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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Living doll

Did any one ever tell you?
That you are a living doll?
I guess not!
But you are!

When you are in slumber,
Cuddled up tightly
You look like a tiny rabbit
All furry and fluffy.

Then you open your tiny eyes
Yawn and stretch your body
tiny fangs glitter, claws spring out
From within their velvet pouch.

You look so awfully cuddly and cute
Yet I have to practice self restraint
Take care of your teeth and claws
Before I give you a good cuddle.

What do they say?

A closed bud
Still asleep
Yet to spread her petals
Share her beauty, nectar.

Every morning butterflies
Come and kiss her
Woo her endlessly
What do they say?

Do they coax her?
beg her to shed fear
to throw away her covers
and look around her?

To see the beautiful world
Waiting eagerly
for her to open her eyes
And show her pretty face.


No matter how much you pray
No matter how much you try
How much you plead, beg, and curse
You can’t bring down the sun from sky.

Your hatred for that celestial being
is useless, worthless and funny
it will only hurt you, disappoint you
when you will see the day is still sunny.

Sun can’t be pulled down
Try to realize this truth
You don’t have the power to move
Even a small pebble without fate.

It’s no use yearning, hating or cursing
It will shine in its glory
And if it falls down from there
You too will not be around to see.

Two beings

Two beings
Differ as day and night
But see how they live
The same solitary life.

One stays away from others
For it hates and mistrusts
Every other soul
Reasons are unknown.

It has built a vicious wall
No one can penetrate or climb
It dwells in darkness and broods
Waiting for, yet scared of liberation.

The other stays away
For it knows it’s complete
Its own soul can be its mate and guide
It only needs God with it.

Its solitude is full of light and peace.
It does not needs any wall around it.
Still it’s not accessible
It lives within and without all.

Both are misunderstood
Both are hated
Sometimes abused and branded
For no one understands them.


there were moments when I felt
I just cant take a step further
The hill was too steep
The rock too slippery
Hardly any thing to hold on.

I scrambled on all my four
Dragged myself to the top
And stood there mesmerized
Spellbound and hypnotized
As the horizon unraveled.

Majestic mountains standing
Haughtily around me
A silence so deep
I felt I can touch it
No bird no beast was calling.

White clouds in deep blue sky
Were painting their own paintings
I stood there simply gawking
At that scene of lifetime.

The road

A dusty red road
Twisting and turning
Through the elegant trees
covered With multicoloured leaves
whispering and playing
in the soft autumn breeze
Playing and teasing the calm road
That lies still peacefully.

Who cares where it goes
Who cares what’s in the end
Right here is where its now
Right here is where it looks
As pretty as a beautiful painting
Both side lined by graceful trees
Shadow and sunlight painting a scene
As it lies stretched under blue canopy.

a castle

A green mountain wearing icy cap
A snow white castle on the top
What a gorgeous sight to eyes
What a beauty to behold.

The trees, bushes and vines
Tumbling all over each other
Cascading down like a green waterfall
To reach the ground where I stood.

The castle was lost in mist
A little revealed a little hidden
It looked like a fairy queen
Sitting on a velvet green throne.

Did it look like this?
When kings and queens dwelled there?
Or the nature has taken its place?
When they left without a trace?

Sun and moon

Golden God Apollo rises up to the sky
On his seven horse chariot
Bidding sweet goodbye
To the beautiful ocean nymphs.

The Goddess of dark night
Silver moon waits
For him to come up
To bid him goodbye.

The ocean turns white
By the churning
of the steed’s legs
Waves come frothing to the shore.

The solitary beach watches
The greetings exchanged
Between two celestial bodies
Up in heaven above.

orange moon

Is it moon?
The silver white lady
Who lights up dark nights
Shining soft, bright?

Then tell me why
She is red as sun in dawn
burning in the night sky
Like the morning sun.

I really hope its her
Our nighttime friend
Its not the shining sun
Who has lost his way.

And have shown up
In the night time
Forgetting his way
Or the time of day.

