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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

White cloud

White fluffy balls of cotton sailing in indigo sky
you look like a mountain covered with snow
shining gloriously in the rays of sun
dazzling the entire heaven with your beauty.

When you are drifting away from the earth
Ignoring its pleas of rain you are white
but when you are kind on her you get dark
dark, ominous and sometimes with thunder.

Does white means the tranquillity which comes
after giving away the last drop of ourselves?
to someone who longs for our love and mercy?
who wont survive until she receives all of us?

Then after that someone smiles from above
on our undying, all giving beautiful love
and fills us up again with cool water drops
to be showered down on our beloved again.

Someone stays invisible to us yet sees us
each and every second with eyes of love
and fills us up with whatever we sacrifice
and makes us completely new once again.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Walking alone like a cloud sails in sky
in the early morning sunshine
a cool breeze was blowing softly
teasing my hair with its gentle sway.

In the distance I saw a golden spread
as if some one has scattered sun on earth
tiny yellow bright pieces of sunshine
reaching near I saw a gaggle of sunflowers.

Shining merrily, greeting the morning sun
sprung out on their own in the wilderness
did not bothered for a gardener or carer
all they knew that they were to be.

To be on the earth to add some golden glow
to its green carpet of luscious grass
to greet the morning sun with a dazzling smile
when it comes to nurture the earth with warmth.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Invisible hand

the pond was serene, the crystal water sparkling
in the morning sun, the fishes were playing
lotus blooming in rising glory of morning sun.
all of a sudden every thing went wrong.

The water got muddy, the fishes disappeared
the pond was no longer holding the sun
in its heart, the water got murky, only the sun
stayed as it was watching it all from the heaven.
Watching through muddy waters, missing calm.

Sit down visitor, wait for a little while
don’t think that it was this way always.
Pause, think and look for the invisible hand
which pelted the stone, destroyed the calm
then ran away without being seen by any one.

May be he did it just for fun, or may be because
his unhappy heart hated the peaceful calm.

river of golden love

Walking alone in search of life, love
I crossed hundreds mountains
and passed hundreds of forests
could not see a single heart full of love.

Standing in a dark forest lost and lonely
I saw golden light streaming through
eagerly I followed it hoping a treasure
treasure it was indeed, treasure of love.

I saw a fountain of golden light
shining like molten gold, gliding down
as I went near hungrily I saw a fairy
dressed in gold glowing like gold.

She smiled at me and called near
as I reached her she gently embraced
filled my heart and soul with the water
collected from that gold and nectar fall.

Softly smiled, and told me, “Go home,
the love which you have been looking
for outside yourself, I have filled you up
with it, go and spread it around and see..”

graceful flower

Beautiful, pretty and graceful flower
So much do you have to teach us
How to light up your world with glory
No matter where life places you.

You brave deserts, violent ocean breeze
Yet you pop up and laugh with ease
As if that is where you were meant to be
So you laugh, play with sun and breeze.

You sway your head to soft breeze
Shake your head to rough ones
But it hardly matters what they are
Your smile never leaves your face.

You bright up your surrounding
Absorbing all problems and pain
All you have for others is smile and honey
Gently you hide all pain, trubles, agony.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

true companion

companion of lonely traveller
walking along with him
while he wearily trudges
through mountains and forests.

You calmly smile down at him
Forever telling him
God has given me the charge
To show you the way to home.

Sister of sun

Gentle, serene sister of sun
Playing alone in darkness
Knowing his light is with you
To guard you against harm.

You play with dark, night ocean
Which glitters back in stars
Night breeze whispers to sleepy earth
Sleep well, I am watching over you.

guiding light

When every light leaves earth for rest
you shine alone in heaven with love
sun and its rays go to bed tired, sleepy
you shine alone in the sky with glory.

The beautiful messanger of God
you remind us every second
one of Her angels is always there
to guide us home wherever we are.

Glorious goddess

Glorious goddess sailing dark ocean
the ocean of endless darkness
yet spreading your light for us
to show us path in wilderness.

You were born without own light
so you begged the sun for his
so you could do what he does
for the earth, in the day light.

You shine alone in love and grace
without any company but distant stars
you don’t bother who stays up with you
all you know is to spread your glow.

To show lost, lonely travellers their way
guide them through the maze of night
through the darkness, ups and downs
alone in your beautiful, charming glory.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sun moon stars

So many splendours adorn this earth
they all live happily without rivalry
they admire each other’s beauty
knowing all the while they too are unique.

