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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Love is every thing

Search every heart and soul around you
spare some immersed elsewhere
all you will see, all we need is love
unselfish, never judging love.

A love which is as free as a brook
As calm as deep lake, ignoring all turmoils
As forgiving as mother’s kiss and hug
As abundant as sun, wind and rain.

Any soul who has walked alone
without the shade of love will vow.
This is the power which moves the world,
This is the power that keeps the world.

To have love, have love in your heart
Fill it up with love and shower all of it.
Without holding it back for a second
soon you will see it returned to you.

Never think that everyone you love
will love you back as you are loving.
Don’t hurt yourself thinking for a second
that purest loves are always returned.

Rise above and think everyone who loves
is blessing you and cherish that hand.
Soon you will see your life is full of love
in place of regret for lost love…

The palace

He made a marble palace
from stolen money
cheated and looted others
to decorate its every inch.

The palace shined bright
brighter than the sun
everyone who saw it
gave nothing but compliment.

When he was alone there at night
the marble turned to white skeletons
of those he has slaughtered
to amass that immense wealth.

His hands got stained with their bloods
in his every nightmare
no matter how much he washed them
with the scented soaps.. they stayed like that.

His ears rang with their piercing screams
his head rang with their curses
no matter how much he tried or begged
he could not get an hour of peaceful sleep.


whats the difference between love and lust?
they are so similar that its tough to observe
the fine differences between these two
yet there are things which show the difference.

Love adds glory to your being, lifts you up
lust drags you under for it endlessly wants
love delivers, lust devours the soul it stays in
love makes you long for heaven, lust for earth.

Love raises you high makes you touch heaven
you grow beyond physical lust, greed, desire
lust clamps you with the body, that’s all it knows
it never lets you think beyond the earthly pleasures.

Love will never dishonour you, no matter what
It will never do any thing which will hurt your soul
Or drag you down to some thing not honourable
Lust knows no such binding or rules, it just lusts.

Friday, October 30, 2009


Cant push that hand away
which reaches out to us
begging for a piece
of bread, cloth, peace or dignity.

Together he and i
walk this road of life
alone we are nothing
I don’t exist without him.

If I push his hand away today
tomorrow it will be my turn
when my hands will reach out
it will be pushed away by someone.

Life balances its ledger
neatly on each and every account
shrug away your collective dues
they will return as endless debts.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

the nest

So you have stirred up the nest
the lair of devil’s owns
be prepared for the aftershock
soon they will swarm yours.

First they will cry foul
then they will say you lie
will try to prove you vile
if that fails, well you are senile.

They will act in cahoot
one watching the other’s back
one supporting the other’s deeds
and supporting every thing he does.

Wonder when the children of God
will learn to hold each other’s hands
to watch each other’s back and words
with the conviction of devil’s owns.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Claws of a witch

I am in the claws of a witch
she hates to see people happy
she is cursed with unsatiable lust
and hates to see others at rest.

She burns in the pyre of hell
and throws the fire on everyone
who dares to venture near
or has the misfortune to be so.

Her life’s mantra is no peace
for herself or anyone around her
and she lives by that mantra
through hook or through crook.

Does anyone has some antidote
for this witch hated by everyone
who tries to prove that she is right
and the whole world is wrong..

Monday, October 26, 2009

A question

What will one do when justice is choked
In the iron fist of power and money?
when justice sobs dark tears
and sin rules the world in cruel glee?

When darkness becomes a menace
and light simmers like a flame
of a candle fighting gusts of wind
in the darkness of a windy night.

When falsehood arrogantly roars
like the thunder in the sky
soft, firm voice of truth subdued
is not heard by anyone any more.

Will one turn to God and pray?
or one should pick up the axe to cleanse
or one should act softly, firmly but by law?
I really, really wonder what will one do.

stolen gems

I never take what is not mine
Why? Well too many reasons
I know for sure that stolen gems
don’t last in the hands of thieves.

