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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - a shardoma

thank you for
the colours you gave
vivid dreams
colourful butterflies
in my blue sky

Sharmishtha basu

2010 - a poem

its time to say goodbye
you knocked my door
I opened it wide
you sat down with me
with last cup of tea
together we sipped
its every single drop.

I thanked you from heart
for all the gifts you gave me
in the year I lived with you
wisdom, warmth, happiness
experience, tears, pain
laughter, light, tenderness
friendship, love and sweetness.

You stood up and hugged me,
thanked me for living the year.

Sharmishtha basu

last day

wrapped in deep calm peace
last day of year visits
to bid me last goodbye

Sharmishtha basu


frost embraces her
barrier gets bejeweled
sparkles like a star

Sharmishtha basu

white mountain sunrise

touch of crimson on
milk white mountain
nature’s painting

Sharmishtha basu


white starlight
messenger of divine
liberation of souls

Sharmishtha basu

vivid dreams

a lovely
dream comes true vividly
spreading hue
colours blue
red, pink, mauve and rainbow hues
soared in meadow green

Sharmishtha basu


my naïve trickster
I can see through
all the games you play
or trying to play with me
I know you have conned
and you have fooled
too many people
I give you full credit
I don’t know why and
I don’t know how
I can see through you
and your devious plans
when you bat your eyelids
faking to be an angel
I see a wolf
licking lips under a sheepskin
try to find someone
who is more naïve than you are
please don’t insult my brain
or look down upon my wisdom
just because I don’t blow
your cover openly wide and far

Sharmishtha basu

the dancer

her body sways like willows
dancing in the ocean wind
her feet move back and forth
deftly like waves in ocean green
soft sand dances under her feet
ocean waves roll under her toes
moon light pours down
on her ivory silk skin
a graceful form dances nimbly
performs for the ocean only
under the full moon
till the break of dawn.

Sharmishtha basu
29 .12.10

only God in heaven

The melodious strain emitting
from the hearts of human beings
in the form of carol, azan or hymns
flow like rivers of love
demolishing each and every barrier
to reach the deep, tranquil ocean
called by millions of names
some are God, Allah or Khuda.
Let every festival make our souls
reach out for that deep ocean
splashing in our very souls
embrace it with love and gratitude
for blessing us with so many colours
so many ways of remembering, loving
the only one God above in heaven.

Sharmishtha basu
27 .12.10

changing colours

changing colours of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

Sharmishtha basu

Saturday, December 25, 2010


pristine white blanket
covered the earth
under the sparkling stars
conquering deepest dark
warmed up in a frozen night
by mother’s love
and mother earth’s
spread of golden hay.

In a dilapidated stable
on a spread of hay
surrounded by angels
and mute animals
child of God was born
to teach and rejoice love
to glorify and beatify
God’s meek lambs.

Sharmishtha basu

trail of light

on a cold dreary night
some thing changed
a star shined bright
a ray descended
in the arms of a mother.

Son of God
came down to earth
to teach His children
how to love one another
how to live in love.

souls blinded by power,
lust, greed and corruption
saw their own reflection
in that messiah of light
they tried to relinquish light.

they destroyed his body
and celebrated victory
they failed to see
the souls blessed by his touch
the trail of light showing path.

Sharmishtha basu


In my mind you are vibrant
full of texture and life
just like a pretty butterfly
or a singing meadow lark.

I grab my pen, paintbrush
try to capture your beauty
suddenly you lose dimension
the life factor vanishes.

Sharmishtha basu

carpet of leaves

my feet are aching to walk
on the road that takes me to your home
oh my lover sweet.
hidden so well from the prying eyes
but tis covered with autumn leaves
nature has woven a carpet
for my bare feet.
I have removed my payals
they make too much noise
they will lead a trail to my path.
but tell me my love
what will I do with these leaves?
shattering to pieces
under my cautious feet.

Sharmishtha basu

the slave

his hair is all white
just like a gallant knight
his soul is black
like a venomous snake
poised to strike.

he sold his soul
to witches and demons
when his friends
are looking for salvation
he slithers in darkness.

poison of his greed
running in his blood
the hooded serpent
sits on guard
in the prison of innocents.

his soul is sold
he cant look for heaven
so he pays the price
of all his unworthy gains
by preying on innocents.

just like a hound on watch
he watches for witches
he preys for demons
and sometimes shivers
when hell beckons.

Sharmishtha basu

crystal cascade

breaking every rule
surpassing every blockade
crystal cascade falls

Sharmishtha basu
20 .12.10

free souls

white floats in green
no chains, no shackles, free souls
followed by trails

Our God

Stop child of God
Before it’s too late!
Think well, before you act,
God is not mine
God is not yours
God is not his
God is not their
God is our.

When you insult his God
You insult ours
When you laugh at their God
You laugh at ours
When you burn my temple down
You burn ours.
I said what I thought is right
Go ahead, do what is right.

Sharmishtha basu

questions to a blackheart

Why did our paths crossed?
Yours and mine?
I must have done something
Really, really vile

In some long-gone birth
If I believe in Hindu saying.
For I have not done anything
In this birth of mine.

to meet some one like you,
holding so much bitterness
so much anger and rage
against a stranger like me.

A woman masquerading as a man
keeping another entrapped
using pretty pictures of another
using brother and father to help.

Does your heart ever curses you
For the cruel games
That you played with me
heaven only knows with how many more.

for years you kept playing same game
never even bothering about Karma
guess devil’s adversaries think
devil too saves his disciples.

devil never saves his slaves
he lavishly rewards them
as long as they can work for him
then he just dumps them for another.

Sharmishtha basu

This poem is based on a real life story. Two engineering students used to trap boys and girls on internet, pretending to be of their opposite gender and flirt with them remorselessly.

Do they ever feel bad for the things they do?

Tags: poem, poems, poetries, poetry, love, trick, treachery, vile, life, writings, feelings, thoughts, Sharmishtha (Trisha) Basu, Sharmishtha Basu.


Liberty, absolute freedom
To do every thing I want
A treasure attained seldom
Most of living souls just can’t
Reach this launching pad
From where soul takes the leap
Its true and its very sad
This treasure is hard to keep
Even if it’s attained by one
It’s lost oh so easily
When ignored its quickly gone
Like mercury it slips swiftly
Souls that have lived with it
Can’t imagine a life without it.

Sharmishtha basu


What is solitude?
Standing at the end of world
Looking at the calm ocean
Stretching to the blue sky
feeling its depth, storms and turmoil.

A single tree standing
right beside you
tall, graceful reaching for sky
You looking out at the ocean
With absolute peace reigning your soul.

Sharmishtha basu

Water and wind

The wind swoops down
To touch the lake
It whispers to the water
We are so same
Yet so different
You are tied to earth
I on the contrast
Am tied to the sky
I freely roam by.

We both give life
We both mean life
Sun sees through us both
Oh we are so alike
Yet so very different
You can be held
I can be felt
You can be tasted
I can be inhaled
Yet are so one in diversity.

By Sharmishtha basu

Some other mate

She is not the one in your fate
You should look for some other mate
She won’t let you treat
Her like your doormat.
She won’t let you mock and taunt
She will just simply walk away.
She knows she is not a doormat
She is a lady, and knows her worth.

I know, I know you are handsome
Your pocket is full of money
But that may not mean
All the world to everyone honey
You should look for that someone
One that will die for your looks, money
One that will let you treat her like dirt
One that will let you walk all over her

sharmishtha basu


gazing out the window
of my moving train
a scene filled me with wonder
made my heart ponder.

Another train far away
Was crossing a bridge
on A mighty waterfall
crashing down from hills.

The train looked like a toy
Inching under that cascade
Cascade of pure beauty, power
it looked like so puny and small.

my heart reminded me there
How feeble and weak we are
Against this majestic power
which we call the universe.

Sharmishtha basu

Second best

Don’t go for the second best
Its not worth the bargain
When it comes to give
Your heart, your soul your life.

Friends or lovers
Who make us feel second best,
Are they really our friends?
Are they worth wholehearted love?

Friends are the ones
Who see through us
And love the show
Hold on to us.

Lovers are those special ones
Who know us through and through
And love us, hold on to us after
Discovering us to our very core.

Ready to fly

my tiny fledgling
is slowly spreading her wings
her tiny wings are ready to fly
to search the blue sky.

The blue sky beckons her
The cage is choking her
She wants to run wild now
To taste the sweet freedom now.

Her hours of freedom
Are counting more and more
Seldom is the scene
When she crosses cage’s door.

Soon she will fly away
Build her nest in wild
Leave the empty cage
Silent, bleak, missing her.

Promised day

Sitting in the bus
Gazing lazily out
At the fleeting scenes
Passing by my side
The bus stopped at signal.

My eyes drifted to pavement
Another family living
Under a plastic sheet
Too feeble to save them
From the wrath of nature.