Stars know they cant be sun or moon
Sun n moon know they cant be stars
They each have their own share of light
With which they light up this lovely earth.

Rose knows she cant spread jasmine’s fragrance
Jasmine knows she will never have rose’s charm
Peacock knows she cant sing a nightingale’s strain
Nightingale knows she will never have dazzling charm.

They are so different, so much contrast is there
Yet they are happy because they trust their creator
Know that She has some defininte role for them
and she has built them precisely for only those....

Golden fairy

Fly again golden fairy
unfold your wings to fly
you folded your wings
and swore to never fly.

May be the skies betrayed you
the wind once failed you
but don’t let that chain you
down to earth, the sky still calls you.

You belong to the sky up above
The earth is only for resting
Resting when you have sailed
For ages against and with the wind.

Learn to tame the winds or let pass
You can win yourself or win them
Nothing is impossible in this earth
Even this word holds possible within.

Friday, June 19, 2009

black bird

Little girl, eyes immersed in fairy tales
dreamy eyes full of beautiful fairy queens
looking for valiant warriors on white steed
searching for glamour in everyone around.

Sitting on garden bench she heard a song
she thought one of her fairies are around
she started to search for that winged being
in every tree branch and bush but failed.

She ran to her mother in kitchen and dragged
her, by her hands to the garden, and made her
listen to her song, and asked her to search
for her fairy, who is playing hide and seek.

Her mother softly smiled and pointed out
A little black bird, the little girl was bewildered,
“How can such an ugly bird sing such sweet!”
Her mother hugged her close to her heart.

She took her to the zoo next day and showed
her all the birds and beasts and their ways
Then she taught her the golden, beautiful truth
Beauty is only skin deep, it rarely reflects the soul.

life is fire

So you want to know what real life is?
you want the eyes of buddha and christ?
to know all, suffer all and then love all?
you want the wisdom of God’s angel,
do you possess their enlightened soul?
or else this world which is now full of
beautiful feelings will turn into a hell!

Some things should better be left
lying as they are, away from rest
some fires are better far away
like the volcanos and the wild fire;
thunders look small in sky above
we cant tame them or extinguish
all they will cause if we try to play
games with them is deep anguish.

Can you take a plunge in the abyss
of tortured human souls and come out
shining like a pearl? In the deep ocean
of decay where father sells his child
where mother kills her own born to hide
her misdeeds?.Think if you can plunge
into this dark pit of hell and come out
unscathed untainted like persephone.

I have seen so many kind but tender heats
in their desperate desire to help the fallen
with the longing to bring them back again
have slipped in the abyss of pain and decay
lost their own peace and happiness, trying
to bring smile to the lips which has frozen
to drag a person out of ditch it needs a steel grip
to pull someone out of hell’s fire it needs iron hand.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fire and light

bright golden flame burning brightly
what do you want to convey silently?
Hands that can nurture can destroy?
Or misuse a boon to turn it in a curse?

When you are dancing in wild glory
You look like a beautiful fairy
Dancing in greatest ecstassy
To ward off fear and darkness away.

But when you are raging in wild fire
Your flames shooting high to sky
Your roar heard from miles away
You make people shiver with fear.

Do you want to tell us that you are
Friend’s friend and foe’s foe?
You are the giver not the play thing
So you demand that honour from us?

If we dare to forget to give you that
You show us your exact power
Make us shake in horror and fear
But once enraged you mercy no more.


A little girl pretty as flower
grew up with neglect and scorn
never saw love in her parent’s eyes
nor did she won love from others.

She was the fourth girl child born
after three brothers, three sisters,
abuse, scorn, neglect was her share
in that overcrowded home of nine members.

One day her parents fixed her suitor
everyone was surprised as she was
the youngest of them all and all her
sisters were to be married yet.

She was wedded off to a distant land
which she discoveree was a pit of hell
her parents have bargained with her soul
to save them and remaining of their own.

Everytime she heard some one calling
a parent something similar to God
she used to stare vacantly at them
and hide her eyes to hide her tears.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Faith can bring down God to earth
suspicion can send him back
nothing is more nurturing than love
nothing is more toxic than mistrust.

A heart full of mistrust, hatred or
argument can push back a hand
full of love, warmth and peace,
held out with noblest intention.

The moment suspicion, mistrust lurks
love loses its glory, its sparkle..
peace loses its rhythm divine,
only the whirlwind of arguments swirl.

