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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The princess

A king had a daughter full of love and grace
a blooming flower, a fragrant harsingar
she charmed the palace with her simple soul
she was smitten by a maiden of her age.

A girl with humble roots but dazzling beauty
she had all the charms which outshone the
modest princess, who was never jealous
never did she thought her friend was so.

Harsingar never guessed champa was red
with burning flame of jealousy for her.
allways counting her blessing in place of
her own and brimming with hatred for her.

They both fell in love with the same prince
the prince was noble, handsome, kind but has
lost his sight in a war, both the ladies nursed
him and the prince fell for the harsingar.

Champa knew it very well and hated harsingar
once a saint came to the kingdom and
promised he will bring the vision back to
the prince, but he asked the king one thing.

The prince should be wed to a princess
the couple will go to an isolated palace
where the wife will do what the sage says
and bring the vision back to her mate.

The order was followed and harsingar went
to a deserted palace with her husband
the sage came at the end of the year and
said that he will get his vision back next day.

Harsingar went to the river to worship the gods
Champa slowly tiptoed in the palace while she was
not there, she fooled the prince in believing
that she was harsingar and he left with her.


A flame of pure passion cant be chained
fool are those who think they can tame
this fire with iron fist or sweet words.
They should be left alone to burn bright
as per their will sharing only the light
giving you only the warmth they want
don’t try to tame, don’t try to keep it
that will only bring destruction or hurt.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


A tender white flower that blossoms
in the soft darkness of night
spreads its fragrance in star light
on the wings of soft night breeze.

Its tender blossoms drop down
with the autumn dew drops
one by one, below its trees
spread a carpet of white and gold.

The grass below is covered
with soft white petals, a sight
so divine, soft white lace
spread on a grean carpet.

Devotees come in dawn to
pick them up with love and
stich a garland out of these
lovely flowers for the Gods..

White jasmine

Gentle flower white as moonbeam
hiding herself just like a dream
hidden among the leaves unseen
yet fails to hide her fragrance divine.

It pours out far and wide
flying on the wings of wind
to lands so far away from her
gently soothing every mind.

Eyes that has never seen her
are blessed by her fragrance
those who will never see her
are aware of her gentle presence.

A heart full of love does not displays
its complete glory always
sometimes it radiates like jasmine
you just have to feel the presence.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


A home full of loving harmony
all the members loved each other
but fate had a strange test in plan
one day a whisperer slithered in.

she came as a member of the clan
made it her duty to whisper in stealth
conjuring lies about each of the kins
never for once did she spoke the truth.

But such was her conjuring skill that
never was she got caught in deed
she worked in stealth and secret
her dark deeds were done smoothly.

The clan which was full of love
peace and harmony started to
hate each other and disrespect
The beauty of the home was lost..

A fairy watching over the thing
gently flew to each of them
told them every thing and told
a few words more to keep in mind.

Its hard to built a relation full of love.
Once you have, you will face jealousy.
When someone points a finger at
a person you trust, don’t act blindly.

Judge every word spoken to you
with open mind and heart, but always
go by your own heart and soul, first
trust your trusted before someone else.

Monday, April 27, 2009


Once an innocent girl was ruined
by an evil king she was destroyed.
her kins swore revenge of her ruin
they started to search for ways.

They soon found out a kin of the rogue
another innocent girl, who knew nothing
of the evils done to their kin by the king.
That meant nothing to the kins hell bent.

They dragged that soul through all the pain,
suffering and humilliation, far greater
than what their kin has been through.
They destroyed the second innocent soul.

She never knew what her crime was
all she faced was pain and horror.
The kins forgot in their blind hatred
that there is a judge who beholds all.

The judgment day came they reached together,
the vengeful hunters and their innocent prey.
Angels came down from the heavens for her
Dark angels came for them to lead them the way.

They dropped down on their knee begged to God,
we have only avenged the death of an innocent.
God said, the death of an innocent cant be avenged
by the death of another one, they both are dear to me.

