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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Divine touch

I saw you in my dreams
you were sitting there
a beautiful painting in colours
red, yellow, blue and steel..

You sat there singing sweetly
your small being glowing
with beauty and divine rhythm
I could hear your sweet melody.

Then I saw something ominous
crawling, slithering toward you
I saw the jaws of a serpent
as it was about to strike you.

I tried to scream but could not
my voice was sucked deep
then to my ecstassy you flew
far away from those fangs.

As if someone from up above
warned you about unseen
and you meekly obeyed her
without even once looking back.

Friday, February 26, 2010


A luscious carpet of green velvet
spread from this end to that end
of this beautiful, blessed earth
under the deep blue canopy above.

Lying down under some tree
feeling the gentle breeze
murmuring by, kissing my face
I don’t have any care in this world.

Lying down on my back, facing the sky
staring in the deep blue, endless sky
watching the butterflies flying around
listening to birds.. singing their lazy songs.

Will someone take me as a fool
if I confuse myself with these creatures
and think all I have to worry about is
how to find my nest in the evening…

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prince and angel

A prince was passing through these woods
alone on his white stallion, his only companion,
they say, he got tired at the end of the day
and started to rest beside this crystal brook.

He was woken out of his sleep late at night
he could hear a voice sweeter than nightingale
more melodious than the brook flowing by
even before he opened his eyes to see.

Surprised he opened his eyes to see
and saw a sight which he never forgot.
A glorious angel was sitting on the rock
softly singing the angel song in the solitude.

Such divine was her beauty they say
the prince got besotted by her and begged her
to become his queen and stay with him forever
he dropped at her feet with tears in his eyes.

The angel softly laid her hand on his shoulder
and in a voice full of deep affection she told him
divine love and earthly love are not for one another
when it comes to the love of two mates together.

One searches earthly pleasures in love, other God
one knows body is just a medium, to other its world.
one never lets disgrace upon love or lover
the other loses its senses when it wants its loved one.

One uses love as vessel to God’s love, keeps it pure
other one uses love as nature’s law, nothing more
how can they stay together as mates? Saying so,
she softly flew away, leaving behind the dazed prince.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fair unfair

They say every thing is fair in love
and every thing is fair in war
some one told me, it sounded fair
everything is not fair in love or war.

He said love is a priceless jewel
to be worn with right and dignity
it stays with only those who deserve
it has a strange way of acting justly.

Love stolen or attained by greed, power
have a strange practice of going away
not staying in the hands of the abuser
it comes, stays for a while and then goes.

Leaving the abuser lost and lonely
for he knew deep inside it was not his
he took it not by love and lost it very soon.
Sad part is he doesnot have any consolation.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


In a world of predators
she was the ideal prey
a young girl full of love
that too of the best type.
Love that only hopes for love
In return of her loving
yet stuck in a situation so bad
all her friends wanted to help her.

One of them was a man of power
who wanted to help her desperately.
But she always turned down his offers
saying all she needs is love and time.
His desperation got to the extreme
and he sought out some local friends.
Who lived in the same place with her.
and asked them to help her, he will pay.

He paid dearly for his noble nature,
His so called friends encashed it.
They sucked him dry showing him a girl
telling him that its her, his unseen friend.
Who has changed all of a sudden, got wise
and now she desperately needs some help.
Who else can she turn to, but him…..
her one and only friend in this wild world.

All the while they desperately tried
to track his real friend and kill her.
But somehow fate had some other plans
and their lie did not lasted that long.
Soon their friend uncovered their mask
and realized that he has been duped.
Bitterly he repented for his choice of mates
and mistaking a false bead for true pearl.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Poetic justice

You loved her, she did not
you hated her for that wrongly
so you plotted your plan
to deprive her from love.

You did not left any trick under the sky
sometimes you pretended as betrayed
sometimes you painted her black
sometimes you scandalized her.

You succeeded in your games as
evil people sometimes do in beginning.
You wiped out love from every heart
that cared for her and you were happy.

Then you fell in love and fell crazily
for the most charming girl in the world.
She was love, beauty and charm brought
together to form a beautiful bouquet.