Or he just wants to relax
Spare himself of toiling
And spread sometime swimming
In the dark night sea.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hide and seek

The queen of night sky
Playing hide and seek
With the sleepless souls
on a moonlit night.

She sometimes pulls
A veil of flimsy clouds
Upon her pretty face
sweetly hides her smile.

Sometimes she hides
Behind the curtains
Of darker clouds
And come out after a while.

Blessed are those mortal eyes
Who witnessed her playfulness
Tis A memory for the lifetime
In the heart to be treasured.

Dawn and moon

Dawn has broken
Black sky has turned blue
Deepest shade of pure blue
Stars are twinkling softly.

Waiting for the sun to come
So they could rest for a while
Moon is still not sure
If she will return home.

Or wait and meet sun
To wish him goodbye
So she lingers in the sky
As birds sing, stars sparkle.

A beautiful silver maiden
Waiting for the Apollo
Soon he will show up
Riding his seven horse chariot.

Blue moon

A blue moon rises
From the depth of
Deep blue ocean
To meet me.

Has the moon turned blue?
Or is it reflecting the
Gorgeous blue ocean
Or this marble planet?

I wonder what has happened
To the silver white hue
Of the bright full moon
In this magical night.

May be the ocean nymphs
Have casted a spell on me
The moon is white as always
Only I can see its blue hue.

Or may be they have painted
The white moon to blue
To see how it will look
Just for a change.

God’s children

We all are God’s children
We were meant to walk tall.
No one has a right
To make you feel defied
Make you feel second best
Make you crawl.
Never let anyone
Play with your dignity.

Don’t let any one browbeat you
Make you feel second best
If someone does
Just turn and walk away
Everyone can’t fight back
Cant settle scores of insult
By sword or by merciless tongue
But we can always ignore a crook.

Hounds of pain

Better not forget
Everyone has a right
To be happy, dignified,
Better not paint black
On the colours of life.

When you are in pain
Try to remember
Everyone has his share
Of torment and misery
No one is spared.

Don’t let your pain
Unleash the hounds
They have tied down
With great strength of soul
They may rip you apart too.

Sometimes our own pain
Numbs our whole being
And we forget the pain
Which others are going through,
And end up stirring that dead pyre.

Pain, grief, sorrow needs comfort
But try to make that helping hand
Help you stand up on your feet again
Just don’t make it bleed
And regret that it found, helped you.

She turned and walked away

She begged for his love
He taunted and mocked
She kneeled down to please
He laughed on her face.

He thought she will always
Be following him like slave
For he knew how to tame her
For he knew how to keep her.

Then came the day
Something snapped inside her
She just got up and walked away
Without a single glance backward.

He waited first haughtily
Then he begged and cried
Searched her all over the town
But she has passed away like time.

Best friend

If you want to be
My very best friend
You don’t need anything
My hopes are very few.

A crystal clear view for me
to your heart and soul
That’s all I ask from you
and ample enough compatibility.

To have my love again
The same condition applies
Oh yes, it’s a condition
Not a request or plea.

For I believe in crystal clarity
Between two good friends
Before they exchange and bond
A piece of their very soul.

Just cant help without adding some words in end. I believe two persons can be very best friend if their wavelengths match and they are crystal clear to each other.

No matter how different their other things are, this friendship will stand the test of time. Honesty is most probably as important as love in friendship.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Protecting dignity

Don’t be sad if you can’t smile
When someone makes you feel bad
That’s nothing to be ashamed about
That’s called our dignity.

A feeling to be respected
By us and by others
If someone fails to do that
It’s quite a big failure.

Never make another soul
Feel bad without any reason
For life is too short
To be spent hurting each other.

Never let anyone else
Make you feel second best
If you cant defend your right
It’s alright to walk away.


Oh how much I love thee
Let me count the ways
I love you with my heart
I love you with my soul
I love you completely
Without a single gap
Only true love can feel
The depth of my love.

No I won’t lie down for you
I won’t throw away my pride
I wont go through changes
Which are not required
For love does not want its way
It loves its lover in his own way
I will only hope you will
Accept me just as I am and stay.