A tiny toddler playing
On the dirty pavement
A beautiful flower blooming
Half withered in concrete
No one even bothering.

When will I see the last of it?
So many times I wonder!
When will the promised day come?
With shelter, food and books
For each and every children?

green valley

I lie on my back, flat
Blissfully ignorant of world
Gaze in the crystal clear blue
As it gazes back at me peacefully.

The velvet grass softer than carpet
Stretched under me,
Horizon to horizon
Its leaves tickling my cheek and arms.

The farthest horizons are decked
With snow capped high mountains
Looking up at the sky
Mist envelops them like white gown.

In the distance I see a home
Marble white and dazzling
For a second I feel a pang
A pang of envy towards its dwellers.

Then smile blows away the pang
I reach out to embrace what’s mine
The beauty of nature surrounding me
And close my eyes in happy remembrance.

Words untold

Fairy of
My creativity
Don’t run away
From me
The urge is
Burning deep within
All it needs
Your soft grip
On my pen
Let words
Flow from within
A crystal cascade
Shower of gold
Words untold

Sharmishtha basu

Song of unemployment

Give me bread
Honest bread
With little something
For me and my family
I promise I won’t steal.

Give me my dues
Let my sweat, brain speak
No other language
I should need to use
I won’t go astray.

When I starve
With my family
When my toil is stolen
Just because you sleep
Instead of guarding us.

That’s when I go blind
Do things I should nor
To stop me
Wake up
Do your duties.

Sharmishtha basu

Monday, November 29, 2010


ebony sky
dazzling streak flashes
a meteor falls

Sharmishtha basu


on an ink blue stage
silver crescent yellow stars
sing lullaby

Sharmishtha basu


rising from blue
breaking the shackles of sea
reaching for the sun

Sharmishtha basu

the lotus

morning sun touches
red fragrant lotuses bloom
red embraces red.


crisp wind calls out
its time to go now
leaf says goodbye

Sharmishtha basu

the deer

flash of gold in green
pile of gold uncovered by man?
a fawn searching mother.

Sharmishtha basu

flower on rock

blue and gold smile
in the shelter of gray stone
power shelters love

Sharmishtha basu


the window opens
blue sky, river, hills call
pine trees stand tall

Sharmishtha basu

Mad apparition

mad apparition
with mossy ugly fingers
freezes souls to snow

Sharmishtha basu

free like a nymph

free like sea nymph
body immersed in ocean
soul soaring with breeze

Sharmishtha basu


full moon showers pearls
lovestory in white stone
river sings love songs.

Sharmishtha basu

morning breeze

Red rays of dawn sun
turn crystal river orange
sweet morning breeze laughs

Sharmishtha basu

daisy and grass

Green grass woos daisy
gold and green dazzle together
crystal creek takes snap


Taj mahal

full moon shines in the sky
witness of those moments
when your immortal love
blossomed in embraces
in soft, gentle kisses
in amorous sighs
when you were still alive
your bodies were still breathing.

full moon shines in the sky
witnesses these moments
when an emperor full of love
comes down from heaven
to meet his gorgeous empress
in the home he made for her
foreseeing this moment
when their bodies are sleeping.

they walk together hand in hand
like their bodies did in past
he shows her each and every room
of this beautiful palace
the palace he built
for their immortal love and souls
which were bound to return
looking for each other.

they exchange those loving glances
under the full moon’s light
for centuries the beautiful witness
of a love that never died
they walk in the garden
enveloped in each other’s arm
the whole world sleeps
the silver moon smiles.

never call it a tomb
or a lifeless structure
this is the earthly abode
of two heavenly creatures
if you don’t believe
come here on some moonlit night
may be you will catch a glimpse
of Shahjahan and empress Mumtaj.

sharmishtha basu

souls embracing

sun pours down its golden rays
flowers bloom every where
the moment your hands hold
the hand that also cares.

light illuminates your heart
fragrance envelopes your soul
love spreads all around you
wrapping you in its splendid stole.

door of heaven opens wide
you can hear angel’s choir
you can see them sweetly smiling
in your lover’s loving face.

earth wraps a celestial robe
heaven descends on earth below
queen of love rules your soul
showering love on earth below.

every thing becomes candescent
flowers bloom all around you
spreading their heavenly scent
adding in your life their colour.

Sharmishtha basu

soaring soul

blue sky is calling out
its time to spread my wing
lose my self let ME out
is how my soul is responding.

White clouds are sailing by
gentle breeze is blowing
tempting me to kiss the sky
let my soul do some soaring.

Sharmishtha basu

gray mansion

a gray dark mansion
standing alone in mist
a desolate vision
slipped out of wist.

standing alone in mist
it rues about forgotten day
slipped out of wist
when it was happy and gay.

it rues about forgotten day
when sun shined birds sang
when it was happy and gay
people danced and sang.

when sun shined birds sang
life was pouring out of it
people danced and sang
as they moved in and round it

life was pouring out of it
back in those sunlit days
people danced and sang
it hears echoes of those days.

Sharmishtha basu

melancholy wolf

melancholy wolf
howls at the silver moon
his strain pierces
the heart of the fog
reach across the valleys
to the sleepy hamlet
babies shiver in their sleep
kids hug their mothers tight.

Sharmishtha basu

guitar player

his fingers softly strum
silver strings of the guitar
bringing metal wire
to melodious life.

his hazel eyes are lost
in some other world
unruly hair cascade
like a black waterfall

his eyes return to earth
when he sees her move
gracefully through the crowd
like a swan in pond

his eyes starts to burn
the fire touches her eyes
music reaches crescendo
to be muted by wild applaud.

Sharmishtha basu

girl from Bengal

Your path is covered
with soft, green grass
scattered dew drops
shine like stars
on that velvet green

white petals of harsingars
lie there like pieces of dream
your softer feet
touch the earth
golden hued with tinge of red
like a pair of lotuses
they kiss the ground
with gentle grace

birds sing sweetly
to cheer you up
payel softly chime
to add some music
to your graceful walk.

the crystal water ripples
crimson tides dance
morning sun opens his eyes
to look down upon you
he too is confused
who is more beautiful
you or the lotuses
that are blooming in the pond
you leave them wondering
fill up your pitcher and return.

Sharmishtha basu

Bhoot chaturdashi or Indian Halloween

a cold, chilly autumn night
with a touch of chill, mist
in the hearts and in the air
little kids wide-eyed with fear.

“Eat fourteen different vegetable,
in the lunch and dinner don’t complain
Every naughty spirit they will disable,
Those are visiting tonight earth’s plain.”

Mommy said in a voice calm, serene
when she handed them their plate
stuffed with all sort of green
absolutely repulsive to their palate.

“Light fourteen pradeeps at doors,
right when the dusk turns to night
with those burning flames at doors
all naughty spirits will take a flight.”

Those childhood days are gone for sure
tiptoed out of life’s back door
yet their sweet memories linger
every year at memory’s front door.

We Bengalis celebrate our Halloween on the eve before Kalipuja (Dipawali).

Which will fall on fourth November this year. Mother Goddess Kali is the warrior goddess, and Black Magicians worship her to get magical powers, they worship her in Burning Ghats and ghosts are an inseparable part of cemetery and Burning Ghats. This concept of Bhut Chaturdashi must have come from there.

We used to stuff ourselves with fourteen types of vegetables this day. What a happy day for moms. In the evening we used to light fourteen pradeeps and place them at doors.

No trick or treat. I think mommies happy day would be the more appropriate term for this occasion.

Sharmishtha Basu

Aphrodite rises

Ocean’s heart splits in pieces
its pain overwhelms its being
tears flow out in crashing waves
sea nymphs start to weep silently.

The warmth of their hearts and souls
The light of their deep darkness
Leaves ocean, ground-ward sails
Aphrodite the beloved Goddess.

Ocean waves try to win her back
at her golden feet they gather
sea nymphs try to take her back
With pain their pretty faces wither.

the golden light of love and passion
erstwhile sleeping in depth of ocean
softly rises to greet earth and heaven
birds, beasts, angels sing adoration.

Sharmishtha basu

welcome to spooksville

blanket of fog
descends on earth
your vision is frozen
all around you hear
cackling of witches
grunting of werewolves
your body is frozen
frozen breath
of beings undead
flapping of wings
swish of cloak
of beings unseen
freeze your body
choke your scream
midnight hour
skulking real close
come along
lets take a trip
in the dead of night
to the land of dead
goblins and ghouls
eagerly await
to wish you
happy Halloween!
welcome to spooksville!

Sharmishtha basu

Our God

Stop child of God
Before it’s too late!
Think well, before you act,
God is not mine
God is not yours
God is not his
God is not their
God is our.

When you insult his God
You insult ours
When you laugh at their God
You laugh at ours
When you burn my temple down
You burn ours.
I said what I thought is right
Go ahead, do what is right.