She also loved you with all her heart,
you two started to dream of home.
Then someone showed her your real face,
she left you forever and never looked back.

Written on 12.05.2009

Pleadings of a lost soul!

Don’t trust my words any one of them
because, to get that shining car outside
I sold my tongue to eternal falsehood
I don’t want to lose that car by saying truth.

No please don’t ask me to stand for truth
you see this glorious mansion I own?
I bought this mansion by the wealth
I amassed from selling off my backbone.

Please don’t ask me to look inside me
I don’t have a heart or soul.. sold them
one for the money amassed in bank
other for security of a golden future.

I have sold every thing I was given
by the heavens including my soul
now I am a soulless, spineless,
truthless man sitting on gold throne.

Written on 12.05.09

A litle girl

A little girl was born somewhere
when she arrived she had a
homefull of brothers and sisters
another tiny one soon followed.

Mother was too busy in home
father in the wide world
all the siblings lived among
themselves and their friends.

She grew up without love and tenderness
talking to the flowers and trees
finding the treasure of love in God
and the teacher in story books.

When she grew up she realized
she has had the best mother in world
God, who will never fail in loving her
Best teacher in books, best friend in nature.

Written on : 12.05.09

Drama queen

She always wins her way like this
whenever she is confronted by logic
she encounters it with a tantrum
a huge uproar of incoherent words.

Shallow as a creek but furious
and boiling like a stream falling
from a mountain top, churning, fuming
full of more foam than water.

Her roar can be heard from far
whereas the true rivers flow
with a body full of water but
their sound can be heard rare.

Just like an empty vessel which
makes a deafening sound when hit
whereas a full vessel sounds soft
emptier the vessel greater is the sound.

Written on 5.05.09

Friday, February 19, 2010


every mother is not reflection of God
nor is every father a living saint
come down to reality my friend
or else the realities will come down.

Come down on you to crush the myths
created by souls who turned their back
faced away from reality and truth.
bewitched their own soul with own dreams.

Don’t paint them in divine colours
don’t expect too much from earthlings.
Thank God if they are close to angels
but forgive them if they act like humans.

Some of them even have a dash of evil
lurking behind that whitewashed soul
open your heart to logic, truth and proof
don’t close your reasons by fairytales.

Wriiten on 11.05.2009

Monday, February 15, 2010


A dark demon cruel, soulless
that takes form from a wrong
done to an innocent being.
From an injustice done to one.
Then it slowly takes the form
of injustice itself, it becomes
blind of virtues like truth,
reality, compassion and justice.

All it starts to yearn for is the power,
power to cause pain and destruction,
power to cause grief and wound,
it starts to worship punishment.
Forgets justice, and loses vision
in its blind rage it destroys everything
that comes in-between its path to hell,
as only hell’s fury can stop its destruction.

Written on 4.05.09


people often wear these
faces upon faces to hide
the real face, some are
harmless some are not.

One better should not
lay their fate on people
who wear masks when
they are with their owns.

People who put up masks
sometimes hide feelings
but sometimes they hide
deeper..nature or deeds.

Sometimes they hide
intention too, a wolf
hiding behind sheepskin
better beware of these.

They may not cause harm
or may crush you down
better not trust a person
who hides his eyes and face.

Written on: 4.05.2009

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Passion and love

Every thing is not fair in love
there is a control of conscience
on desire when it comes to love
but passion blows away conscience.

Passion is called dark emotion
and love is the feeling divine
feeling which fills up our soul
with light, happiness and bliss.

Love knows the difference between
fair, unfair, right and wrong
it is blessed with the vision
given to it by God, the divine.

Passion is the earthly passion
it looks and acts almost like love
but is too different again
they are like the body and shadow.

Passion consumes love delivers
passion is dark love is light
one fills the heart with light
other blinds the vision and heart.

Love lifts the heart above
opens the gate of heaven.
Passion longs to own lover
tries to paint the earth.

Love betrayed turns to God
passion turns to devil.
One forgives and forgets
the other destroys the lover.

Written on: 5.05.09


A slithering parasite hidden in deep crevice
of our heart, feeding on our desires
keenly observing how much we yield
the more we yield stronger it gets.

