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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009!

Fairies and the mermaids

Yes I love both the fantasy and truth

a feeling that can be cherished

only by those whose soul can dream

while their minds stay fully awake.


I love to dream of a land of dreams

where fairies can fly defeating gravity

where unicorns gallop gracefully

where mermaids come up to see sailors.


And I love the angel within you and me

the angel which is celestial yet not

who is made of flesh and blood

yet whose soul has reached the heavens.


He lives in this very earth with us

but his soul filled with love is far above us

and I love you and me too who are not angels

who are trying to be one, or are just human. 

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Your choice

In this world of vibrant colours and symphony

don’t think that you can avoid evil and sin

bitterness will reach your tongue alongside honey 

you will get sour grapes in this grapevine.


Pick up the sweetest fruits to offer to your mother

gather the most beautiful flowers to adorn her

make your body, heart and soul her loving home

that will be your bit to serve your creator.


Once you change yourself to love, beauty, truth, harmony

these beauties will radiate from you as softest symphony

not a single soul near you will be deprived from this bliss

the world will turn into a heaven for you, an adorable journey. 


Being in love with god, her creations and her children

will give you the spirit to move ahead in life’s journey

strength to help weaks to cover the path along with you

sweetness to relish the stay in this beautiful heaven.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When you loved me

When you loved me with all your heart

I was too confused from where’ll I start

You mistook my shyness for disinterest

Walked away from me before I could protest.


Then miles came between us

Now that we have met again

I just want you to know

I was yours then and now.


Please don’t walk away again

Stay with me till our live end

I want to walk with you the walk

I want you beside me till the end.


I wont let you walk away this time

Without letting you know

What is in my mind and soul

There may never be another time.

Tree of friendship

so you think I am your destination

I am the one you have always searched for

The ultimate friend, the ultimate comrade

My friend I honour your intention.


But the tree of love and friendship

Takes its time to grow and spread

Have you ever noted my friend

Tallest tree take the most time to grow?


They gently take all seasons in their stride

The summer, the winter, the sun, the storm?

They don’t take these pains in vain my friend

These extremes strengthen their root and branch.


Every summer scorch they face deepens their roots

Every storm they survive makes their trunk harder

Every winter chill and monsoon lash leaves branches

New and fresh, full of new feelings and flowers.


This beauty cant come in a day or two

They will need years of seasoning

So just wait and let the tree grow

With its own rhyme and reasoning.

Monday, December 28, 2009


So you want salvation..

start from within

connect your soul to God

your body will follow it.


you cant tame a wild beast

by starving it, caging it

you will have to win it

and love is the best way.


Teach your soul to love God

teach it complete surrender

you wont have to starve yourself

you will win yourself by yourself.


Your soul will stop hungering

for vain things like wealth, comfort

it will seek joy in God

and therein will it find true joy.


Salvation comes inside out

Strengthen your bond with your soul

Cherish your bond with God

Or else it will crumble to dust.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

voice of love

voice of love, tis the softest one..

it rarely speaks through lips.

The whole being takes the place

of feeble tongue to glow with love.


The body, the soul, and actions

all get transformed by its touch.

It speaks, all listen spellbound

and then spread out pure love.


Those who cant see… feel it

those who cant hear… touch it

those who cant think… embrace it

it knows no barrier which will stop it.


Its rarely observed by mortal senses

yet it can transform the whole world.

It is invisible and invincible

angels bow their head, such is its power.


it can create an oasis in bleak desert

run a stream of love in a loveless heart.

It can softly scoop up a shattered heart,

and  make a wingless soul soar sky.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry christmas!

Path of truth

Be yourself, when you have full faith

that you are moving in the right path..

Search your own soul, not eyes of ohers,

and when that search is over,  walk steady.


Your soul will burn with fire and light of truth

to show you the way, to save your soul

Weak wings of lies will not be able to hide

that beautiful fire of truth, though it will try.


Multiple wings of envy, lie and hatred

will surround you only to perish.

While you will walk softly, steadily

toward your own true destination.


Path of truth is never easy, its tough

for you walk unique, untrodden path.

Better keep your fire and light alive

because you will need your own light.


There will be times when you will feel

whole creation is turning against you…

But that will turn out to be noise of wings

while they cover the sun and roar around.


Just keep your light shining and walk tall

for soon they will vanish and you will see

that the world is still around you as it was

it was hidden from you only for a while...