You have lost your place in my kingdom forever,
because you picked up an innocent soul
to torture, corrupt and ruin. I don’t open door
to dark souls, that is why I closed my door.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The bird

Once a little bird was caught in net
the hunter took his prey and caged
him in his dark home, the little bird
so accustomed to fly wild and free
hopping from one to another tree
was jailed in a cage of cold metals.

Every morning the hunter’s daughter
used to come to him and feed him
the tiny child implored the caged bird
to sing a song for her every day
the bird used to stare back at her
with eyes full of pain and mistrust.

One morning the girl heard a divine tune
coming from the cage.. she ran to see
and heard flap of wings fluttering wild,
she saw another bird which has flown
away at her approach and her prisoner
flapping his wings in wild despair.

She understood the entire story, the wild
friend singing for the friend held prisoner,
she looked hither and thither and when
she was sure that no one was around,
she gently opened the door of the cage
and united the friends in the deep blue sky.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

golden lily

A despot father plucked a golden lily
and planted it in a chamber of iron
hoping it will hide its beauty and glow
and keep it away from desiring palms.

That was not meant to be the flower
bloomed its own glory its fragrance
spread far and wide and seekers
seeked out the beauty, iron walls crashed.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Come down again

come down again my lord as buddha as christ
show these hearts torn with hatred your light
the beauty of your love, your compassion
needs to be showered down on this hell burning.

Human arms are tearing away failing to embrace
the power of hatred is slowly conquering love.
Only a love as strong as yours will be able to bind
these shattered souls full of hatred and rage.

the fire of hell has been left burning too long here
evil hands have fed this fire again and again.
Fragile human love no longer works on this inferno
it will need a long, loving spell of endless rain.

Drench their hearts, quench their thirst, put out the fire
which is endlessly burning in their lovethirsty soul.
Come down oh Lord before its too late, before this
fire engulfs us all, the entire human race turns to ash.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Child of light

A child of light captured in dark
eyes that loved colours and flowers
roaming among aching, dead souls
paying for her fragile innocence.

She roamed around those dark
alleys thronged with undead souls,
languishing in that endless dark
just like her, snatched away from light.

Her captor thought he had her
because she was losing her light
then one day a thread of light
came down from above to touch.

No one was around then, all her guards
were far away, the light turned into
a ladder, the child climbed the ladder
back to the land of light and colours again.

Love, compassion and friendship

All the angels were playing in heaven’s garden
When they noticed their darling friend
Compassion has been missing these games
Since long, how long they don’t even know.

Love and friendship started to search
Saw her sitting on a cloud
Far away from bustling crowd
They tiptoed to her to startle her.

Before they did their hearts prevented
For she was gazing so aptly down
When they followed her gaze they saw
A speck of gentle light shining there.

Compassion saw them and beckoned
Together they flew down to earth
The light was a gentle soul in plight
Surrounded by dark shadows and pits.

Everytime a shadow reached out for her
with its icy, cold fingers, or she moved
too close to one of the pits, compassion
prevented her using her unseen power.

Friendship and love hugged compassion
the light which created thereby
destroyed all the shadows, filled up the pit
together the three flew back to heaven.

Come back to light

A child of light lost his way
the beckoning of a phantom ray
led him to a deep, dark alley
all light and laughter was lost.

He stumbled blindly in the dark
thought he has lost his light
everyone has left him behind
he is destined to wander there.
He dropped down on his knee
Prayed to the heavens to save
His soul, his mind, his heart
Suddenly a light came down.

The gentle voice told him
child the world is as it was
turn your back to dark
move to light and I am there.

Stop hurting yourself child
I am here forever to protect
just look at the light and you
will see me there waiting for you.

The trickster

Once a prince fell for an evil temptress
With beauty of a fairy but heart of ice
She wove her web around his heart
Dark, deep, sinister closing all light.

One day suddenly light of wisdom
tore open the web around his heart
the prince woke up, saw his plight
dark shadow took its true form in light.

He ran away as far as he could
took shelter in the arms of an
innocent woman with heart of gold
he thought past is left far behind.