If we keep on feeding it will change into
a monster from a tiny insect
instead of gnawing and pricking
it will swallow us complete.

It swallows every virtue which fights it
conscience is its first kill
then come restrain and others
man becomes its slave for ever.

Deeper it drags its victim in his pit
full of lies, cheating and disgrace
if a soul falls too deep in its pit
he can rarely come back, is devoured.

Written on: 4.05.2009

Friday, February 12, 2010

fatal flame

Once a tiny flame of fire was
jumping, playing in its glee
all were admiring its charm.
A moth got obsessed by its beauty.

He made up his mind that he will
steal the golden flame and take home
he wooed the flame by flying round it
and the flame swayed with his tune.

Thinking he has won his flame
he stretched his wing to her
and asked the flame to ride
soon his wings were aflame.

Even though he thought he had
his love in his life forever
little did he knew that all
lovers are not blessed to be together.

Walk with you

I want to walk with you
with your heart in mine
and your soul within me
till the end of my life.

Our thoughts may be different
our choices may not tally
but as long as we have
our hearts and souls as one
Who cares!!

Two very different minds can rhyme
with each other for the longest time
seen so many friends who have
been as different as day and night.

Yet the bondings of love, trust, longing
kept them glued together forever
never did they parted their ways
they stayed with each other till the end.

Lets make our love rhyme that way
lets know our thoughts will vary
but our heart and soul are one
and we cant be separated ever.

Written on 11.05.2009

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fairy princess

A fairy queen had to leave her child
her daughter among the mortal souls
for she had to wage a war
against the evil sorcerer to save her land,
she left her behind with a aching heart,
but drew a line of invisible fire around her,
that fire permitted only loving souls
to touch her piece of heart… her child.

The girl started to grow up among men
but was a fairy princess after all
blessed with beauty and soul of the fairies.
Anyone who came to her without love
was singed by the invisible fire around
the moment they tried to touch her.
Such was the power of that guardian,
a mother’s aching, loving heart.

The queen could not get back to her
she died fighting the sorcerer.
The sorcerer then targetted the child
tried for years but could not harm her.
Every time he tried to touch her he
would singe, so will all his helpers.
Then one day the king of fairies came
down for his daughter to get her back.

A golden chariot with white horses
came down from the heaven to the hut,
where the fairy princess was dwelling
with her human foster parents in peace.
Her father came down from the chariot
thanked her foster family and took his
beloved’s only gift with him to his fairy
kingdom, to make her safe and happy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love and lust

Why should both shall not mingle?
pure light of love cant stay together
with black shadow of soulless lust
for love is chainless and lust devours.

Just like a deer and python
cant be friends … love and lust can
never stay together for certain.
Lust will devour love or love will run.

Run away from its vicious embrace
which will choke its soul divine
or else it will transform lust to love
if lust can welcome that change.

Its hard but it has happened often
lust transforming into love
but love never changes into lust
it either changes lust or deserts.

Written on: 6.05.09

the flute

Oh please let the flute play
I know he does not obey rules
but he plays oh so sweet
all those failings don’t even count.

He doesnot knows the rules to follow
all he follows is his own heart
his music flows above, beyond the
drab monotony of barriers and rules.

Have you seen a bird singing
his divine song note by note?
or a elegant swan following
chartered course to south?

Binding of rule is not for everyone
there are souls which fly free
spirits which get choked by burdens
of bindings created by you and me.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


if we will only let it work
it will bring out its palette
which contains only shades
of gray, dark and black.

She is an expert in her paints
No matter how much you
Scatter colours around you
She will start with your eyes.

First she will paint your vision
in the dark shades of pain,
depression, and yearnings
her next goal will be your heart.

Don’t let her hover around you
the moment you see her there
meet her with a bright smile
full of sunshine and happiness.

Happy thoughts, smiling lips
loud laughter, cheerful heart
these are the ways to keep her
away from your doorstep forever.

Written on: 1.05.09

Games people play

A pair of funloving young ones
trying to have fun,
not caring about the pain they cause
no matter how much deep the hurt is.

