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Monday, November 29, 2010


ebony sky
dazzling streak flashes
a meteor falls

Sharmishtha basu


on an ink blue stage
silver crescent yellow stars
sing lullaby

Sharmishtha basu


rising from blue
breaking the shackles of sea
reaching for the sun

Sharmishtha basu

the lotus

morning sun touches
red fragrant lotuses bloom
red embraces red.


crisp wind calls out
its time to go now
leaf says goodbye

Sharmishtha basu

the deer

flash of gold in green
pile of gold uncovered by man?
a fawn searching mother.

Sharmishtha basu

flower on rock

blue and gold smile
in the shelter of gray stone
power shelters love

Sharmishtha basu


the window opens
blue sky, river, hills call
pine trees stand tall

Sharmishtha basu

Mad apparition

mad apparition
with mossy ugly fingers
freezes souls to snow

Sharmishtha basu

free like a nymph

free like sea nymph
body immersed in ocean
soul soaring with breeze

Sharmishtha basu


full moon showers pearls
lovestory in white stone
river sings love songs.

Sharmishtha basu

morning breeze

Red rays of dawn sun
turn crystal river orange
sweet morning breeze laughs

Sharmishtha basu

daisy and grass

Green grass woos daisy
gold and green dazzle together
crystal creek takes snap


Taj mahal

full moon shines in the sky
witness of those moments
when your immortal love
blossomed in embraces
in soft, gentle kisses
in amorous sighs
when you were still alive
your bodies were still breathing.

full moon shines in the sky
witnesses these moments
when an emperor full of love
comes down from heaven
to meet his gorgeous empress
in the home he made for her
foreseeing this moment
when their bodies are sleeping.

they walk together hand in hand
like their bodies did in past
he shows her each and every room
of this beautiful palace
the palace he built
for their immortal love and souls
which were bound to return
looking for each other.

they exchange those loving glances
under the full moon’s light
for centuries the beautiful witness
of a love that never died
they walk in the garden
enveloped in each other’s arm
the whole world sleeps
the silver moon smiles.

never call it a tomb
or a lifeless structure
this is the earthly abode
of two heavenly creatures
if you don’t believe
come here on some moonlit night
may be you will catch a glimpse
of Shahjahan and empress Mumtaj.

sharmishtha basu

souls embracing

sun pours down its golden rays
flowers bloom every where
the moment your hands hold
the hand that also cares.

light illuminates your heart
fragrance envelopes your soul
love spreads all around you
wrapping you in its splendid stole.

door of heaven opens wide
you can hear angel’s choir
you can see them sweetly smiling
in your lover’s loving face.

earth wraps a celestial robe
heaven descends on earth below
queen of love rules your soul
showering love on earth below.

every thing becomes candescent
flowers bloom all around you
spreading their heavenly scent
adding in your life their colour.

Sharmishtha basu

soaring soul

blue sky is calling out
its time to spread my wing
lose my self let ME out
is how my soul is responding.

White clouds are sailing by
gentle breeze is blowing
tempting me to kiss the sky
let my soul do some soaring.

Sharmishtha basu

gray mansion

a gray dark mansion
standing alone in mist
a desolate vision
slipped out of wist.

standing alone in mist
it rues about forgotten day
slipped out of wist
when it was happy and gay.

it rues about forgotten day
when sun shined birds sang
when it was happy and gay
people danced and sang.

when sun shined birds sang
life was pouring out of it
people danced and sang
as they moved in and round it

life was pouring out of it
back in those sunlit days
people danced and sang
it hears echoes of those days.

Sharmishtha basu

melancholy wolf

melancholy wolf
howls at the silver moon
his strain pierces
the heart of the fog
reach across the valleys
to the sleepy hamlet
babies shiver in their sleep
kids hug their mothers tight.

Sharmishtha basu

guitar player

his fingers softly strum
silver strings of the guitar
bringing metal wire
to melodious life.

his hazel eyes are lost
in some other world
unruly hair cascade
like a black waterfall

his eyes return to earth
when he sees her move
gracefully through the crowd
like a swan in pond

his eyes starts to burn
the fire touches her eyes
music reaches crescendo
to be muted by wild applaud.