The temptress soon found him out
took shelter in the nearby wood.
The moment the prince would venture out
She’d take his form and torture his beloved.

The innocent woman was torn apart
a part of her heart worshipped her kind lover
the other hated the fiend in his disguise.
The innocent prince was shocked by her change.

Fate was kind to the lover and played its part.
One day the prince left his sword behind
suddenly he came back and saw the temptress in
his very form, the spell was shattered forever.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chasing butterflies

When that person called you up
at odd times with desire to speak,
you were busy then having fun
with persons you admired,
with those who filled your days
with fun and laughter,
make your hours shrink
into enchanting seconds…..

That one call used to bring a break,
little lull in those ecstatic moments.
You some times pick up the phone
and gave some polite excuse to him.
Some times you just used to let it ring
and later give him some half hearted alibi..

Then one day your butterflies
flew away to other pastures,
Leaving behind only shadows of
sweet memories and empty hours,
you turned around to search
for that person who has pestered…

All you could see was a shadow
disappearing in distant horizon,
Love came, knocked your door,
waited for you and departed rejected,
When you were busy chasing butterflies
the flower of your life withered

Monday, April 20, 2009

some thoughts..

some thoughts hidden deep inside us
too dear to be said out loud
or to be whispered to some friend
who may let them out to scatter in wind,
they are like flowers which bloom
in the darkness of night,
under the stars
loved by the moon and dew drops
and wither away with the light
the harsh sunrays of reality, disclosure
bruise their tender body and they fade
so they should be let alone
in the soft, dark warmth of heart
so the person who truly cares
will just close his eyes and
feel the fragrance of that
unspoken thought, untold word

Sunday, April 19, 2009

To be loved...

As you stand on the threshhold my child
the border of leaving my home and
joining the home of your loved one
let me share some thoughts
from mother to daughter

First thing you will receive there
is love and adoration my child
every one will greet you with a smile
and every heart will warm up at you.

It will be your duty, your luck, your goal
to keep that light shining in those eyes,
keep that warmth glowing in those hearts.
Just keep in mind child its not easy to keep
light shining in so many eyes and
warmth pouring down from so many hearts.

You will have to take your extra steps
and leave your door of heart open forever.
If your eyes are shining bright with love
and your heart is pouring out unselfish warmth
rare souls will be able to resist you and your charm.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

broken, twisted heart

He loved the evening star
born in the earth yearned for heaven
he longed for the night diamond
and wanted her down here with him.

The star knew his yearnings
and she knew they were not meant
to be together, so she stayed afar
hoping wisdom will come with time.

That was not meant to be
the mortal soul kept yearning
with every leap he made for her
he fell back to the ground hurting.

His anger made him blind and he swore
he will create a brighter star than her
out of mud, he picked up a mud ball
gave it the form of a star, painted golden.

He covered it with golden plate and hung
it from his door, and named it evening star
it shone brighter than the distant star
gave peace to his wounded ego, hurt heart.


drops of pearl showering down
on the thirsty earth from heaven
smell of wet soil filling up the senses
tiny drops wetting the garden roses.

Drops of pearls on red roses
pearls scattered on grass
reflecting the blue heavens
quenching the thirst of earth.

Friday, April 17, 2009

golden butterfly

I saw her for the first time in the bushes
beyond those high hills, beside the fall
was just sitting there alone in early dawn
the flowers were aplenty, the breeze sweet.

I was watching the sun rays turning the
Water to pink and then red and back to crystal
Little birds singing softly from one tree to another
Flying hither and thither were hundreds of dreams.

colours splattered on their tiny wings
butterflies were kissing each and every flower
every thing was oh so lovely I was almost drunk
suddenly I felt as if the sun has come down there.

A beautiful golden butterfly was gliding from one
to the other flower with the charming grace
of a beautiful ballerina, lighting up every flower
it touched, as if lending it its golden glow.