Together they weaved a web
A net of a strange heartless prank
hiding themselves behind the veil
of ilusive cyberworld and cellphones.

They both pretended as one person
sometimes a man, sometimes woman
one day they both were a pretty girl
the next day a rich handsome man.

Ganging up on innocent preys for fun.
Then one day their game fired back
one of them fell for one of the prey
he left his playmate and told its over.

The game did not ended there though
one kept the phone in her clutches
to settle her scores on both the souls.
The other kept the name to woo her.

One of them busy in settling her score
the other too scared to share the truth
may be this is what happens when
people play games they should not.

Written on : 1.05.09

Monday, February 8, 2010

Own light

Glowing with our own little light
thanking God for what is given
feeling blessed for being just
what we are is the bliss of life.

When we see a flower we love it
when we see a colourful bird
we adore its beauty and cherish
without dragging our hearts down.

We listen to a lark with admiration
we watch a waterfall with glee
same should be our state of soul
when we see someone glow.

When we see someone outshining
instead of feeling down we should
glow with our own light, enhance it
and join the shower of loving light.

Written on 30.04.2009

Sunday, February 7, 2010


We both are born together
In the same pond
We both inhale the same air
We both bask in the same sun.

Then why is it so?
I can only see the darkness?
I inhale only the stench?
I can only brood and mourn?

And you! Look at you!
You smile like morning sun
You bloom like a lotus
Spread your fragrance like a rose.

Everyone loves you, none loves me
For you smile in pain, love in vain
I will not let it happen
I will snatch your smile, light & peace.


Strange is this heart
Oh I do agree with thee
Let me tell you dear one
It charts its own path.

You want to know from me
Why I love her and not thee
Let me try to tell
Hope you will feel my heart.

Oh you are gorgeous maiden,
I know that for sure
Gorgeous, golden liquid wine
A d she is crystal clear water.

You are gorgeous lightning
Dazzling and mesmerizing
She is a soft tender fire
Burning in the hearth.

Your splendour is for dreams
Her charm is for home
My dear maiden that’s my dream
To build my small nest somewhere.


Strange is this heart
Oh I do agree with thee
Let me tell you dear one
It charts its own path.

You want to know from me
Why I love her and not thee
Let me try to tell
Hope you will feel my heart.

Oh you are gorgeous maiden,
I know that for sure
Gorgeous, golden liquid wine
A d she is crystal clear water.

You are gorgeous lightning
Dazzling and mesmerizing
She is a soft tender fire
Burning in the hearth.

Your splendour is for dreams
Her charm is for home
My dear maiden that’s my dream
To build my small nest somewhere.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I take time

I dont hate easy
and i dont love easy
I try to tread neutral
in the land of zero.

I love to take time
to love and hate deeply
but I love to hurry
to mend and forgive.

I take too long
to trust and have faith
very few cross that bridge
and make a permanent stay.

then again i take too long
to mistrust or suspect
there also the history repeats
not too many cross that bridge.


When you feel the world is dark
gloomy, painful and full of hurt
light a candle of love in your heart.
If human love has failed you
let it be God’s eternal love.

Once you fill up your heart with light
it wont be contained within.
it will spread its wing from the nest
and fly in the wide, blue sky.
its song will be heard far and wide
its beauty will shower down on mankind.

So, now, when the dark clouds are
gathering around your nest,
illuminate and protect your own light.
Wait for the dawn of the dark night
dawn of admiration of creation
dawn of love and peace and smile.

written on 1.05.09

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am back

Well, my computer finally told me goodbye on 18th Jan, after serving for more than two years and hiccuping for several months.

I am completely stucked up with backlog. I have to read the things which all of you have written and answer your comments. Please bear with me for another week.

Wishing you lots of happiness.

Hope you did not missed me much :)

Reality and dreams

Two sides of a coin
so very different
in every little thing
yet both are needed
to complete a coin,
are useless without
the other, yet can
never face the other..

such are the world of pure dream
and the world of harsh reality
they both form the human world
one wont exist without the other
but they don’t have anything similar
and they will never face eath other.

written on: 11.05.09