Sharmishtha basu

girl from Bengal

Your path is covered
with soft, green grass
scattered dew drops
shine like stars
on that velvet green

white petals of harsingars
lie there like pieces of dream
your softer feet
touch the earth
golden hued with tinge of red
like a pair of lotuses
they kiss the ground
with gentle grace

birds sing sweetly
to cheer you up
payel softly chime
to add some music
to your graceful walk.

the crystal water ripples
crimson tides dance
morning sun opens his eyes
to look down upon you
he too is confused
who is more beautiful
you or the lotuses
that are blooming in the pond
you leave them wondering
fill up your pitcher and return.

Sharmishtha basu

Bhoot chaturdashi or Indian Halloween

a cold, chilly autumn night
with a touch of chill, mist
in the hearts and in the air
little kids wide-eyed with fear.

“Eat fourteen different vegetable,
in the lunch and dinner don’t complain
Every naughty spirit they will disable,
Those are visiting tonight earth’s plain.”

Mommy said in a voice calm, serene
when she handed them their plate
stuffed with all sort of green
absolutely repulsive to their palate.

“Light fourteen pradeeps at doors,
right when the dusk turns to night
with those burning flames at doors
all naughty spirits will take a flight.”

Those childhood days are gone for sure
tiptoed out of life’s back door
yet their sweet memories linger
every year at memory’s front door.

We Bengalis celebrate our Halloween on the eve before Kalipuja (Dipawali).

Which will fall on fourth November this year. Mother Goddess Kali is the warrior goddess, and Black Magicians worship her to get magical powers, they worship her in Burning Ghats and ghosts are an inseparable part of cemetery and Burning Ghats. This concept of Bhut Chaturdashi must have come from there.

We used to stuff ourselves with fourteen types of vegetables this day. What a happy day for moms. In the evening we used to light fourteen pradeeps and place them at doors.

No trick or treat. I think mommies happy day would be the more appropriate term for this occasion.

Sharmishtha Basu

Aphrodite rises

Ocean’s heart splits in pieces
its pain overwhelms its being
tears flow out in crashing waves
sea nymphs start to weep silently.

The warmth of their hearts and souls
The light of their deep darkness
Leaves ocean, ground-ward sails
Aphrodite the beloved Goddess.

Ocean waves try to win her back
at her golden feet they gather
sea nymphs try to take her back
With pain their pretty faces wither.

the golden light of love and passion
erstwhile sleeping in depth of ocean
softly rises to greet earth and heaven
birds, beasts, angels sing adoration.

Sharmishtha basu

welcome to spooksville

blanket of fog
descends on earth
your vision is frozen
all around you hear
cackling of witches
grunting of werewolves
your body is frozen
frozen breath
of beings undead
flapping of wings
swish of cloak
of beings unseen
freeze your body
choke your scream
midnight hour
skulking real close
come along
lets take a trip
in the dead of night
to the land of dead
goblins and ghouls
eagerly await
to wish you
happy Halloween!
welcome to spooksville!

Sharmishtha basu

Our God

Stop child of God
Before it’s too late!
Think well, before you act,
God is not mine
God is not yours
God is not his
God is not their
God is our.

When you insult his God
You insult ours
When you laugh at their God
You laugh at ours
When you burn my temple down
You burn ours.
I said what I thought is right
Go ahead, do what is right.

Sharmishtha basu

red wolf

wicked ruby red wolf
prowling in urban jungle
wanted to eat
blue riding hood alive.

prowling in urban jungle
he plotted a conniving plan
feigning as her friend
he tried to trap her in vain.

he though his plan was perfect
but his plan went sour
his prey saw his marble fangs
glistening inside red 5ilky hood

his plan went sour, he went dour
furious he vowed out loud, clear
he will eat her peace, laughter
all her friends and peers.

he vowed he wont leave a single thing
good, sweet or nice in her life
he swore and howled all night long
all his dark plans disappeared with dawn.

Sharmishtha basu

The train

They glide by
One after another
Huts and trees
Hills and valleys
Exhausted exhalation
a dreamy painting
Of milky white steam
As the giant
Rolls up chugging
To reach the top
its destiny.

Sharmishtha basu

The fawn

Golden body, lithe and deadly
Thunderous roar
Deadly claw and fangs
Lightning speed of death.

Look a little closer
You will see
A mother’s heart
That nestles a fawn.

A lioness stumbled upon a fawn
Lost and alone
In place of devouring
She started mothering.

The fragile fawn plays with cubs
Nestled against her
Strange is heart of a mother
It shines above all.