To live in peace think of peace
share it with every soul you know.
to live in love share love with all
you will meet God down below.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Gone moments

Gone moments are gone forever,
just like water under the bridge.
Once they are gone, over the ledge
of dusk they cant come back ever.

It’s a one way road,
moving only …forward
before taking hasty steps we should
keep this eternal truth in our soul
a damage done is done,
time wont move backward

Before pushing a hand away,
that may come back to haunt us,
before hurting a heart, killing a soul,
making a friend curse, just remember,
gone tomorrow does not comes back
for a prince’s treasure, all the treasure,
all the prayers in this world
we can not make this rule waiver

So, when you are with loved ones,
love them like it’s the last day.
When you are out to give, give it your best
Never wait for another day to give the rest
Because once a day is gone,
its gone, and it just can be the very last

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three levels

I will do any thing, anything at all
I don’t remember the last time
I have eaten a proper, decent meal
I will do any thing for money or meal.

I will do any thing, anything at all
To keep the food on my plate
To keep the fire burning in my hearth.
To keep my family fed and dressed.

I will do any thing, any thing at all
To keep my home well maintained
To keep my family wealthy and well
To move around in the highest tire.

The three levels of compromisation
that leads the way from the pits
of poverty to the pits of corruption
once you start walking you see, its one way!

Subdued flame

We all get burnt atleast once in lifetime
when fire rages in everything we have
sometimes our own mistake starts it
sometimes fate or another hand starts.

The fire rages through our very core
licking and devouring everything
that falls in its path to the least bit
its scorching flames dry our very being.

Put it out as soon as you can and rebuild.
Blow away the ashes and sprinkle with
the seeds of love, peace and happiness
and nurture them till they cover you again.

But before you scatter your seeds in life
be double sure that you have doused the flame.
Subdued flames have a deadly way of bursting forth
after burning deep down for a long spell of time.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Why are those rays of sun fading away
which used to perch on every lip
when they talked, spend times together
pieces of sun called smile and laughter…

They have been replaced by half hearted
smiles, greetings muttered in aloof way
hi, hello, how are you have taken over
those gentle beams of sun rays…

those which used to light up one face
and illuminate ten others around
a surge of warmth spreading from heart
to heart, enveloping each and every one.

Those peals of laughter, those loud guffaws
telling the tales of a warm heart present
these beautiful butterflies flying from one lip
to other need to be brought back, revived.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Unflickering light

Just like a moon shines in dark night
You fill up my mind and soul with light
No matter what happens I feel alright
Because deep inside my heart knows
Even if the world turns upside down
You will forever glow with your light.
Calm, serene, pure, lighting up the night
No matter how dark it was it becomes bright.

I don’t know what made that celestial light
Look down and smile at this small lamp
But I will forever cherish that love, beauty
It will remain in my heart, my soul, my breath
Time will come and time will slip away
Your presence in my life will forever stay.
Your silent presence is felt a million times
more than all the bustling crowd around me.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Child of summer

A child of summer blessed by sun
who blessed her with his light
his nurturing warmth, rays golden
his never ebbing, only changing light.

Wherever that child goes she lights up
each and every soul that is around her
with her love, warmth and humour
so abundant yet so very refined.

Flowers start to bloom asplendour
Fruits start to ripe with sweetness
Birds start to sing enchanting song
to celebrate her presence among them.

Morning starts with her eyes opening
Sun shines with her smile, laughter
Her sad face makes clouds shower
When she sleeps the world is aslumber.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

who am i?

Who am I? just a child of God like you
Your very own, I too worship the same God
Only in some other form, and just like you
I too pray for food, shelter and clothe for all.

What do I love? In this beautiful world?
Let me think, the smile on a baby’s face
Flowers, gardens, sky, clouds and butterflies
Music, love, friends, any thing with beauty.

My religion? To love every harmless soul
Feel compassion for every living being
Never play God even when I am wronged
Never to hit back unless pushed in corner.

What do I hope? A permanent place in your heart
An entire life of friendship with you
We will fly together forever, in the blue skies
Full of love, peace and harmony everlasting

Monday, June 8, 2009


before you say that, “I am too busy for you today”
I will let you know when I am a little free.” Stay!
Think! these might be the last words spoken to him,
You may never see him ever again aft today.

So many times we push away a hand that
Yearns for our touch, craves for our comfort
Thinking we will have enough time tomorrow
To deal with his anguish, pain and sorrow.