They sooner or later are lost
either they return to the owner
or they are stolen by someone
who is a better trickster, thief.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The challenge

Once there was a simple soul,
living in his own pure world
Living a life which taught
the ways of God and virtue
Loving every soul which came
his way, not hating even
those who did him wrong,
leaving the justice on the divine.

A strange twist of fate brought
him face to face with devil
Who asked for his soul
and promised heaven in return.
He told him in cold pride
that heaven can be won
only by following the path
of truth and shunning evil.

The devil looked at him
with eyes full of fury and scorn
and said I offered you a deal
of life time, and you refused
I will leave no stones
unturned to make you mourn
for this offer, you will beg
on your knees for the same, broken.

For years he was tormented by devil,
his followers and tempters,
They tried to extinguish
every candle that he lighted
They used every trick to scare him,
to lure him, to fool him
to the path of their master,
but all their tricks failed.

The man noted with humble delight
every time he took
the wrong path an invisible hand
beckoned him back,
whenever the night was too dark
he saw a shining star
whenever the dark clouds gathered
he found a loving shelter.

Then one day in the golden twillight
of his last glory days
He hugged his children and told them
when you are surrounded
by evil count your blessings,
stay in the path of God, don’t go stray,
because when the end will come,
as per your deeds will you pay.

Take your time

when you want to know a person’s compassion
show him your scars, start with the smallest
ones and go to the deeper ones, see if he flinches
see if he ignores, smiles or gets irked..
you will get your answer, your insight, your vision
in his soul and heart, you wont need further test.

You want to see if he will walk with you for
the longest time? Through the ups and downs?
Pause for a while when you are walking
note if he feels that you are no longer there,
stops and searches for you, calls out your name
or doesnot even notices, fumes, or just walks ahead.

Small signs tell us the story but don’t hurry
take your time and test for long enough
let your heart do the judging not your mind
a thing done once is not always a nature
if we pull out a pot too quickly from the fire
it will crumble to pieces even though it had the matter.

Love, friendship, relations take their due time to season
so before clinging to one or throwing one away
take all the measures, take all the cautions
because a heart once pushed away is hard to be held back
a hand once disengaged is too tough to be pulled back
take your time to love and take your time to walk away.

Monday, October 12, 2009

fair and unfair

Every thing is not fair in love
its either the logic of innocence
or the logic of lust to say so
every thing can not be fair in world.

Love is the blessing of divine
it tries to worship and cherish
its lover, it tries to bring both
nearer to God and leaves if fails.

It never steals, corrupts or uses
its lover, it tries to portray God
in its lover and a devotee in self
it is crystal clear as a creek.

It never tries to walk the dark alleys
to win the love of its piece of heart
instead it stays in the path of truth
and worship its love even when its gone.

It knows very well that stolen fruits
may always taste sweeter to tongue
but one day the same stealing becomes
reason for the punishment of unpaid sin.

wounded love

Every heart that can hold true love
is but once bitten, wounded, hurt
by refusal or failure of the beloved
it shatters the vessel to pieces.

Its just a part of life, cant be changed
we all go through it to season our soul
we cant go on hurting ourselve forever
after a while we have to start loving again.

We just start with God, then ourselves
and then other childrens of God come in
lucky are those who can love their ex flame
even after the separation as a loved friend.

Those who cant, those who have been used
should lay the justice on God and move ahead
no mistake deserves a punishment life long
so fly again broken heart and search for a nest.

Monday, October 5, 2009

you owe yourself... HAPPINESS

Who told you you will have to keep
a painful person or a memory with you?
let it lurk till it chokes you with poison?
you never made such commitments.

God never asked you to carry burdens
Which others can easily carry themselves
So when you meet caustic souls
Try to make their spirits soar high and free.

If you feel that they don’t want to sail
Just leave them and tell them to fly to you
If they flutter their wings that shows desire
Sail down a little to take them higher.

But never become a resident of darkness
Hoping it will make others happy, it wont
It will only increase another hurting soul
So stay in the sun and cheer them out.

