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Saturday, December 13, 2008

win the war

win the war 13.12.08

why do we hate when we can love
why does hate often wins the war over love
when we look at others why do we forget
its alright to be weak, feeble or at fault?

So many times we let hatred win over love, compassion
when we would have won we defeat ourselves
we forget Jesus prayed to his father to forgive us
those who hated him, tortured him in return of his love, affection

and we, his children fail to love those who have not caused us any wound
we forget that loving, forgiving is the normal, hating is not right or fair
we act against the human nature, and betray the love of the creator
we forget that at the end it will be ashes to ashes and ground to ground

so in this short stay in this earthly abode before leaving for heaven
we ignore and forget to light the lamp of love and keep it burning
which will remind others of our love and affection when we are gone
we forget that it needs fire of love not darkness of hatred to keep earth turning

every time we give in to hatred, to contempt, to anger
without provocation, without being harmed by any one
we walk a step away from god the nurturer
and move a step toward the destroyer the evil one

we cant change the entire world or go on preaching every one
but we can look inside our souls and try to destroy hatred
try to love as long as we can and trust until we are betrayed
and turn our back to darkness and move toward the sun

a flower

Make me a flower as brave as a lotus in a pond
that is surrounded by snakes and origins from mud
yet it is holy and divine, unspoiled and serene and pure
shining in its own glory, knowing its place at your feet is for sure

fill me up with the fragrance of a jasmine and let it spread
around me to soothe every soul which comes near me
make my presence full of love and tenderness to soothe the hatred
that is overcoming the heart of your children in a great spree

Friday, December 12, 2008

your eyes

your eyes

I don’t know you, you don’t know me
yet when you look at me I feel scared
as if you are seeing through me
your eyes are making my soul bared

You don’t talk nor do i
we are just two companions
travelling in the same boat
yet your eyes scare me

the way you silently stare
try to say something
which I cant read though I try
and regret what I am missing

you look at me from across the room
my heart starts to beat faster
my mind stands still
I feel like I am lost in an desert with you



Never fall for a lover who cant look straight in your eyes
or smile at you, sit beside you, to show it crystal clear
to the world that you belong to him, he belongs to you
even if the room is full of friends and beautiful strangers

who love truly never hide, cause love knows no chain, no restrain, no fear
they show it open and wide that their world revolves around their lover
lovers hide their feelings only when they are not sure
that the feelings of their own or their lover is pure

In love

In love

Don’t run after the person who makes you feel the second best
makes you feel you are one of the crowd, only one among the rest
never let any one make you feel that you are lesser
than the God’s best creation, because the creator
made you one of a kind, you are your only comparison
you are unique, you cant be replaced by none

look for the person who makes you feel you are priceless
you mean a lot to him, you are a piece of his life
so dear, so precious that without you its lifeless
love always lifts both the hearts above, one that gives
and one that gets it are both blessed and raised
above this world, to kiss the moon, to meet the stars

a love that makes you feel cheap, used, wasted
is not love, it’s a feeling misplaced or wasted
leave it behind, walk a few steps forward
when you will look back you will see it has faded
it has lost its colour, its charm, it is jaded
it is about to drop down to ground and reduce to ashes

dew drops

Dew drops splattered on grass
Dew drops splattered on flowers
They are God’s sweet blessings
Which come down upon us
When we are dreaming

When we wake up in morning
We see them splattered like stars
Like diamonds on the trees
Grass, flowers, every place to see

They go back to their home
On the chariot of sunlight
There angels gather them
And shower them back in the night

Under the lights of million stars
Riding on the beams of moonlight
They come down again to meet us
To greet us in the morning light

Monday, December 8, 2008

A small prayer

A small prayer 7.12.08

Mother please teach me to love all your children
unless they break my heart and cause me too much pain
teach me to forgive, if not then forget and never detest
the faults and failings of others, and help me to be my best

make me always remember one golden fact, truth, rule
whatever I do, wherever I go, no matter how much I try
you will always be there to see me, to guide me, to hold me
I can hide from every one but cant hide from you and me

Give me the strength to be honest, simple and brave
give me the power to shed my pretensions, evil and cunningness
fill my heart with love for you, all your children and also kindness
fill my soul with blind faith for you and your justice

so that I don’t waste my precious hours hating others
looking for a revenge, or trying to settle my scores
in place of that I spend my hours relishing your glory in abandon
and waiting for your justice to come down and do what must be done

A brook

A brook 7.12.08

Life is a brook, a river heading for ocean
it flows through different terrains
the deserts, the woods, the mountains the plains
all come and go, but the river flows unrestrained

like her the life flows through success, failure
love, hurt, death, birth in all galore
just like a river cant stop for a rock, a stone,
life cant stop for a wound, a loss, a pain

river have to go through all the hues to meet its ocean
life has to clear all its earthly due to meet god, its destination
it has to go through all the ups and downs curves and turn
it has to paint its blank canvas with a picture lovely and serene

A small hand

A small hand 11.12.08
My papa sent me off to big town to earn some money for my home
where my baby siblings and mom were waiting helplessly for the alms
which I and my papa earn working day and night
working like a pair of robots, round the clock without least respite

I saw no love in my master’s eyes, he only shouted and screamed
he only made me work, never letting me play or read like his children did
nor did he gave me candies or dresses when he brought for them
never did I felt their caring hands on my burning forehead when I was sick

my days started with the crow and ended when the world slept
my food was your left over, my clothe was your neglect
I grew up hating the world because it scorned when I wept
then life changed, my toils brought my harvest

one day I was sitting on my porche when you came
begging for a job or a handful of food for your family
you did not recognized me, but you looked the same
I called my servant, asked him to feed you and your family


Don’t 7.12.08

Don’t hold a hand which holds you back weak
A feeble grip will slip with the first blow
of life, of reality, of temptation, of greed
and leave your hand empty, your heart bleak

life is too short to be wasted on friends,
who will just walk a few steps, share a few smiles
and turn away when the first turn comes
walk away when the first rain falls

Thursday, December 4, 2008


When the shadows were too long
The road seemed too long
Every step was blocked by a stone
I was in a crowd but completely alone

You came out of nowhere and started to walk
beside me, holding my hand in your hand
my heart in your heart and soul in your soul
you became the oasis in that never-ending sand

we walked together for miles,
every time I stumbled your hand pulled me back
to my feet again with a smile
every moment we spent together flew away

then life took a sad turn
our paths parted
you went your way, I went mine
but whenever I lose my light
I know your invisible light will burn

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A flower

A flower God called me when he placed me inside my mom,
A flower angels called me when they came down to see me
every night while I waited for the day to come
when I will see the sunlight and feel the breeze
feel my mother’s kiss, her touch, her caresses all over me

I opened my eyes and heard a whisper
a girl again, I saw tears in my mother’s eyes
anger on my father’s face as he scooped me up from
her side, and took me out in the cold, dark
he laid me down in the road and left in the dark

I laid there crying till I felt a touch, a soft touch
like my mom, like the angels, like God
I saw a stranger holding me close
and whispering in a voice oh so sweet
who left this baby doll, a bunch of flower here…