Flying together

I saw you flying together in the golden sky

I did not tried to count your numbers

for I noted you were too many together

but flying in peace, harmony and union.


I pondered for a while when I have seen

so many human beings heading together

in one direction so much peacefully

and discovered that’s a rare phenomenon.


You sailed in the golden blue heaven

rising sun’s golden rays illuminating

your graceful snowy white wings

giving them a hue of crimson gold.


You looked like a fleet of sailed boats

gliding gracefully in the ocean blue

your sails glowing with golden fire

as the rising sun greets your being.

Deep blue sky

Deep blue sky, deeper than the bluest eye

lazily lying on the grass I stare into thee

I feel as if I am swimming inside you

your endless depth surrounding me.


I spread my white wings and fly

deeper and deeper in you

white clouds brushing by me

softly caressing my wings with love.


Sometimes I see deep lakes under me

or tall pine trees clustered together

surrounding the crystal clear lake

admiring their own shadow in it.


Then my soul returns to earth from sky

I discover myself lying on the grass

soaked in fragrance of wilderness

gazing blissfully in your endless depth.


Standing with dignity and grace

his roots deep in earth

his limbs spread all around

his proud head touching the sky.


His spirit flies with the storm wind

His body stays firmly in ground though

His soul soaks the sun’s golden rays

His limbs spread all around him.


Full of sweetest fruits, dazzling flowers

nurturing, sheltering every one around.

His body dances with clouds in ecstassy

and his soul stands firmly in the ground.


He teaches us so much if we learn

To be complete one needs dreams and sense

To hold love one has to spread his arms.

To bear fruit one has to go deep within oneself.

Every one belongs

can one colour create a rainbow?

or a pallette or painting? I think not.

Can a single ray of light light up world

again I fear it just can not.


Together the colours deck up the world

together the tunes make a symphony

together the rays create sunshine

alone they are easily lost, misplaced.


Even love needs two hearts to live

Faith needs two souls to reside..

One is a lonely number in this world,

every one belongs to someone.


That someone may be just a friend

or a whole bunch of friends and kins.

But there has to be other souls with him,

no one soul can shine on its own alone.

He shines with and in the love of all.

Celebration of love

A butterfly soaring upon flowers

touching and kissing each one

softly sharing her gentle love

before flying away to next one.


A white flower was hoping she will

come to him and talk for a while

but she flew away elsewhere

before he could call her out.


The flower sadly watched around

and observed his dazzling friends,

sadly he realized he had no hope

to win any one’s affection or love.


Gently the night fell, moon came up

her soft beams came down there

her beams surrounded the sad being

and made him dazzle like a pearl.


Softly they whispered to him with love

“we all have someone who loves us

just look around you dearest one

can you see your dazzling friends?


They meant the world to the butterflies

so they kissed them one and all

you mean the world to all of us

that is why you are celebrated by us”.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Waves of life

Hate is easy, love is tough

breaking a heart is child’s play

mending a heart is God’s deed

it takes a lot to follow truth, love.


Lie is easy, truth is tough

Going reckless is always easier

than practicing self restraint

life’s fun is in doing tough things.


Love the challenges more

than the easy path to walk

love to climb the mountains,

than walking on easy paths.


Challenges are like waves

that we have to face

when we are boating in ocean

they are the real fun, the spice.


Who wants a life as cool as lake

with only tiny ripples and breeze?

its fun to live life, facing all the hurdles

that come by pursuing love and truth.

So tough to hate

Its really so tough for me to hate them,

tiny buds nipped away from stem

when they were not even properly born

snatched away to the land of hatred.


There the hymns of hatred are chanted

day in and day out to their ears

their souls are corrupted from the core

reaping all profits from their innocence.


They walk out of that living mortuary

carrying weapons of massive destruction

to kill and destroy and get killed…

Their teacher’s one and only instruction.


Being brought up by messengers of hatred

all they carry and know is bitter hatred

hatred for all, even their own blood

in their veins blood is replaced by hatred.


These brainwashed beings suddenly realize

they are surrounded by the same hatred

with which they were supposed to be destroying

innocent lives, their dreams and hopes.


The people who ignored their plight

while their life was being twisted to hell

stirred up when their life was threatened

woke up with the rage and fury of hell.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The boat

A boat is waiting
Silently in harbour
Underneath the branches
Of the old oak tree.

Waiting for the arms
Which will row it
Take it to lands unknown
Braving all the mysteries.

It waits swaying in waves
Caused by morning breeze
While the sun decides
To leave its bed to meet us.