Wise words

So many times we meet them
In the up and down of life
People who want to hurt us
Without any reason at all.

Their weapons are cruel words
Taunts, harsh, bitter criticism
Unnecessary, insulting words
Just wanting to see us flinch.

They don’t usually have
Any thing personal against any one
All they want is someone to hurt
And vent out their bottled emotions.

Next time you meet a person like this
Close your eyes and tell yourself
I am not taking any of the words
You gifted to me, they are returned.

Fatal flame

Once a tiny flame of fire was
jumping, playing in its glee
all were admiring its charm.
A moth got obsessed by its beauty.

He made up his mind that he will
steal the golden flame and take home
he wooed the flame by flying round it
and the flame swayed with his tune.

Thinking he has won his flame
he stretched his wing to her
and asked the flame to ride
soon his wings were aflame.

Even though he thought he had
his love in his life forever
little did he knew that all
lovers are not blessed to be together.

Judge’s seat

I don’t want the judge’s seat, robe
when I am with others I want to see
them just the way they really are
with all their virtues and faults.

Iam not going to set my foot
in this trap built by our ego
which makes us judge innocents
with the eyes of an all knowing thing.

Forgetting or trying to ignore
our own follies by probing
the follies in others spending time
staring at the spots in moon.

I would rather remind me
that virtues in me should others see
and I too shall do the same
life is too short to stare at darkness.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

enjoying pain

Whats the difference between
sadness and enjoying one’s tears?
so many times we come across
these never ending barrage of tears.

They just don’t want to let past go
move on and welcome happiness
and if fate has cursed them too much
they cling to its long dead corpse.

Just like a mother monkey clings
to the body of her dead baby
even when the body has reduced
from a living body to a skeleton.

But a monkey has the alibi of naivety
of being a soul without much wisdom
what alibi does these people have
who just cant let dead past go ?

They cling to their miseries and brood
expect everyone around them to do so
are they really sad about their past
or they get joy out of that long dead pain?

sickle moon

Lying in bed gazing out the window
at the star studded sky night sky
stars studded in black night velvet
millions of diamonds burning bright.

Sickle moon was shining
Like a beautiful dream
Surrounded by those diamonds
It looked like a page of fairy tale

The king in his throne
Shining in his own glory
His beautiful queens around him
Basking in his and their own charm.

I realized what a blessing it is
To be born surrounded by beauty
To have the eye to see them
And have the heart to rejoice.

blushing heavens

Sitting in the woods watching the lake
softly rippling in the summer breeze
crystal clear water kissing the shore
holding the blue heaven in heart.

Softly the water turned to gold
as if some one has poured down
molten gold in that crystal water
to see how beautiful it looks.

Then it turned to deep orange
right under my mesmerized eyes
as I sat there watching silently
God’s paintbrush painting….

Are the nymphs of sky blushing
to see Apollo coming home
in his chariot of gold and pearl
pulled by glorious white stallions..

fake hermit

A hermit lived inside a forest
a woman worshipped the saint
she went away for a pilgrimage
and came back with her tiny grandson.

She asked her tiny grandson
to go to the hermit and offer him
the fruits and sweets she has brought
from all the holy places she has been.

The hut was easy to locate
so the boy went off alone
he hopped like a tiny rabbit
and soon reached the hut door.

He saw that the hut was dark inside
he got a little scared to see
a pair of huge red eyes looking at him
from the darkness of the dark hut.

He was about to run away when he heard
a gruff voice crooning sweetest words to him.
Yet he lingered at the door and asked him,
“Why is your voice so gruff, eyes are so red?”

The voice replied coyly, “My eyes are glowing
with pure love, my voice became hoarse chanting
the name of our divine Lord, I am His shadow,
so I need no light around me, don’t be afraid!”

Tricked by his sweet words the boy stepped in
his grandmother came searching for him
on the path she met some villagers
who told her no one lived in that hut any more.

Based on little red riding hood.