dressed prince came down from that
The trio ran for him to greet him
But he brushed them away and asked for Cinderella.


Chucky got himself a bride
The gorgeous dame was hell’s pride
Now Chucky should have been proud
Happily living and enjoying life
He was not, he never wanted this bride.

He loved Barbie and she loved him
Then someone told her he was an evil doll
He comes to her in the night
And scares the living day light out of her.
Barbie checked if she was true-she was!

Barbie got the message from heaven –fled the scene
Left behind a ranting mad chucky
Cursing his heads off, planning revenge.
He instantly procured a bride for him,
Imported straight from hell, order-made.

In place of being happy with his lover
Spending his life in her loving arms
He chased the little squealer girl and Barbie
To punish Barbie for deserting him
To kill the little girl for exposing him.

In the night when the wind howls
All you can hear is hooting owls
No one around you seems awake
The whole world is sleeping in their bed,
If you hear some strange sound in street.

Open your window, or peek from behind curtain
See a tiny, dwarf balling his fist at sky
Cursing and screaming with froth in his mouth
That’s chucky, standing there, burning
While his lonely bride sleeps alone in bed.

Little mermaid

A beautiful princess born in ocean
Her dazzling palace was under the sea
Brought up playing with schools of fishes
Colours as dazzling as blooming flowers.

With youth dawning on her spirit
Her spirit started to soar
She used to break free of the depth
And swim to the nearest shore.

She saved someone and fell in love
They had nothing common among them
Yet she lost her heart and soul to him
She won his company but not love.

Soon the prince got tired of her
And started to look for others
Her innocent heart was shattered
She wanted to be back with her sisters.

But when she left the ocean
She had to make a pledge, a vow
She will never be allowed back
The journey was meant to be one way.

She sat on the shores, her salted tears
Mingling with salty water of ocean
Then one night when the moon was shining
She noted that she was changing form.

She became what she was
Before she met her prince
Surprised she saw a mermaid prince
Waiting for her in ocean/

A soft smile on his face told her all,
“I loved you but I did not stopped you,
You sacrificed in love your every thing,
My love has won back that sacrifice.”

He held her arms as they swam side by side
Under the glistening moon, in the sparkling sea
They swam across the islands and places
To reach her kingdom where her family waited.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pixie Queen

An old woman lived alone
In a hut near a forest
Deserted by her kith and kin
For she was too feeble to work.

She just lived and waited
For kind, calm death to come
Her heart was full of love
For each and every living thing.

She fell sick one night
Too ill to move out of bed
She laid there waiting for death
Soon sleep overcame her.

She woke up with chirping of birds
And to her shock she saw
Her hut has transformed
It was clean as anything, tidied up.

A basket of fruit, a jug of milk
Was waiting for her at her bedside
She could see a garden full of flowers
In place of thorny bushes, outside window.

She blessed the God’s angels
Very quickly she started to recover
Every night she fell asleep
Every morning her hut said the same story.

Then one night she faked sleep,
She heard a soft flutter and opened her eyes
She stared into the eyes of a group of pixies
Who have entered her hut from open window.

Their queen smiled at her when she saw
That they have been caught by the old lady
She smiled and called out,
A golden bird appeared in the window.

Its plumes were gorgeous, made of gold
It flew inside and sat on the laps
Of the old lady very fondly and cooed
A beautiful song filled up the hut.

“Mother, you remember the tiny fledgling?
You saved and nurtured last spring?
He is that fledgling, my dearest pet.
He came to see you every night.”

One by one the pixies hugged and kissed her,
Then the queen said, “We will be back to you
Whenever you will need our love or help.”
Then they flew away out of the window.

Shower of flower

It was a moonlit night
He was traveling alone
On his white steed
He was galloping away
Back to his palace
From a distant place
He stopped his stallion
Beside a crystal, clear pool.

The stallion was hungry and thirsty
So was the prince riding the steed
He sat looking at the pool
While the stallion grazed happily
He never even knew
When he fell asleep
He woke up by some noise
Could hardly believe his eyes.

A group of fairies were swimming
laughing, splashing the water around
he saw they have left their wings
on the shore to keep them dry
every fairy has her own wings
matching to the colour of her dress
he sneaked out and picked up golden ones
and crept inside the bush again.

The fairies came out of the pool
Golden fairy could not find her wings
The others left her behind at dawn
That was the rule of fairy kingdom
They could be on earth only during night.
The prince came out with the wings
The fairy begged him to return them
His condition was to marry him.

They married, had a daughter
Then one night the fairy recovered
Her wings that her lover has hidden
She flew away to her kingdom
The place where she belonged
Left behind her daughter
Prettier than the fairy herself
As a memory of their love.

The princess grew up with special powers
It rained flowers when she laughed
It rained diamond, ruby when she cried
A greedy demon got enticed
He stole the princess, took her to his den
He ordered her to marry him in vain
The moment he ordered her two wings formed
A pair of golden wings like her mom.

She flew away to the sky laughing
The furious demon came out in open
Shower of flowers greeted him
The more he got angry, the more she laughed
Soon he was half buried in fragrant flowers
Feeling like a fool he went back to his den
The princess flew back to her father again.
Leaving behind her a carpet of flowers.