Then we become the grieving witness
The bearer of the tremendous shock
of knowing it was a weak, drowning soul
reaching out for a hand to pull him back to shore.

When deprived of that last straw
It slipped forever in the darkness
Leaving our souls scarred forever
For turning our back on a hapless.

No one drowns without a cry for help to people around
So lets be caring enough to hear that silent scream
strong enough to be the healer, the strong, calm,
loving hand reaching out from the steady land.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A lotus of light

A lotus of light is slowly opening its petals
A divine fragrance is enveloping my being
as if my whole existence is slowly changing
transforming itself and waiting for your touch.

Don’t make me wait any longer my dearest
just come down place your feet more beautiful
than this lotus waiting for you eagerly
touch this mortal flower and make it divine.

Day after day I have felt it unrevealing itself
right inside my soul I cherished that feeling
thinking that it was your loving touch
cleaning up, brushing up my mortal soul.

Then one day I closed my eyes and felt the change
as if a lotus of white light is enveloping my soul
and slowly unrevealing its beauty so pure, divine
preparing itself to lay itself down for your touch.

Friday, June 5, 2009

spring fairy

Every morning she walks alone.
Her eyes lost in distant hills,
her hands busy gathering
Wild red poppies burning like flame.

She picks up a huge bunch
of flaming red poppies
and golden sunflowers and
stiches them together as garland.

Or she gathers them together
in a bunch, wears them around
her head like a crown and pretends
she is the fairy of spring

Wears those rubies and nugget of gold
On her head full of golden, curly
tumbling locks, cascading all over
her body, her pretty rosy cheek.

She stands in the morning
sunshine, glowing like a
Greek goddess, oblivious of
the eyes full of love and smile.

That are cast toward that sight divine
a beautiful spirit, shining in morning sun
Immersed in own beauty and grace
reflecting the early morn spring sunshine.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

blessed love

Blessed are those lovers by heaven above,
their love is true in every way,
who sit side by side and watch
the setting sun’s ray.. with white hair,
gnarled finger, blurred vision in eye.

Those who stayed together side by side,
watching youth’s glory pass by
relishing all the tastes of life holding hands.
Bringing forth their children, bringing them up.

Wishing them goodbye so they can go and face life
of their own, knowing that there are people
who care, who may live thousands of miles away
but their hearts hold their hearts and souls.

Passed by all the temptations
which life brought their way.
Brushed away all the weeds of lust,
greed or anger,cherishing the blessings
of having a friend, an anchor to their boat,
adoring their lover’s true love all the way.

Love knows no chain

Naïve is he who says love is slave of beauty
Ruby lips, ivory skin,doe eyes,golden locks
Love does not depends on fickle flashes
It’s an eternal bliss, uniting souls.

without boundary, chain,binding and rule
Its above all vain pleasures, beauty or wealth
It just washes away two souls as a waterfall
cleanses their souls from any thing but love.

It doesnot stops there, after rinsing
It flows within binding hearts & souls.
In a rhythm divine, which flows like
a tune from heaven above sweet and pure.

It forms a river of their separate lives
forever merging them,through up and down
they move together in love, without separation
Overcoming all anguish, disappointments.

Monday, June 1, 2009


dark shadows extended their hands
she realized that she was in a land
where she was alone, on her very own
all her friends, relations were gone.

They have disappeared like dreams after
a night, without any traces of their
presence last night, just like night flower
which with touch of harsh sunshine wither.

She called out the name of each and every soul
she knew, called out loud till her voice grew feeble
In the roar of the deep shadow about to come down
upon, like a bird of prey spreading its deadly talon.

Suddenly a pure white light came down upon her,
like a warm blanket of sunshine it surrounded her,
the talons about to strike shrunk back with fear
shrunk like darkness does when morning sun is here.

It gently lifted her, nursed her, nurtured her
Guided her through the terrain of dark fear
Walking beside, showing the way, leading her.
Soon the end of the darkness was seen coming near

She saw her friends and relations waiting for her,
in the land of light and sunshine, happiness and cheer.
She gently turned her face to see her noble guiding star.
She saw her angel shining gently standing beside her.

Her creator, her eternal mother it was, who came there
In the pit of darkness to guide,protect her very own.
When no one else dared to venture that region of fear,
she had to come down there because she was her very own.

As she looked at her with loving eyes, she turned to say,
now you can leave me your near ones are waiting there,
you have suffered enough my child now go there and play.
She clutched Her hand and said, “I want YOU to stay”.