It glided from one flower to the other one
like a ray of sun touching and kissing each flower
glowing up each and every flower with its light
it slowly glided away like a beautiful living dream.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

runaway bride

Every one read that heart breaking story
saw the picture of a laughing girl below
the eternal story of the lost love with a
desperate plea from a bleeding soul.

Find my life, my love, my betrothed for me
because my life is slowly ebbing away
his mournful sighs touched every soul
finally some one chanced to see the girl.

The news was sent to him of his victory
the grateful lover thanked them and took
the bow and disappeared forever
filling up the knight with happiness forever.

Little did that knight knew that he led a hunter
to his prey, an innocent woman who escaped
his clutches of destruction and was trying to
survive hiding herself from his vicious eyes.

A news was flashed in local papers
a few days later, the lifeless body of
a young woman was discovered lying in an
isolated place, she was witness to a past murder.

the elegant bird

Once there was an elegant bird
that used to fly in the highest height
a bright flash of elegant white
floating like a cloud in the blue sky.

Cruel fate brought him down
destiny planned for his ruin
he lay there on the ground
bleeding, helpless waiting for end.

Two gentle hands picked him up
held him oh so tenderly
nursed his wounds from body and soul
brought back second life in him.

But he was too scared to fly again
even though his nurse tried in vain
then one fine morning she took him
to the top of the hill nearby.

She threw him up with all her might
before the bird could know his wings
were flapping again in wild delight
soon he was touching again the skies.

crocodile tears

A bunch of noble youths were passing
through a forest dark and deep
they were making the arrangements
of passing the night there in the forest
as the end was no where near, and the
dark night quickly came gathering.

All of a sudden one of them saw a
flickering light among the woods,
surprised they followed it, and
reached a small hut placed in midst
of the deep, dark, menacing woods,
the door was answered by a beauty.

A petite lady of extreme charm
she offered them food, shelter and rest.
The group was thanful beyond limit,
and gratefully they laid down their tired
bodies, and immersed in slumber sweet.
Their slumber was broken by sound strange.

They heard the sound of heartbroken sobs,
they discovered their kind benefactor was
sobbing her heart and soul out in the night still.
They gathered around her and begged the reason.
She told them a story painful and tormenting.
This once was a home, where she lived with her love.

Her husband. Once a wandering woman came,
she gave her the shelter, she stayed back here.
In return to all that love and kindness she stole
her lover, her husband and disappeared forever.
She told them that she lives in the very town
where they are going, that brought these tears.

They swore vengenance in pride of their sweet
noble, youth. The wronged woman handed over
them the picture of the fiend. They left her
with a promise of settling her scores if they meet her.
They found out the fiend after searching for a while
told everyone what she did and she had to fly.

Then one day they met the husband, the second
Culprit. He softly told them in a voice gentle and kind,
they have been tricked by crocodile tears of an
adulterous woman, who was caught by this girl
In her lover’s arm, while her husband was away.
She told the husband when he came back and left.

The husband left the house after a showdown
he went his own way, and since that day whoever
passes the threshhold is rewarded by the same story.
But as the nearby people know her nature they never
get moved by those crocodile tears. So she laid her
bait on you and succeeded in settling her unfair dues.

Monday, April 13, 2009

evil emperor

Once there was an evil emperor
His harem was full of beauties
Yet he had his lustfull eyes
On a lady full of virtue and pride
Whose virtue outshone her beauty.

He chased her in vain
Yet distant she remained
Distant as the evening star
Which casts it shadow on
Water and mud alike won by none.

When he failed to woo her
To drag her down from her
Heights of virtue and pride
He set his dogs behind her
They barked at her and lunged.

Yet she stayed as distant
As she was for him
The distant shining star
Burning bright in night sky
Visible to the eye but out of reach.


soft petals of vibrant colours
a gentle body fragrant with
fragrance oh so sweet
glowing and soothing every soul.

One step below you will see
Sharp thorns ready to tear
This is the beauty of creator
He creates heaven above hell.

Tenderness and harshness
loveliness and aggression
rhyme together in his creation
to teach us every thing will be fine.