Sharmishtha basu

red wolf

wicked ruby red wolf
prowling in urban jungle
wanted to eat
blue riding hood alive.

prowling in urban jungle
he plotted a conniving plan
feigning as her friend
he tried to trap her in vain.

he though his plan was perfect
but his plan went sour
his prey saw his marble fangs
glistening inside red 5ilky hood

his plan went sour, he went dour
furious he vowed out loud, clear
he will eat her peace, laughter
all her friends and peers.

he vowed he wont leave a single thing
good, sweet or nice in her life
he swore and howled all night long
all his dark plans disappeared with dawn.

Sharmishtha basu

The train

They glide by
One after another
Huts and trees
Hills and valleys
Exhausted exhalation
a dreamy painting
Of milky white steam
As the giant
Rolls up chugging
To reach the top
its destiny.

Sharmishtha basu

The fawn

Golden body, lithe and deadly
Thunderous roar
Deadly claw and fangs
Lightning speed of death.

Look a little closer
You will see
A mother’s heart
That nestles a fawn.

A lioness stumbled upon a fawn
Lost and alone
In place of devouring
She started mothering.

The fragile fawn plays with cubs
Nestled against her
Strange is heart of a mother
It shines above all.

By Sharmishtha basu

Tell me another fairytale

I don’t want to know reality
I don’t want to suffer its bites
Tell me another fairy tale
Even though you are bound
To do exactly the other way round
Oh truthsayer (you were bound to be)!
Tell me another sweet truth.
How the prince and princesses
Spend their days in beauty and glory
In the land of eternal glory and abundance.
Tell me all about them, oh I am dying!

Who cares if they need our snooping!
In the land of their extreme privacy,
Who cares if they care about our being?
Still tell us their all stories
Which plane they ride, which snacks they nibble
What makeup and brands they use for their kids
Don’t tell me about those hungry faces
Those hungry kids that toil in mines
Even though our knowledge about them
May change their whole existence!

Sharmishtha basu

the breeze

Stirring curtain
Mysterious moonlight
Summer breeze
I lie still
Listening, dreaming
As the wind whispers
Stories unheard
Of the distant lands
Forests, towns, beaches
Places he has touched
Breezing through the world.

By Sharmishtha basu

country sketch

tired bulls
drag the plough
soil stirs

egrets wait
scattered like

exhausted farmer
takes a break
the shady banyan

soft breeze
kiss his brow
dry up
sweat drops

Sharmishtha basu

The cub

A soft wind caresses
the luscious green bushes
the fields of fragrant grass
gnarled mangrove trees relish the caress
a bird gently perches on a branch
its sparkling eyes catch a glimpse
a stirring in the underbrush.

A black and gold stripe lies supine
In a lazy slumber, hidden in grass
Her eyes half closed, half open
A tiny one sits on her soft belly
Glaring all around him fiercely
daring the world to mess with him first
Before touching his mother.

By Sharmishtha basu


as I play solitaire with life
people ask me again and again
think where you are going!
think where you are heading!

People ask me again and again
to live life like everyone else.
think where you are heading!
people cant live life alone!

to live life like everyone else
is it that’s what all is about?
people cant live life alone!
is that really the golden rule?

is it that’s what all is about?
to live life with another?
is that really the golden rule?
even when we hate each other?

to live life with another?
and regretting every second!
even when we hate each other?
well I prefer playing solitaire.!

Sharmishtha basu

lady of moon

have you seen her?
in the darkness of night
when wind falls asleep
moon silently spreads light.

in the darkness of night
she slips out of her prison
when wind falls asleep
she alights on moon, tears drop.

she slips out of her prison
when the world sleeps
she alights on moon, tears drop
shower down as the rays of moon.

When the world sleeps
her love for her lover
shower down as the rays of moon
sparkling in the darkness.

her love for her lover
resonate in his tears
sparkling in the darkness
crowning the ocean waves.

Sharmishtha basu

Crown of dawn

Burning crown
Of dawn
Pink reflection
Of her brow,
cheeks and lips
on the earth below
Crystal creek
sparkles in red,
Snowy peaks
burn in pink hue
White mist
Twirls her gown
To save its
Pearly glow

Sharmishtha basu


Dancing like a fairy
You reach out for me
In my dreams
Your veil is studded
With diamonds and pearls
It covers your face
I am mystified
Trying to see through
Those jewels block my eyes.
Your wealth dazzles me
I fail to see your eyes
They are the things that are
Precious than diamond, pearls
Yet you keep them hidden
Behind your diamonds and pearls
Throw away your veil
Show your true self.

Sharmishtha basu


the feeling is here
in the morning air
in the late night chill
autumn is near.

in the morning air
on the soft grass
dew drops scatter
to announce her arrival.

on the soft grass
night flowers scatter
soft white petals
scattered like pearls.

night flowers scatter
wind is heavy with fragrance
crispy clear sun rays
shower down on earth.

wind is heavy with fragrance
fragrance of morning dew
fragrance of night flowers
and the flowers to bloom.

Sharmishtha basu

village belles

temple bells
Echoing music

village belles
dressed pretty
reach the well

chiming bell.

candor bright
outcolour flowers

Sharmishtha basu

the swan

a veil is slowly lifting up
a beauty awaits revelation
an elegant vision is waking up
To bedazzle our eyes.

a beauty awaits revelation,
Can you see it dear one?
To bedazzle our eyes.
the dream is coming to life.

Can you see it dear one?
the world awaits eagerly
the dream is coming to life.
swan spreading its wings.

the world awaits eagerly
world waits just to see
swan spreading its wings.
to kiss the ether blue.

world waits just to see
if her mighty wings are eager
to kiss the ether blue
and grace the world with her grace.
Sharmishtha basu

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

golden birds

Golden birds fly
I ride on their wings
to kiss silver moon


I want to sail
In this tiny lil boat
and conquer your depths


nightingale sings
in the pre dawn darkness
her music pours out


frost freezes the lake
swans fly to warm places
she waits alone blue

Sharmishtha basu


sunshine and gold
blue sky with scattered pearls
green carpet below

Sharmishtha basu

red petals

bright red petals
open to permeate scent
rose smiles at the thorns.


gray slate awaits
ocean nymphs pick up the pens
write story in foams


wind whispers softly
leaves sail down in breeze
fall weaves its carpet


Rain drops softly
on the ocean blue and green
clouds bow down to see.

festive seasons

on the carpet of grass
dew drops scatter
glittering and sparkling
miniature stars.

dew drops scatter
harsingars sail down
softly shower down
after living all night.

harsingars sail down
fragrance spreads out
sweetly permeates
darkness of early dawn.

fragrance spreads out
announces autumn
filling up hearts
with the festive mood.

announces autumn
with it all the fun
all the cheer and laughter
of the festivals to come.

Sharmishtha basu

Real hero

It’s a good feeling to share good things with friends. This is one really good thing I think I came across today.

In this world of molecule
Where every single soul
Orbits around his center
Without much time to bother
For the particle right beside him
You have built a different kingdom
Stashed with not jewels and pearls
But with blessing of hungry souls
You gave up glittering gold
So we could have a man made of gold.

Well, just a few days back I wrote a poem about stolen heroes. Heroes lost, seems fate laughed a bit when he/she came across that poem and here I am sharing a real life hero with you.

I certainly salute this noble heart, and I have a deep belief that if you read the article you too will salute this selfless man, who has sacrificed a luxurious future to feed hungry people

Bravo Narayanan Krishnan! We sure need more heroes like you!


The picture was copied from Google. I hope there is no problem with that. If there is, please feel free to tell me I will delete it.

I hope there is no problem in using this URL here. I rarely do it; I hope I did not blundered.


love knows no ownership
still its empire is endless
its invisible embrace
its silent worship
is mightier than chains
powerful than monarchy
stronger than anarchy.

it simply conquers
consumes the very existence
nothing works against it
logic, argument, wisdom
it’s the mightiest
in all three kingdom
earth, heaven and hell below
all three to its power bow
it’s the undisputed empress
of the whole universe.

Sharmishtha basu

journey awaits

my boat is ready to sail
eagerly it waits for me
bobbing up and down in gale
it urgently calls out to me.

we have been together
from the mountain top silver
kissing the crisp clear ether
since we rolled down the river.

we descended winners
depending on one another
we came down victorious
battling rocks, through lather.

stones tried to pierce her
foams tried to smother
it was such a fun to maneuver
all that rock and lather.

we crossed sleepy villages
and the fields and valleys
heard the sweet stories
told by wind, land and valleys.

now she is waiting in ocean
calling out to me andantily
to endless journey in ocean
to abandon ourselves merrily.

Sharmishtha basu

bride in shroud

she was a beautiful maid
full of beauty and gaiety
ready to bloom, to wed
a picture of beauty, frailty.

you stole her wedding gown
crushed her life under your feet
you wanted to seal her doom, her ruin
you changed her beautiful fate.

there was no fault of her
you wanted to destroy her
to avenge your wronged sister
wronged by the groom about to wed her.

she discarded the gown, picked up shroud
now you scream, you run, you try to hide
but wherever you go you hear her laughter loud
you are stalked by a shroud wrapped bride.