By Sharmishtha basu

Tell me another fairytale

I don’t want to know reality
I don’t want to suffer its bites
Tell me another fairy tale
Even though you are bound
To do exactly the other way round
Oh truthsayer (you were bound to be)!
Tell me another sweet truth.
How the prince and princesses
Spend their days in beauty and glory
In the land of eternal glory and abundance.
Tell me all about them, oh I am dying!

Who cares if they need our snooping!
In the land of their extreme privacy,
Who cares if they care about our being?
Still tell us their all stories
Which plane they ride, which snacks they nibble
What makeup and brands they use for their kids
Don’t tell me about those hungry faces
Those hungry kids that toil in mines
Even though our knowledge about them
May change their whole existence!

Sharmishtha basu

the breeze

Stirring curtain
Mysterious moonlight
Summer breeze
I lie still
Listening, dreaming
As the wind whispers
Stories unheard
Of the distant lands
Forests, towns, beaches
Places he has touched
Breezing through the world.

By Sharmishtha basu

country sketch

tired bulls
drag the plough
soil stirs

egrets wait
scattered like

exhausted farmer
takes a break
the shady banyan

soft breeze
kiss his brow
dry up
sweat drops

Sharmishtha basu

The cub

A soft wind caresses
the luscious green bushes
the fields of fragrant grass
gnarled mangrove trees relish the caress
a bird gently perches on a branch
its sparkling eyes catch a glimpse
a stirring in the underbrush.

A black and gold stripe lies supine
In a lazy slumber, hidden in grass
Her eyes half closed, half open
A tiny one sits on her soft belly
Glaring all around him fiercely
daring the world to mess with him first
Before touching his mother.

By Sharmishtha basu


as I play solitaire with life
people ask me again and again
think where you are going!
think where you are heading!

People ask me again and again
to live life like everyone else.
think where you are heading!
people cant live life alone!

to live life like everyone else
is it that’s what all is about?
people cant live life alone!
is that really the golden rule?

is it that’s what all is about?
to live life with another?
is that really the golden rule?
even when we hate each other?

to live life with another?
and regretting every second!
even when we hate each other?
well I prefer playing solitaire.!

Sharmishtha basu

lady of moon

have you seen her?
in the darkness of night
when wind falls asleep
moon silently spreads light.

in the darkness of night
she slips out of her prison
when wind falls asleep
she alights on moon, tears drop.

she slips out of her prison
when the world sleeps
she alights on moon, tears drop
shower down as the rays of moon.

When the world sleeps
her love for her lover
shower down as the rays of moon
sparkling in the darkness.

her love for her lover
resonate in his tears
sparkling in the darkness
crowning the ocean waves.

Sharmishtha basu

Crown of dawn

Burning crown
Of dawn
Pink reflection
Of her brow,
cheeks and lips
on the earth below
Crystal creek
sparkles in red,
Snowy peaks
burn in pink hue
White mist
Twirls her gown
To save its
Pearly glow

Sharmishtha basu


Dancing like a fairy
You reach out for me
In my dreams
Your veil is studded
With diamonds and pearls
It covers your face
I am mystified
Trying to see through
Those jewels block my eyes.
Your wealth dazzles me
I fail to see your eyes
They are the things that are
Precious than diamond, pearls
Yet you keep them hidden
Behind your diamonds and pearls
Throw away your veil
Show your true self.

Sharmishtha basu


the feeling is here
in the morning air
in the late night chill
autumn is near.

in the morning air
on the soft grass
dew drops scatter
to announce her arrival.

on the soft grass
night flowers scatter
soft white petals
scattered like pearls.

night flowers scatter
wind is heavy with fragrance
crispy clear sun rays
shower down on earth.

wind is heavy with fragrance
fragrance of morning dew
fragrance of night flowers
and the flowers to bloom.

Sharmishtha basu

village belles

temple bells
Echoing music

village belles
dressed pretty
reach the well

chiming bell.

candor bright
outcolour flowers

Sharmishtha basu

the swan

a veil is slowly lifting up
a beauty awaits revelation
an elegant vision is waking up
To bedazzle our eyes.

a beauty awaits revelation,
Can you see it dear one?
To bedazzle our eyes.
the dream is coming to life.

Can you see it dear one?
the world awaits eagerly
the dream is coming to life.
swan spreading its wings.

the world awaits eagerly
world waits just to see
swan spreading its wings.
to kiss the ether blue.

world waits just to see
if her mighty wings are eager
to kiss the ether blue
and grace the world with her grace.
Sharmishtha basu