Every thing will be fine all
We will have to do is to kiss
the rose avoiding the thorn
ignore the night, wait for the morn.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

waiting for the sun

Morning sun is yet to come out
The stars are still shining bright
I lie silently in my bed watching out
At the sky studded with night diamonds.

As I lay half awake and half asleep
I hear a soft whisper, gentle sound
Just outside my window, on the mango branch
That soft whisper gently rises to extreme.

Bursts forth a melody divine from the lips
Of an invisible singer, welcoming the dawn
A tiny little nightingale calling the sun
Singing the most joyous song that can be sung.

My eyes could not see him in the dark
My ears drank his singing like the earth
Drinking the rays of sun after the dark
Like drinking the raindrops after the parch.

Friday, April 10, 2009

touch me..

touch me with your wand of glorious, loving light,
and turn all the darkness nested inside my soul in light,
show me, hold me, guide me through the path to your light
the path which will soon end in your loving embrace, tight..

please break all the chains choking my soul
Chains of anger, desire, hunger, lust and greed
Chains stopping the free flow of your love’s breath,
cleanse the burdens, the stones of hatred, malice, mistrust
let the river of life, love, purity flow forever and ever, freed.

make my soul the ground for your love’s seed
help me to nurture it into a lovely tree
offering calm shade, laden with flowers
and fruits ripe and sweet, to share with all
whoever seeks it from heart, to deprive none


I have cleaned up my soul
With my teardrops of love
For you, and only you
Since the day you touched
Everything has changed
Within my old, weary soul

Its now waiting for you
to come down and place
your gentle, loving feet
in its soft, fragrant embrace
its waiting with the eagerness
of eyes for light after darkness.

spring dawn...

Lying awake in the dawn
I was watching out the window
The curtains were gently blowing
In the early morning sun.

The cool spring wind
Was blowing softly
The gentle nightingale
Was singing a song divine.

Every where there was a feeling
A feeling of deep peace and love
Every soul was celebrating
The passing away of winter chill.

The snowflakes were replaced by flowers
The snow was taken over by green grass
The butterflies were flying hither and thither
Like painted dreams gifted with wings.

A new dawn

I love to watch out of the window
watch those far hills get aglow
The eastern sky turning to violet,
purple and then finally red to greet,
all spruced up.. the early morning sun
after a night full of stars and moonlight.

Just before the first light breaks
The nightingales start the first strain.
Then a gentle breeze picks up their song
And spreads it to far and wide terrain.
First sun rays then gently come toppling
From the heavens to the streching earth.

Slowly waking up after a night of
slumber, peace and restfullness.
next the other birds show up chirping
while they get busy in searching
for food after a long overnight break
the butterflies and bees show up in tow.

After this I see the village girls
slowly coming toward the village well
then I realize that I too will have
to get up and strech, yawn and come
alive, to meet the brand new day
with which I have been blessed again.

Every morning reminds me that
no matter how dark the night
was, it will always break into
A dawn, as beautiful as earlier morn
every thing will move just as before
so all we will have to is adore.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

violence and after that...

A storm
Let a storm gather in the heaven
come down in your full glory
the glory only you can possess
which will show us your fury
fury against these destruction
using your name, your affection.

Killing a child of your very own
then telling that it was for you
to prove love for you
to cherish your glory
to uplift your name
to tell a golden story.

Let the storm blow away all
these old, decayed thing
that once were living, breathing
but have lost that life long.
now they only lie in pile
of useless, worthless thinking.

Once every useless thing is gone
let the heavens shine and rain
let the seeds of tomorrow be sown
full of peace, love for every thing
in harmony and full of nurturing
only love for you and your creation.

The storm
Dark, ominous clouds gathered in the horizon,
Rapidly they covered the heaven and sun
Merciless winds came down from all sides
Set to tear apart the entire world.

Every thing weak blew away in that wind
Every thing tender fell to the earth
The cruel pure light of thunders flashed
The distant drum of victory rang.