Sharmishtha basu

Binky’s revenge

Evil monster binky
acting by the demon rules
decided to seek revenge
by vilest set of rules.

acting by the demon rules
he decided to avenge
his darling sister pinky
destroyed by another monster.

he decided to avenge
wrongs done to one
by wrongs done to another
just to avenge his sister.

wrongs done to one
wrong done to another
he settled each and every score
on the other monster’s sister.

wrong done to another
innocent harmless soul
opened doorway to hell
binky marched in there to dwell.

Sharmishtha basu

Mister Owl

Mr. Owl thought he was wise
Mr. Owl thought he was nice
So he decided for himself
He deserved a dainty bride.

He went out to search
He searched high and low
Finally his choice zeroed
On pretty Miss Finch.

“Now, now Miss Finch,
You chirp too loud
You jump too high
You sing and fly too much!”

“Oh my dear, how can I convince?
Pretty little girls
Don’t act like this.
Do change yourself completely.”

Every time they met
He made Miss Finch flinch
His sarcasm quoted wisdom
Made her eyes wet.

She flew away to brighter lands
Now Mr. Owl sits brooding
His world is colourless, silent
His nights are spent without winks.

Sharmishtha basu

Mr. wise 18.09.10
Mr wise
was looking
bride charming
who could gracefully
match his stride
he looked high and low
all were shallow
soon he realized
life has flown by
and he wasted it
looking for perfect bride.

Sharmishtha basu

Nature and man

Invisible and visible fingers
Together have created
A magic on earth
Green, tall trees
Huddled together
A balm for hurting eyes
Deepest hue of emerald and green
Stand like sentry, against azure blue.

A spread made by visible fingers
Lies at their feet
A garden of flowers
A man made dream
Pink, red, white, yellow, purple
Every colour, every shade
Plays like happy children
Under watchful eyes of the trees.

Sharmishtha basu

perfect beauty 18.09.10
a flower farm
lying in arms
of wilderness
man and nature
painting together

sprinkled seeds
create a river coloured
red, blue, pink, ochre
nature paints her part
tall green woods, velvet grass

Sharmishtha basu

My prayers

Oh how I longed
How I yearned
For that handsome prince
To end up in my life forever
You turned your face away.

Soon that mask was gone
And I realized
Your naïve daughter
Was about to embrace snake
That’s why you ignored.

How I yearned for money
For riches, gems and glitters
Sometimes you gave
Mostly you ignored
How I sometimes was mad at you.

Then with wisdom came sense
I begged you for peace, love for all
Soon my heart filled up and swelled
I asked for a drop
And you filled up my being.

Sharmishtha basu
I pray 18.09.10
I pray I insist
You refuse
I beg I persist
my prayers
go unanswered
all I receive
is your silence

Fury boils within
sometimes I hate you
then one day I realize
you were, are and will
always be right.

Sharmishtha basu


Let me first confess
From the bottom of my soul
I do love you
With all my heart and soul.

The way a daughter loves
An incapable mother
Whose children are rogues
Who keep tormenting one another.

The way a daughter loves a mother
Who just can’t teach
Her children the ways of acting
Almost any thing proper and sweet.

How can she hug and say,
“Oh mom! You are the greatest!
When she can see her turning her face
Away from the plight of her siblings.”

“So she loves her as a daughter
Fails to worship and applaud
She accepts her with all her faults
Knowing very well she won’t change.”

Sharmishtha basu
imperfect 18.09.10
every mother
is not perfect
imperfection does not
Deprives her from love
of her own children.

I too do the same
I know your failings
yet I love you
I may not look up at you
but I don’t look down at you.

Sharmishtha basu


A riot of colours
Red, pink, white
Lying deserted
On a concrete slab.

What’s the story?
A broken heart?
A forgetful mind?
Ignored beauty?

By Sharmishtha basu

red and white 18.09.10

soft petals
red and white
bruised by
harsh concrete
shed tears.

who left them behind?
forgetful mind?
broken heart?
mysterious lover?
they wait
for a hand
to take them home

Sharmishtha basu

Kingdom of stupidshine

In the kingdom of stupidshine
Every thing was fine.
King demoniac ruled his roost
With utmost precision.

His kiths and kin
Pals and chums
Dear and near ones
Flourished like sunshine.

Every voice that dared to protest
Was snuffed to silence
Before that spark could ignite
It was thrown in darkness.

His chums controlled the outer layer
Of that tasteless fruit
The whole world was bedazzled
By their prosperous look.

Deeper one went into that fruit
Bitter and bitter it became
But Demoniac was smart
He knew how to maintain his façade.

His rule was simple- buy them all
So that they sing his praise
Don’t even bother to look inside
Where the common people dwell.

If you can’t buy them- crush them
For one voice generates another
So before it’s too late
Kill them- kill each and everyone.

There is no use trying to serve
Each and every citizen
As long as crème de la crème is happy
Rest can go straight to hell.

Silence the protest
No one will know
Whats inside that glitzy covering
Just pretend the fruit is made in heaven.

Pretension works magic
Especially if it’s pouted from ruby lips
Discussed in chandelier lit dining rooms
Where diamonds and emeralds glitter.

Sharmishtha basu

Kingdom of king Kong 18.09.10
King Kong rules his kingdom
just the way its meant
no one should dare to say
a single word against

dungeons await rebels
shower of gold jesters
wealth for supporters
scary death for protesters.

Sharmishtha basu

moon and sky

Old moon rises in sky dark blue,
Stars show up one and two;
A silver crescent on azure hue,
Glittering diamonds twinkle too;
Every night but one it glows,
Just one night in month it sleeps;
So many shapes it takes and shows,
On moonless night the sky weeps;
Missing her constant companion,
Her tears drop as crystal dew;
Aching for the reunion,
Moon shows up fresh and new;
This happens once in thirty day,
They stay away for just one day.

Sharmishtha basu


some evil monsters
pair up with greedy youngsters
to punish disobedience
to crush resistance
these evil monsters
and these greedy youngsters
form a evil force
to make everyone else coerce
ugliness of one’s soul dark
tames the others greed stark
ugly shriveled monster binky
rules the goblin stinky
through him the cruel beast
controls everyone rest

Sharmishtha basu

It’s a general poem, mainly toward the quagmire of politics, where sly old politicians use warm blooded, hot headed youngsters to get their dirty deeds done.


mingle with your own type
wise people say it
its just not another hype
one should better follow it
if ice surrounds itself with fire
and water itself with sand
sooner or later to everyone’s ire
ice will melt, water will become sand
so many times when wise men
surround themselves with fools
ignoring one after another omen
they prepare own destruction’s tools
never leave unguarded your treasures
surrounded by pack of greedy or robbers.

Sharmishtha basu

life as rose

life changes like a canvas
picking up colours
from the swirling world
colours we choose.

picking up colours
gorgeous as rainbow
spreading them across
whole life through.

gorgeous as rainbow
sweet as a rose
fragrant and colourful
a picture perfect.

sweet as a rose
smiling in thorns
that will be my life
that or none.

smiling in thorns
taking them in stride
riding every wave
that life sends my way.

Sharmishtha basu

dancing on waves

life is such a fun
if you can grasp it
roller coaster ride
if you can hold it.

if you can grasp it
its depth becomes shallow
your soul lights up
its ebony black hollow

its depth becomes shallow
its waves become tame
you ride on them easily
like a dolphin or whale

its waves become tame
it unravels its glory
you write your story
in its rushing waves.

it unravels its glory
your soul is mesmerized
no time for being sorry
you live dancing on waves.

Sharmishtha basu

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It’s the essence
The living breath
The must of every life.
Not an achievement
It’s just the start
Of building a life
On this foundation
Brick by brick
Stone by stone.
Not for me or you- for everyone.

It’s not for only me
It’s for all of us
A life of dignity
A life of light
A life of full plate
A life of covered body
Covered dignity
And a cover above our heads
Against sun, rain, storm.
Not for me or you- for everyone.

How can I say I am free, happy?
When my brother is in chain
My sister is abused
My mother cries tears of blood?
When the sound of their heavy chains
Keep ringing in my ears
As I lie in my velvet bed sleepless
Staring at the ceiling!
Their cries penetrate those walls
I have built around my heart.

How can I feel satiated, full?
When my brother’s child
Cries for a single piece of bread
When my sister’s son
Goes to work in brick kiln
While mine go to oxford and Cambridge
Theirs don’t even get a chance to read.
Is it the independence I seek?
Is this the fulfillment of my life?
Then where is brotherhood of man?

Sharmishtha basu
true independence 18.09.10
independence means
food clothe and shelter
for all
dignity to live
dignity to die
not for me and you
for every one
liberty is not property
of privileged ones
its for one and all
each and every soul

Sharmishtha basu

stolen heroes

Heroes 19.08.2010

Where are the heroes?
Voices that protested
Hands that picked up swords
For truth, for downtrodden?