The boat waits and listens
To the breeze, river and birds
As they tell him stories
Of the lands which lie ahead.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Soft blue mist

A soft blue mist spread
All across the calm river
Casting a shadow of blue
On the bushes crowding around.

Dew drops shining like diamond
Glittering in hazy sunlight
It appears as if stars
Have come down to decorate bushes.

The breeze is not breathing
Every tree is like a statue
Waiting for some magic to happen
In that mysterious blue river.

I know its real, but its like dream
As if something magical will happen
May be a mermaid will raise her head
Or a fairy will fly away….

Sunday, December 20, 2009


“We can suck you dry,

We can splash you all around

Not a drop will be left

In your empty body.”

The leader of the herd

Boasted to the pond.

“Your existence depends on us

On our generosity and kindness.”


“You cant suck me dry or empty

Even if you try with all your might.

If I go dry you too will perish

So your existence depends on me.

If you empty me I will be filled up

By the next shower of rain.

My power is far greater than yours

And that is why I stay silent.”

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Ocean of fire

Deep blue ocean with touch of emerald green
Stretching to horizon kissing the mist
Surrounded by ice-capped mountains on one side
On the other it is wooded lands
Trees touching the skies and swaying in ocean wind.

The rays of sun have set the ocean on cold fire
Sparkling, burning, orange rays running like waves
As if fire is rippling from the soul of the ocean
Forming waves after wave, rushing to the shore
A beauty surpassing human words witnessed by only sky.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Golden glory

Golden dusk of autumn
Sky full of clouds
As if some one has thrown
Balls of cotton all over heaven.

Golden sunshine shining
Just like poured, molten gold
On the clouds, lake below and the trees
Trees surrounding the lake.

Trees dressed up in autumn leaves
Orange, pink, blue and green
Have taken the shower of gold
And have elevated to heaven above.

Fairies have opened the door of heaven
Showered down molten gold
On the earth below with both hands
The earth is soaked in that golden glow.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The bridge

I was wandering alone
In the solitary woods
On the top of the mountain
In a land of dreams.

A silver river was spread
Down below in the valley
Its silver body was shining
In a soothing, mystical glow.

A soft veil of mist
Covered the mountain and vale
Showing and not showing it all
Playing hide and seek with me.

The fairies of moon
Laid down a bridge for me
From the moon, across the clouds
It touched the mountain top.

I took a long stroll
In that bridge of dreams
The silver moon above me
The silver river below me.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rainbow bridge

When I was a girl
I used to think
Whenever I saw a rainbow
That it was a bridge.

A transparent bridge
Laid across the sky
If I could reach one end
I will be able to climb.

Walk across that bridge
From one end to the other
While the whole wide world
Will be lying underneath.

I will see the mountains
The trees, valleys, ocean
Rivers, homes and living beings
From that bridge above them all.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bridge to moon

The bus was winding its way
Slowly in the mountain road
Silver moon was shining
In its full glory in sky.

Half asleep beside the window
I was gazing out dreamily
At the silhouettes of passing trees
Bushes, small hillocks swishing by.

Then I saw the bridge
The bus too slowed a bit
It started from our end
Stretched to clouds and mist.

A quiet, serene river was stretched
Deep down below in the valley
Spread like a serene silver sheet
Illuminated softly in soft moon light.

The bridge lost its way in clouds
Was it made by human hands?
Or the fairies have laid it down
To come down to the mountain tops?

Monday, December 14, 2009


A page torn from a book
flying in the wind
landed right in front of me
I picked it up casually.

There was a picture in it
a beautiful hamlet
situated in a green field
tiled roofs, tall towers..

I felt as if I was transported
in the picture by some spell
I could feel a soft breeze
passing by me, blowing my hair.

As I looked at white houses
with slaty, crimson roofs
grey hills in distant horizon
green, velvetty grass around me.

Meadow larks singing sweetly
I longed I had a home there
another gust of wind tore off
the page softly held by me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A walk

A walk through the dreamy woods
A frail trail winding around trees
tall, majestic trees touching the sky..
Golden sunshine pouring down on me
cascading down like a waterfall,
through the branches and leaves.
Creating a land of light and shadow,
a realm of mystery and dreams.

I walk alone humbled and sober
absorbing that display of glory
showering down from heaven above
to bless these mortal eyes.
Every thing around me seems
soaking up that pure bliss silently
That shower of pure love from above
coming down to bless the earth below.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sin and sinner

They say the sinner dwells in his sin
he cant get himself untangled from it
he keeps on coming back to it
again and again till his last days.