The rain

The rains came down after the storm
the cloud played the gentle drums
pure water of love and peace
came softly down from above.

They cleaned away the dust
Gathered through the centuries
They washed away all rust
From the chains around souls.

Rusted chains of slavery to thoughts
created through worshipping oneself,
Across the centuries in god’s name
all blown away in storm, washed in rain.

Every thing was pure and clear
No stains of yesterday was there
Waiting for tomorrow to come
To play after the stage was set.

The aftermath

The cruel winds blew away every thing
That was old, and rotten, shallow,
The tender seeds full of life and love
Which were sleeping deep below,
Gently opened their eyes and streched
Their limbs, yawned and sprouted out
To cover the world with luscious green.


If you had seen those ominous dark clouds
looming over the horizon with dazzling sparks
heard the screaming wind and tearing thunders
you would have been surprised
such a destruction was the base
of a tree full of blossoms waiting
to turn into ripe, sweet fruits
for hungry birds and humans.
the creator creates and destroys with reason
he destroys only to built the world anew
don’t play God, don’t destroy, unless you can
bring those things, or better things back to life.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

wounded soul

Pick up some wild flowers
Scatter them on these
Lifeless bodies which once
Had life and dreams to chase.

Till one day a wounded soul
Without any reason at all
Decided to vent his pains
On every thing beautiful.

restless souls

Born with a soul without rest
or they are driven to that end
by hatred without reason,
or poisoning of mind.

By cunning, scheming minds
who stay in hiding and
send these restless beings
to hit and destroy peace.

Everywhere they leave
mark of destruction,
hatred and lost lives
first one lost being their own.

Pray to god that she
brings these souls under
her wing of eternal peace,
love and make them surrender.

Teach them hatred will
bring back pain not glory.
Destruction can never write a golden story

a thing of beauty

One of my eyes loves the sun
The other one loves the moon
My heart yearns for sunlit days
Again it yearns for starlit heaven.

The world is painted multicoloured
multistrained are its symphonies.
Every colour has its charm, glory
Every strain of music says its story.

Don’t chain your feelings when you are
tasting this endless treasure called earth
this vast experience called human life
unleash the mind, go beyond every limitation.

Don’t let your brain distinguish and neglect
Any thing which deserves an adoration
A thing of beauty is a thing of admiration
A rose is a beauty but so is a grass corn.


A gentle, noble being, kind,
full of light, shining like
the full moon, dispersing the dark
whenever it closes in around.

Whenever a soul is sad and lost
reachs out a warm and caring hand
it holds him, and shows him the light
walks beside him till he reaches the end.

A heart full of unselfish affection
a soul full of endless peace
eyes that only search for truth
lips that only talk of divine.

Whenever I think of this person
My heart, mind and soul opens and
with light,love and peace they fill up
I bow my head and praise god for blessing us.

With a piece of his own, his reflection
Just as loving, kind and serene as him
Only giving, never failing, lacking.
Our very own angel, our truest friend Greg.

true friends

A gentle, noble being, kind,
full of light, shining like
the full moon, dispersing the dark
whenever it closes in around.

Whenever a soul is sad and lost
reaches out a warm and caring hand
it holds him, and shows him the light
walks beside him till he reaches the end.

A heart full of unselfish affection
a soul full of endless peace
eyes that only search for truth
lips that only talk of divine.

Whenever I think of this person
My heart, mind and soul opens and
with light,love and peace they fill up
I bow my head and praise god for blessing us.

With a piece of his own, his reflection
Just as loving, kind and serene as him
Only giving, never failing, lacking.
Our very own angels, our true friends.

the loving hand

Be the hand that holds a broken heart
Heals a wounded soul, a shattered life,
shows a lost, misguided soul the path
cares, nurtures, loves, heels, protects.

In this world of pain and betrayal
you will see so many aching soul.
Any one can break them further
be the exception, the loving healer.

Be the eye that sees both good .and bad
Be the mind that identifies the evil and good
Be the heart that prevents the evil, loves the good
Be the soul that rejects the evil, keeps only the good.