Some have compromised
Some have fallen asleep
In cemeteries and pyres.
Some have lost their power.

Some are still fighting
In the battlefield
One against the tentacles
Of the poisonous hydra.

A solitary warrior
Carrying the flag of truth
Very lonely crusader
In the world busy making profits.

Sharmishtha basu
Stolen heroes 16.09.10
Searching high and low
Can anyone show
The path
that leads
To the land
that have stolen
Our brave hearts
Men n women
With courage
O lion
O river
Heart full o love
Like fruit laden trees.

Sharmishtha basu

Binky and Stinky

Binky is an old
all shriveled up monkey
he has a strange ally
a young Turk named stinky.

together they run havoc
every where they go
when binky’s slyness fails
to get what he wants.

he hands over the charge
to energetic stinky
he uses his animal power
to complete the wreck.

every one crosses his heart
when he sees binky n stinky
sitting on a branch
lost in heart to heart chat.

Sharmishtha basu
This is a familiar scenario in Indian politics and sometimes in career world too; once in a while we can see it nearby us too in people we come across every day. An old man and a young man (you can replace it by woman) gang up together- one’s brain and other’s strength can bring havoc or tremendous success. Depends on what they want to accomplish.

disappearing girls

An evil monster thrives
Right amongst us
Hidden behind gold cloak
Feeding on child flesh.

Every time its tentacle strikes
A child vanishes
I put down my morning cuppa
And thank god “She’s not mine.”

I try to hide my eyes
whenever I come across
grieving parents
running from pillar to post.

a part of my heart knows
soon the turn will be mine
and I curse God
why did She gave me a child.

Sharmishtha basu
It’s a break in regular theme. We all know that law and order is mostly unsavoury, sometimes it just crosses the limit of toleration.

As per printed media 2500 girls have vanished from West Bengal in one year. These girls mostly are abducted by Human Traffickers.

Parents of one of them, despite being poorest of poor are running from pillar to post for their daughter.

Shame on these monsters. Hope devil soon takes them back and spares us.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

glory divine

Glory divine 2.08.2010
Colours dancing in the sky
Red, blue, green, yellow, mauve
A sudden streak of white
Swirling, twisting, creating
A painting from divine.

An invisible painter
Grabbing a paintbrush
Plays with all the colours
In the canvas of endless sky
His glory is divine.

The colours swoop down
To touch the trees
Lending them
A moment of glory
As they embrace them close.

Touching the mountains
Rivers and lakes
Sharing their beauty
Happily, wholly
The earth turns in fairy land.

Aurora 16.09.10

Light and shadow

A blinding flash
O white
A furious blending
Of purple, red, blue
A soft hue
Of indigo
Dull fire of
Yellow n orange

Earth watches
This performance
Its brilliance.

Sharmishtha basu

Seven pearls

Turquoise blue
Under Powerful hoofs
Mermaids swim by
Nymphs arise
To harness
Seven pearls
With chariot of fire
robe of flames
Apollo surfaces
Beautiful dawn
Waits in the sky.

Sharmishtha basu

Hope and dreams

Those hands reaching out
At you with so much love
Have been hurt so many times
Treat them nice.

Those eyes looking at you
Have seen so many
Fake promises
Be true to them.

Those lips
Chanting your name
Have been mocked
Too many times.

It’s sometimes easy
To ascend the throne
Becomes impossible
To stay there.

Hope you can feel
That love, hope and yearning
Laid down by common men
On the steps to your coronation.

Sharmishtha basu

tread softly

tread softly
They are hearts
treat them
with dignity
Don’t push away
Those reaching arms
These are the one
that weaved the silky robe
that paved the path
and made that throne
for your coronation

Sharmishtha basu

Every time

Every time

Every time you will hit your brother
The blow will land on me.
Every time you will abuse your sister
You will abuse me.

I am their mother
They are my children
Just like you are mine
They too belong to me.

To have me first have them
To reach me come through them
To serve me pick them up from dust
Wash their pain, you will embrace me.

The moment you will hurt them
You will walk a step away from me,
Further and further you will walk away
With every pain you will cause them.

I am not apart from you or THEM
I am mingled in you and am outside you
You just can’t separate yourself or them
You all are a part of me and me of you.

Sharmishtha basu

My glory 7.09.10

Oh my children!
Million times
I cried out
Why can’t you hear?

Is it me you seek?
Then love them all
All religions
Sing my songs.

They all sing
My praise my glory
How can I love you?
If you burn my glory!

Centuries through
My messengers said
These very words
Why do you forget?

Sharmishtha basu

Queen of spring

flower fairy

Her tiny wings white as dew
Flutter with joy
As she flies from flower to flower
Waking them up with her soft kisses.

Spending some time with each one
Just before flying off to the next
Her mornings are busy
Spreading joy, happiness and colours.

In the night she comes down
Swinging on the beams of moon
Her paintbrush and palette in hand
She softly wakes up the buds.

She happily paints them in multiple hues
Painting living dreams on petals
Then fills them up with fragrance
And sleeps with them for a while.

Sharmishtha basu

Queen of spring 7.09.10

Hush behold her
Flying like butterfly
Flower to flower
Blessing them all.

Roses steal ruby hue
From her ruby lips
Violets borrow
Shades of her blue eyes.

Chariots of moonbeams
Carry her down here
Rays of sunbeam
Take her back home.

Fairy of flowers
Queen of spring
Comes down to earth
To scatter fragrant dreams.

Sharmishtha basu


coconut tree

Blue satin
Stitched with white lace
Spread far and wide
Resting against blue sky.

White sand reaches out
To feel its satin touch
A solitary coconut tree
Stands tall, looks beyond.

A green island far away
Covered with tall coconut groves
The ocean wind plays messenger
Shares their stories.

As it comes rushing across the sea,
Teasing, creating waves and ripples
To softly ruffle the trees
And share his stories.

Sharmishtha basu

Stories 7.09.10

Waves come
Waves go
Wind whispers
Stories and tales
Fables reach out
From the land
Reaches the ear
Of ocean waves
Coconut groves
Whisper words
In the ears
Of rushing waves

Sharmishtha basu

The princess and the frog

Junior mister froggy
Was mommy’s pet
Mommy called him
“My darling prince.”
When he crooned
His froggy melodies
Mommy was always there
To applaud and cheer him.

With time he grew up
Became a big frog
Still he was mommy’s
Darling, her pet.
He went out for adventure
To slay dragons
To conquer lands
To win a princess for himself.

Soon he saw a princess
Playing by her fountain
He went up to her
“Kiss me, I am a prince.”
The princess saw a frog
Heard him going “Ribbit”
She ran away screaming
“Mommy mommy come quick!”

Our prince was undaunted
He followed her to her palace
Soon he found her out
Sitting in her room
He clambered up to the windowsill
“Kiss me now! Quick!”
The princess pushed him out, he hollered
“I will be back!”

Sharmishtha basu
Musings 10.09.10

A pretty princess
Pretty as a picture.

Melodious as a lark
Fragrant as a rose

Won the fancy of a toad.

The toad asked for a kiss
The princess obliged.

He turned into a prince
They lived happily ever-after.

That’s what the story says.

What if he dint changed?
It has not been a fairytale.

Sharmishtha basu

Fragrant dawn

Tall trees wrapped in green
Lean on it
To see their youthful faces
White flimsy mist
Softly covers it
As if to save those blooms
From harshness and eyes.

Soft, white lotuses
Gently spread their petals
Welcome the morning sun
Light up the pond and the wood
With their elegant beauty
The wind softly kisses them
Sunrays come down to embrace
Their elegant beautiful beings.

Sharmishtha basu


Fragrant dawn

Soft pink faces
With streaks
Of crimson

As the wind whispers
Soft, sweet praises
Crystal water
Reach out to embrace

Deep blue sky
Smiles at them
Sun glows
In happiness.

They softly sway
Spreading their charm
Their sweet fragrance
Enchants the dawn.

tall trees
Try to save them
From hands
trying to pluck them.

Sharmishtha basu

Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina

Aqua marina smiles
blue Petals glow
droplets of waves
sparkling crystals
decorating velvet green.

Under the azurine sky
Snowy peaks
touching clouds
Pieces of ocean
Stitched in earth’s gown.

Sharmishtha basu


Blue poppies

A piece of heaven
A piece of sapphire
With a body and life
I never thought
Something so beautiful
Existed in earth.
They spread across
The valleys and mountains
Hundreds and hundreds
Beautiful dream.

Sharmishtha basu

Swinging to the clouds

Dark clouds have gathered
A peacock dances
Spreading its rainbow plumes
As the white lightning flashes
Against the ebony clouds
Birds have huddled in their nests,
Thunder roars
Pitter patter starts
Waiting to turn into
Silver torrent pouring down.

under the flimsy veil of mango leaves
the little girl swings
her swing trying to kiss the branches
her hair wet and face glistening
her eyes are lost in the clouds
she wants to fly out to them
so she keeps swinging
ignoring the sliver cascade
ignoring her mother’s shout
“come home right now!”