His body may move ahead
but his heart dwells there
his mind is sunk deep
inside his deed’s dark lair.

Friday, December 11, 2009

The lotus

I was standing on the bank
It was blooming far away
Still I could feel its glory
As its petals were made of light.

Light pure, soft and golden
Shining like afternoon sun
Its fragrance was reaching me
Conquering the stench of mud.

All around it was a pond
Full of mud and decay
I could see the serpents
Slithering in that pond, hissing.

Then I saw a golden hand
Reaching down from heaven
To softly pick up that flower
And disappear again.

Winter sun

Unruly winds brush my face
Laden with fragrance of flowers
Winter flowers blooming
Spreading their rainbow colours.

Butterflies and bees
Busily hovering above them
In an endless ecstasy
Happy just to be there.

Their carefree ecstasy
Touches my heart too
Settling on a lawn chair
I open a storybook.

My eyes more busy with them
Than with the letters on book
While the soft sunshine
Warms up my very soul.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

let him be

Let him be
You were not there
When he was toiling
Inching his way to top.

his tired legs dragging
his tired body and mind
Toward his golden gate
You were then sleeping in bed.

Then he reached the gate
Throne was laid out for him
The crown adorned his forehead
You were standing in crowd.

Heart full of jealousy
But your hands clapped.
Then he stumbled and fell
Landed far below you.

You did not helped him up
You laughed and taunted
Prayed in your heart
That he never gets out.

Let him be, you should
For you were not there
To build his throne
You shant dig his grave.

Shattered strings

Don’t expect a perfect melody
from a lyre with shattered strings
ripped again and again
by cruel, clumsy, unkind fingers.

If you want it to sing sweet
pick it from the dust
where it is lying in neglect
repair all its shattered strings.

Then try with love and kindness
may be it will sing again
but the cruelty of past hands
may come back to choke it.

If you cant ignore those moments
those tiny falterings
go for a new lyre
leave it where it is now.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fallen star

Another idol falls
Proving the truth
He is only human
Not an angel or saint.

They gather all around him
To mock, taunt and jeer
Hyenas and vultures
Waiting for his end to come.

Forgetting in their arrogance
Human beings stumble
And to stumble one has to walk
Those who do nothing, never fail.

The idol will rise up again
Walk tall and in firm steps
All he will have to do is
Brush off the dust from his dress.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

The return

He came back home
Laid down his bloody sword
Wiped it clean of the blood
Which it has gathered in the war.

Where will he wipe the soul
Which has gathered the agony
Of hearing the last mournful cry
Of warriors and not warriors.

Friday, December 4, 2009


They try to walk the path
which Buddha and christ walked
with a soul of normal being
and face hurdles on every turn.

They try to detach themselves
from anger, greed and ego
to love everyone, every soul.
Forgetting ego, anger and pain.

Soon their ego surfaces
overcoming unconditional love
then they try to show off love
hiding anger and hurt with sweetness.

They try to be the meek lamb
but soon their real self awakes
and they realize they are wearing mask
and presume everyone else is doing same.

They say, Budhdha, Christ and the prophet
they all heard calls from God
which gave them that immense self control
to wear a crown of thorn, yet love.

And they say God knows very well
the strength of her children
and she charters their path
just according to that strength.

We confuse ourselves by not being us
by trying to mimic the thing we love
or copy the thing we envy
which always ends up in hurt.

Mama birds

A blue little bird has built her nest
in the tree out my window
she have one or more tiny ones
I can hear them chirping.

I often watch her looking for food
to feed her tiny fledglings
and see her flying back to them
her mouth stuffed with food.

How selfless is her maternal love
she toils for hours to feed them
then she teaches them to get their own
and finally bids them goodbye forever.

She never hopes they will come back
to look after her or care for her
her only passion is bringing them up
and letting them fly away to their world.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Mimicking an angel wont make you one
It may work the other way round
Your jealousy may pull down her
And make her lose her touch divine.

Mimicking her you will lose the touch
With your own true being
You will lose your friends and comrades
For they wont prefer to be with an angel.

You will then naturally opt to move
With the angels, among the angels
But believe me my friend they are too simple
Uncharismatic, uninteresting and innocent.

Soon you will get bored with them
And try to prove them fool or liars
For the human being within you
Wont let you admit they are what they are.