Sharmishtha basu

She swings

Her rope is tied
To the ebony clouds
She swings
The wind sings
A soft song
Rain drops
Call out her name
In soft symphony
Softly they kiss
Her glowing cheeks
Her flowing tresses
Her swaying dress
Trees stretch
Their green branches
Birds fly by
As she reaches
Higher and higher
To touch the clouds

Sharmishtha basu

Bizarre world

Bizarre world
You bewitch me
Mesmerize, hypnotize me
You have enchanting ways
You can paint white to black
Harbour evil, shun goodness
Silent just protests
Let the jokers roar
Yet the public accepts
Whatever is your say.

They meekly submit themselves
Just the way you want them to.
It always puzzles me
How do you do it?
They say “you can’t fool everyone”
I guess they are right
But if you can fool or use mightiest
Everyone else is subdued
And the public silently gives in
To your whims and fancies.

Sharmishtha basu

Magician World

Just like a magician
You weave your spell
Turn people into sheep
Mute spectator
Of every outrage
They scurry to their
Shangri la
Ignoring your evils
Praying in their heart
They will never be
The victim of
Your next insanity
They try desperately
To save their roost
Ignoring the wild fire
You throw around that.

Sharmishtha basu

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Say those sweet words

Say those sweet words 28.08.10

Love is so dreamlike
It needs confirmation
Tis true the embrace speaks
Yet sometimes words
Do the rest of the magic.

They become the foundation
On which the castle is built
For words spoken out
Give the solid base of truth
Then they do sound sweet.

Even love birds whisper
In each others ears
When they are with mates
In a voice sweet, tender
So shalt thou!

Tell me the depth and intensity
With which you love me
Tell me that you will stay
Forever right beside me
Oh I do implore you – tell!

Tell me 26.03.2010

If you like me
Tell me
Tell me what’s in your mind.
Don’t hide.

No matter how deep my love is
It still will need your consent
It can’t express itself
Without your reciprocation.

It may stay alive within
But won’t show itself to you
Unless you open your heart
And spread your arms to greet.

Love really is like a bird
Clutch it, it will die,
Hold it too lightly it will fly
You just have to hold it right.

Sharmishtha basu

Lessons of life

Lessons of life 26.08.10

Oh how we stumble
In the walk of life
Just to learn
A lesson each time
Lessons that stay
To light up the path
Yet to be trodden
Waiting to be walked upon.

These lessons pass
From heart to heart
From mind to mind.
We share them
With those we care for
To show them
What’s to be remembered
And what is to be forgotten.

Remember 26.03.2010

When you are in love
Remember my child!
Hearts are often broken
To pieces in love
Pieces beyond repair.

Every thing that glitters
Is not gold, diamond
Sometimes imitations
Outshine the real gems.

Every thing that tastes sweet
Is not nectar
Saccharine and sugar are sweeter
Better judge before deciding.

We all stumble, fall and rise
To learn precious lessons
You will have to do the same
To win the love of your life.

Trust your heart
Not the tongue and eye of others
To judge the perfect lover
And never let love slip away.

Sharmishtha basu

The joke is on you

The joke is on you 27.03.10

He walks in to the room
Full of jovial crowd
Out to have some fun
The moment he stepped in
An eerie silence befell
Followed by an explosion
Of uncontrolled laughter
Booming like thunderbolt
Just like a thunder it crashed
Down on his stunned mine.

He stood frozen
He had a really bad week
All he wanted was tome cheer
To forget his miseries
By seeing others laugh
But he never imagined
He would be the joke,
He looked at them with fury
The laughter exploded again
He thought he will change the story.

He was about to start
A very ugly brawl
When a hand touched his shoulder
And he turned around
He saw the funniest looking man
Standing right behind him
They must have stepped together
In the bustling bar
He was the reason behind the laughter
He just stared, could not laugh.

“I know what was in your mind sonny!
That’s why I stooped you
For you ware about to be a victim
Of an unpardonable yet too common folly
You were about to hit out
Before checking the reason or facts
No sonny! They are not bad men!
They all are my friends!
They are not laughing at my looks!
They are laughing ‘cause I lost a bet!”

Talking about you 26.03.2010

So you think he is talking about you?
Making fun of you
Disguising as a friend
He is taunting you?
His latest cartoon is you.
Oh it so resembles you.
It can’t be any one but you.
You should have known this before.

Wait, think before you act,
My dear friend, sometimes
There is so much more in life
Than the things that meet your eyes,
May be he has met someone
Who is just like you?
And that person has made him so angry
That he is making fun of him?

Sharmishtha basu

sleeping dreams

sleeping dreams 27.08.10

They are sleeping dreams n truths
Waiting to be woken up
They open their eyes to emerge
When souls come out to play.

Sometimes they play with dreams
Sometimes with feelings sweet
Sometimes they trod in darkness
And sometimes they reach out for light.

poetry 21.03.2010

Sometimes I chase them
They fly away
Sit down on a far away tree
And sing tempting songs to me.

Sometimes they chase me
And I am too busy
To sit down with the keyboard
And type the poetry.

Sometimes they come easy
Like flow of water
Gust of wind
Fragrance of flower.

Sometimes they just hum in mind
For hours on end
Like a forgotten song
Tune is there, lyrics are gone.

Sharmishtha basu

When love speaks

When love speaks 26.08.10
Love says so much
Without saying a word
It creates a heaven
In two blessed hearts.

Where words are lost
To be found in eyes
Where tongues get quiet
Eyes talk.

Warm embraces, soft kisses
Write paintings
Sing songs
Play sweetest symphonies.

The world hears nothing
They hear the world
In each other’s touch
In each other’s eyes.

Spring is in the air 26.03.2010
My head is on your shoulder
My eyes lost in dreams
Sometimes looking around me
Sometimes lost in you.

The small river runs by
Stumbling on rocks
Singing for us
Soft breeze kisses us.

Your fingers are busy
Plucking up wild daisies
Tucking them in my hair
I feel like spring fairy.

The spring is in the sky
The spring is in the air
But more than that
It is in you and me.

Sharmishtha basu

Footprints to soul

Footprints to soul 26.08.10
People say
Faces tell stories
Stories of soul
Sometimes they do
Sometimes they don’t
Some placid faces
Hide darkest souls
Some calm appearances
Often hide potholes
They don’t always talk.

Sometimes we have to feel
Look beyond the eyes
To feel the person
To feel his total self
Looking beyond
His calm eyes, smiling face
They often leave footprints
Leading to the soul
But they are covered in mist
Makes it so easy to get lost..

faces 17.10.2010

Faces don’t always mirror
Deepest thoughts
But if you see
Very, very keenly
They almost always
Reflect the soul
The true character
That is hidden inside.

That sudden flicker in eyes
When one hears something
That sudden grimace
Sudden twist in face
Which disappears
But leaves the trails
Trails which lead
Us to the soul.

Sharmishtha basu

Light and fire

Light and fire 26.08.10

A being of light
Looks so beautiful, pure
So innocent and harmless
Tempting the fingers of
Greed, lust and darkness,
Since eternity
They try to pull it down
In the land of darkness
Sometimes to have them
Sometimes to extinguish
They reach out again and again.

Oh they do succeed
Sometimes to pull stars to earth
In their lair of darkness
Sometimes the light extinguishes
Dies in the clutches of darkness
Sometimes, when they are wrong
They pull down someone too strong
It burns them with its fury
Playing with light is harmless
Playing with fire is death.

Don’t pull down a star 19.10.2010

Don’t pull down a star
The blissful light
Shining up above
It will come down as fire
To burn you to ashes
You will disappear
In a single flicker
Won’t even know what happened.

Sharmishtha basu


Vilest 26.08.10

Oh we do hate another sometimes
For so many reasons
Treachery, jealousy or fury
Just to mention.

Vilest are those of us
Who get ready to avenge
But to reach their goal
They hide behind love, friendship.

They use trust to ruin
They use love to destroy
They give bad name
To love, faith and trust.

Are their actions forgiven?
I sincerely pray no!
I hope that God keeps
A special scoreboard for them.

Sweet words 14.05.2010

Sweet words in lips
Bitterness in heart
Hand stretched out
Faking handshake
Or a warm embrace
Or a tight clasp
In-fact to stab
Right in my back.

You leave me mystified
Not fooled any more
For your game was up
Even before your knew
Why do you flitter about?
Why do you fake as friend?
And then try to steal
My dignity, my hopes, my happiness?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Light in darkness

Light in darkness 22.08.10

Why be so miserly
In sparing a smile
In saying a sweet word
In holding a hand
Oh our stay is so short
Who knows when we shall part!
Why not leave a patch of warmth
In every heart that comes across.

These small sparks of light
Spread their light and heat
When the night is spreading
Its dark cloak on existence
We see them twinkling
Unfazed spec of light
Decorating the darkness
Spreading their light.

Do you know? 26.03.2010

Do you know?
One smile from you
Can brighten up
My darkest day?

Do you know?
One hello from you
Can bring smile to my lips
When my eyes are brimming with tear?

Do you know?
I count your friendship
As the sweetest thing
Which God has given me?

I thought you better should
For may be my feelings are hidden
And you don’t even know
How much precious you are to me.

Sharmishtha basu

Raise the curtain

Don’t be shy
Don’t be scared
Reach out
Pull the curtain
Open the window wide.

Let the air gush in
Let the sunshine stream
Don’t worry about some flies
Or some splash of rain
That will follow the freedom.

Look out- greet the real world
With its beauty and sadness
With its riches and poverty
Face the truth
Don’t hide behind a curtain.

Don’t let ignorance blind you
Wrap you under its cloak
Face the world just the way it is
There is so much to love
There is so much to change, if we care.

Sharmishtha basu

Power of Words

Power of Words 19.08.10

Words …. Weigh them
Before you let them out
To meet the world.

They can thrill and kill
Ruin and rebuild
A life, a heart a soul
Their power – is intense.

More powerful than raging fire
Than a twisting, twirling storm
Or an ocean boiling in fury
A volcano erupting its suppressed wrath.

You control them- you are the king
They control you- you are pauper
Remember one thing before saying a thing
Sooner or later they come back to you.

After gathering all the dues
They sometimes grow big as a raging storm
Before they hit you back
To tear your world apart.

Sweet and bitter 20.04.2010

Sweet kind words
Don’t cost us a dime
Nor do cruel taunts
Do they cost us a thing?

Watch the difference
Of two free things
One brings smile
The other grimace.

Chose them with care
For it will decide
The colour with which
You will paint your world.

Think what will you like
Being surrounded by flowers
Or army of thorns
Waiting for their chance to prick.

Sharmishtha basu

Wings of glory


Wings of glory 19.08.10


Some yearn to fly
To kiss the deep blue sky
Some succeed
In touching the divine high
Those who are left behind
Sometimes shrug, sometimes fret
It’s just the human nature
Not much to worry or regret
When you are blessed
Blessed a bit too much.

Beyond the limit of everyone else.
Be prepared for envy
Be prepared for treachery
Malice, hatred or fury
They are just like winds
That pull you down to earth
Don’t let them scare you
Ride on them with a laughing soul
For they will come again and again
As long as you will fly, kiss the sky.


Wings 24.03.2010

Those who have wings
will meet these
wingless creatures
who yearn to fly
but can’t fly
reasons too many
lack of wings
or weak wings.

Don’t let their fears
Scare you.
Don’t let their jokes
Daunt you.
They may envy or hate
Mock, ridicule or curse
But they can’t stop you
So just fly and kiss sky.

Sharmishtha basu



If not now….. 17.08.10


“Love won’t wait
For too long
To be adored.
It’s a precious jewel
It won’t lie scattered
In the dust for too long.
A knowing eye, a caring hand
Will pick it up to adorn a crown.”

“When your heart yearns
Longs for a special soul
Why wait till eternity?
Till love grows cold?
If not now, then when?
On the day of his funeral?
Or his wedding day to the other
Will you claim your love for him?”

Procrastination 25.03.2010


True love Knows
no procrastination
it knows its destination
too well.

Those who think too much
Wait too much
Toy between
The options too much.

Often wake up one day
To see
Love has gone away
Found someone else.

A jewel never
Lies in dust undesired
It soon finds its place
Where it is desired.

Puppets of fate


Witch and woman 16.05.2010


Why did the witch stalked
the ordinary woman
feigning as her friend?
Acting as her foe?

She wanted the king
But the king loved the woman
So she wanted her out of way
That’s why she stalked her.

Why did she not simply wooed
Why did she had to play tricks?
Her black soul showed her the way
Of treachery in place of love.

Why did she pretended as a man?
And wooed her rival?
She wanted to trick her away
From her prey the king.

Why did she not stop that game?
When she had her prey in her web?
She was scared if she breaks her heart
She might start to look for the king again.

Why was she trying to make her fall?
For any Tom, Dick or Harry?
To pick the thorn from her path
She wanted her to fall in love.

If she was in love with someone
That meant her web was safe
She could finally forget her
And live her life with her prey.

Sharmishtha basu


Puppets of fate 16.08.10


Two fates got tangled
For they swirled around
The same golden sun
Black and white got cursed
To dwell together forever.

No matter how hard white tried
To shake away black
No matter how much black craved
To paint white in black
Fate did not let them succeed.

So they danced together
Matching every step
Like two puppets on a string
Trying to break free
But the puppeteer holds the strings.

So they dance together
Hating each other
Trying to break free
To part their ways
Without success.

Sharmishtha basu


Possess 10.08.10

Oh how we ache
Sometimes to possess
The one we think we love
We just cease to note
When love is gone
Only the animal passion
Lingers on
In the dark corridors
Of a heart
Where once love dwelled.
We try to own our beloved
Never even bothering
To look inside his heart
What are his yearnings!
If they are same as ours
Or something just opposite
We just try and try
Ending in the ruin
Of ourselves
Our lives
Or the life of our loved one.

The angel 22.03.2010

In the shadow land
An evil demon dwelled
His heart dark as darkness
Cold as the bottom of a well.

He fell in love with an angel
Kind, loving, beautiful rose
He wanted to have her with him
So he went to woo her.

She said she could not love him
As a mate that just cant be
It’s not in their fate, so let it be
She of course could love him as friend.

The demon got angry
Killed her, shattered her pieces all around
Everywhere the pieces touched the earthy
A beautiful garden of flowers formed.
Sharmishtha basu


Fragrant shadows
Under the dreamy moon
Soft breeze
Unspoken words
Stolen kisses
Tender embrace
Hands not ready
To ever let go
Hearts yearning
For few moments more
Still they have to part
As the birds start whispering
Singing their haunting song
Promising a new dawn
Two souls stay as one
Two bodies go their ways
Promising another night together
Beneath the shadows of fragrant orchard.

Sharmishtha basu

Your friendship

Your friendship?
tis sunshine on rainy days
tis shadow of cloud
On a scorching day.

How much it means to me?
More than the world.
How much I value it?
More than seven skies.

Let your presence shine
Like the morning star
Let it be as certain
As the morning sun.

Be far or near
Thinking or not thinking
Let me stay in your heart
Like you always are in mine.

Sharmishtha basu

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Gorgeous plumes 2.08.10

Gorgeous plumes
Burning like
Emerald, ruby and sapphire
Deck your beautiful body
Yet I fail to love thee
Why? They decorate thine body
Not the soul within.

She on other hand
Is black as coal
But her sweet song
Pouring from her soul
Soothes every soul
That’s why she is loved
That’s why she is hailed.


Why 16.05.2010

Why do you love her?
Keep refusing me?
Even though I love you
With all my heart.

We both are human
She and me
We both have vices
And virtues you see.

I love her and not thee
For too many reasons
she does not pretends
nor does she plays tricks.

You pretend, play games
Pretend to be what you are not
Try to steal what’s not yours
Try to ruin your rivals.

the top poem was inspired by the one below. Have done this experiment with handful of my unpublished poems. Will be sharing them with you. Hope you will like them.

Sharmishtha basu



No my love,
Its not your love
That wants to change me
To mould me completely.

Its your ego that’s talking
Your ego wants control
To twist and turn me
Around your little finger.

I love you its true my love
But my love is not blind
It is open as sky
It sees every thing and soaks.

It knows if I change
Bend myself, lie down in dust
You will still want to change me
Or, you will reject me.

Sharmishtha Basu


wounded love
cheated or abused love
wounded pride
destroyed dignity
those sleepless nights
spent in bed
tossing around
chalking vengeance.

Sooner or later
If the cut is deep
They will seek out
A way to do it
Better not stir them
The dark feeling
Of vengeance
Evolving from crushed heart.

Sharmishtha basu

A strange relation

You were there to soothe me
When tears just wont come
And clasp their tormenting fingers
Right through my heart
Your sweet words
Released them, made me alive.

You were there to guide me
To tell me that God is great
Every hurt that comes our way
Shows that God cares
Example was your very life.

You were there to show me
How high a soul can rise
In love for God or lover
It can kiss the sky
And fly like an eagle.

You were there to show me
How beautiful this earth is
How blessed our life is
If we can love this world
With all our being and heart.

Your body was never there
Nor was your soul
Only the heritage of your words
Played this beautiful role
What will I address you as?

Sharmishtha basu

See you sleeping

It’s such a joy
To see you sleeping
Relaxed and peaceful
No worry about any thing.

Your tiny body stretched
Or sometimes curled up
A deep peace hovering
On your baby like face.

While you softly snooze
Without any worry for tomorrow
I watch you and feel the bliss
Bliss of enjoying your peace.

Sometimes you dream
You quiver and shake
Then peace returns
You snooze again.

I Sit and watch you
It’s a joy beyond words
A feeling to be felt
Only those who can feel it.

Sharmishtha basu


Her world was dark.
Pitch black and choking.
She could not see anything
Not a ray of light therein.

Every morning she heard
A soft, sweet voice calling
“Break free of these chains,
Tear down this wall around thee.”

“Where is the wall? There is none!”
“Look for it, you will find.”
“How can I? It’s so dark inside.”
“Then feel it, the world is waiting.”

She fumbled and fumbled, finally found,
A soft wall tightly enveloping her
She started to tear down that wall
Soon it gave away to her.

She opened her golden petals
One by one spread them around
They enveloped her like a crown
She looked around her and was spellbound.

“Oh this earth is so beautiful.
Why did I not search out the wall before?”
“’Cause every thing happens on time.”
She heard her loving mentor’s sweet voice.

A gorgeous creature softly sat down
On her golden, fragrant petals
It was even more gorgeous than her
A dream sailing around with wings.

Sharmishtha basu


Snow melted
rivers thawed
turbulent torrents
rushing forth.

Flowers blooming
Bees buzzing
Smoothly gliding.

Earth arises
Stretches her limbs
Spring has come
Wake up my kids!

They all open their eyes
Birds, bees and flowers
Beauty unleashes herself
Earth transforms in heaven.

Colours scattered abundantly
Fragrant wind
Intoxicated and exhilarated
Trees dance in glee.

Sharmishtha basu


True love

Warmth of togetherness
Expressed in embraces
Tight and relaxed
Soft and hard.

Kisses exchanged
Sometimes quick
Sometimes slow
Taste lingers forever.

Nothing can compete it
Nothing can replace it
This warmth is created
Only by loving hearts.

Money cant buy it
Power cant yield it
Force cant win it
Only true love can have it.

Sharmishtha basu

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sleeping seed

Promises, hopes and dreams
Tightly bundled within
Covered by a hard shell
Sleeps in the fertile womb

Green leaves slowly make way
As soil parts to let them
To see the golden sunshine
To kiss rain, wind and sunrays.

They reach out for the golden sun
Their bodies getting tough every day
Hopes and dreams sprout as leaves
Branches spread out everywhere.

Flowers bloom, fruits ripe
Birds build nest, beasts feast
Who would have imagined
A tight kernel holding a dream divine!


Beautiful butterflies
Fluttering eagerly
As if waiting
To be captured in paint
Reach out your fingers
They are gone
Melted in air.

So many stories, poems
Bubbling in the lake
To surface and reach out
To the world
Try to catch them-
There are none
Only the placid lake lies still.

So many times so many days
I long to sing like a lark
Paint a picture like God
sing a song like none has heard
write a poem oh so lovely
a story to take your breath away
to make you cry and laugh with me.

They play like small babies
Laughing all around me
Illusive like little fairies
Not ready to give in
When I give up- they appear
When I reach out- they disappear
Leaving me laughing and crying.

Golden fairy

I saw her pouting
A fragile golden winged being
Sun has woken her up
And reported a theft.

He said the roses have stolen
The ruby of her lips
Sky has stolen
Crystal blue from her eyes.

Sunflower and daisies
Committed the sin
Took away a tiny bit
Of her lock’s gold.

She sat there pouting first
Then she laughed out loud
Laughing like a nightingale
She flew back to moon.

Writer sharmishtha basu

Colourful dreams

she sleeps
a bundle of vibrant colours
sheltered by a fortress
to keep her safe
till the glorious day
when magic wand will touch
her lovely eyes
she will yawn and stretch
spread her gorgeous wings
to sail out of her fort
and enchant the world

Butterfly awakes

Out in the garden,
Roaming around
The little girl complained
“Look at those hairy things,
Killing all our plants.”
“Daddy please kills them!
Before they chew them up all,
Nothing will be left behind.”

“Hun, those hairy, fuzzy things,
Running havoc in the garden,
Will soon bundle up in a ball
Ceasing all the pranks.
When that ball will break open
A beautiful butterfly will be out
Making your garden
A million times more beautiful.”


They fly in my mind
Beautiful butterflies
Coloured wings
Beautiful dreams
I try to capture
That beauty divine
On a piece of paper
They fly away
To the endless sky
Leaving behind a paper white.

They pop up their heads
Like bubbles in a tub
Reflecting rainbow hues
Luring me to catch them
to write them down
Share them with the world
My fingers grab the pen
They gleefully burst
Leaving nothing behind
Only placid mind.

blue bird

Sing a sweet song
Just for us
Beautiful, playful,
Tiny blue bird
For us to hear
For us to rejoice
To be enchanted
by your sweetness.

Fly high playfully
Touch the blue sky
Let your blue
Mingle with azure blue
A divine sight
For us to see
We who love, adore you
We who care and cherish.

Don’t burden your soul
By heavy thoughts
By hurt, pain, sorrow
They will weigh you down
Steal the sky from you
To soar high
You need a weightless soul
Don’t gather too much weight.

Don’t let the chains
Let wrap themselves
Around your tiny ankles
Chains of cruel words
Chains of harsh words
Break free of them
To fly in the blue sky
Look at it- its calling you.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Twenty five thousand lives
Perished without a trace
Left behind a procession
Of twisted bodies and limbs.

People in power
Busy playing blame game
Busy saving their skin
Everywhere is silence of death.

People with dead soul
People with dead conscience
Just watch the scene
Don’t utter a word.

When a mother cradles her baby
Deformed and twisted
Who does she curse?
God or human greed?

This is just a message
From one common woman
To the common people who suffered
We mourn with you.

Those who caused this
Those who helped them hide their sin
Both sleep in peace and bliss
But our hearts burn with you.

Any one who wants to know about it can check in Google or Wikipedia.

Its really shameful that almost nothing has been done for these people after absolutely destroying their lives, and the lives of their coming generations.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A funky fairytale

A demon loved an angel
To the limit of insanity
They are not for each other
This much he knew for sure
He knew she will walk away
The moment he shows himself
So he donned a mask
Conned her into loving him.

But what could he do to himself
Soon the mask started to peel
The angel left him
When the mask fell of his face.
First she was angry and bitter
Then he realized his helplessness
His heart was forcing him
To hound her to force her to him.

The demon got furious
Believed her a traitor
He called her names, taunted her
She asked him to change himself
He refused said her love was fake
tried to make her jealous, bitter
hit her from every angle, corner
she reminded him she was an angel.

To have an angel in his arms
He will have to be one
A simple truth that can’t be undone
Oil and water can’t mingle
Black and white can’t embrace
To mingle with each other
They have to be same
Or sacrifice himself in absolute sense.


“You will never forget it
Will thank me forever
For showing it to you
Just go don’t stand here!”
I walked away a bit skeptic.

Never did I thought
Heaven was waiting for me
Down in that valley
Full of spring flowers.

Red, blue, yellow, pink
Name a colour- it was there
Bobbing their pretty heads
In the morning breeze.

Hiding in the deep green
Ocean of softest grass
Playing hide and seek
With childish abandon.

As I stood there staring
A bunch of deer joined me
Looking at me with wide eyes
As they grazed in the valley.

summer blues

Scorching summer heat
Flames shooting upwards
Flames showering downwards
To and from the sun.

Trees, beasts, earth
Begging for mercy
Dark rain clouds
Shower from heaven.

Sun blazes in the sky
Without any mercy
Lashes outs its rays
At the earth below.

Her body is parched
Yearning for mercy
Heaven’s grace
Shower down on her.

lost princess

The beautiful princess
Lost every thing
Her joy, hope, happiness
Her love too followed suit.

She was the apple of king’s eyes
Never saw her mom
She fell in love with a prince
And their marriage was on horizon.

Then she was told
She will not have him
For she did not had royal blood
She was a deserted, abandoned child.

She felt her world has ended
She ran away from the palace
Determined to end the life
Which has taken away her breath.

She was about to commit the sin
When she heard a voice sweet
Sweeter than the nightingales
Which sang to her in dawn.

“Don’t be sad my child
You don’t belong to human race
We lost you when you were born
And we found you at brink of death.”

She turned and saw two golden fairies
Standing right beside her
With the touch of their magic wands
Her own wings woke up from slumber.

Together they flew away to moon
To the land of endless joy
From the land of skepticism and scorn
To the home of the lost child.

sitting on fence

People who think too much
Too long, before taking a step
often end up taking up
The wrong path or turn.

People who can’t say
What’s in their heart,
Either don’t have anything
Or it’s too feeble for a spark.

They say those who sit
Too long on the fence
Thinking and thinking
Which side they will take.

Often fall down in one
Which may not turn out to be
The one they wanted to be
But finally they do land in one.