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Thursday, July 23, 2009


Devil decided its high time,
He has been sowing his seed too long
Now he wanted to reap his harvest
He decided to take over the world.

He placed his most ardent followers
In law, force, media and politics
All these men and women had sold
Their body, soul and dignity to him.

He captured the world using them
They acted as his eye, ear, hands, tongue
Together they fooled everyone for long
Finally they announced devil as God.

He wore a robe like God, and a false halo
Proudly he sat down on a glorious throne
His slaves clapping their hands with glee
Suddenly the clapping stopped, a child talked..

“He is not God!!! Look at his tail and horns!!!”


We all are dreamers chasing dreams,
while we are walking side by side
lets cherish this truth within us
my neighbour too holds his own
sweetest, loved dreams close to heart
which may be different from mine
as different as day and night
as different as sunshine and moonlight.

So, when we are walking towards
Our dreams, our hopes and tomorrow
Lets tread softly, gently with love
So that we have time to feel others
Their dreams, their hopes and sorrow
Have patience to sometimes stoop
And pick up their dreams from ground
To tread carefully to not trample them.

Monday, July 20, 2009

It was love?

Now you say that it was love
that made you ruin your beloved
that made you so cruel that you
slandered her, ruined her beyond repair.

You call it love that made you destroy.
You call it desire that turned you in demon.
You left no stone unturned to ruin, shatter her
Yet you say that’s because you wanted her.

Listen my man, love is the nurturer,
the healer, the protector of beloved.
Her happiness is the thing he craves for
Her joy is the thing he is after.

The moment love turns to lust you go blind
Your lust becomes your only crave,desire.
You wont mind then going to any extreme
You wont mind destroying, burning her alive.

come back again

Come back again as love.
like you have done in past.
every time this earth yearned
for your love, your presence.

Whenever your children lost faith
lost love, lost peace of soul
you came down as Christ or
as Buddha or any other son.

To teach us to love again
to walk again in your path
to be together, walk together
relishing your presence...

As the earth is burning
people are turning
against each other
we need you back with us.

This time when you come
down to be with us
stay with us forever and
ever, don’t ever go back.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The lady and the king

An emperor stumbled once on a lady
Full of beauty, honesty and modesty
He knew he will never have her
For he already had a loving queen.

But he wanted her happiness too much
So he asked one of his favoured ones
To give her the love and honour
Which he himself could not give her.

He did not knew that his favoured one
Had a dark soul as black as night
He tricked his own benefactor
Squeezed him out of his wealth.

Pretending he was wooing her to marry
Squeezed, showered the money on his girl
When he realized that he may get caught
He tricked the emperor, poisoned and fled.

beautiful crown

One by one the rays of sun leaving earth
to go beyond the horizon to spread light,
gently darkness covers the night sky
with its dark, velvety, sky wrapping stole
studded with millions of night diamond.
The queen of night comes down to us
she gently picks up the moon and wears
on her head,.and the gentle light showers!

While the glorious queen sings lullaby
to the tired, weary souls down here
moon her beautiful, glorious crown
shines softly, illuminating the night
showing tired souls way to home,
guiding them with love and light.
Night is gentle, loving lap of a mother
the moon her crown spreading her aura...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fairy and the troll

A fairy stalked by a troll,
wherever that fairy goes
the troll takes a stroll
follows her like pet puppy.

Speaking in his glibberish way
hoping that the fairy will love
whatever glibberish he has to say
the fairy never understood him.

So she started to visit the places
where the troll could not see her
but the troll soon searched her out
and started to pester her.

Asking her again and again
why has she stopped visiting him
the fairy thought it better not to say
that their paths are too far away.

Is it the fairy’s fault that she is kind
Or is it the troll being rude?
If anyone has the answer please tell me
I will forward it to the fairy…

Be truth

When the locusts of falsehood
are swarming in your serene land
covering the truth of sun, causing havoc
by the powerful wings of their sheer multitude.

Be the powerful eagle
Spread your glorious, strong wings
Rise above, perch on the mountain top
Wait for the end, the life of lie is too short.

When the dusts of lie rides the wind
twisting, turning, creating a storm
back off from it, rise above to truth
be the gentle, loving, calm moon.

Soon the wind will know the truth
shake off those dusts from his wings
They will gently go back to earth to sleep
While you will shine crystal clear, up above.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Playing in ocean

Sweet, innocent daughter of mighty sun
playing alone in the dark night
knowing the light of your father
has been left to guard you through.

Playing in the dark ocean of night
creating ripples through night waves
the ocean plays back with you
creating millions of dazzling stars.

Soft winds carry your sweet song
through the darkness to the earth
who eagerly waits for you to show
your light to her in the deep, dark.

When the rosy rays paint east
you know your father is calling
now it is time to stop playing
to go home to have sweet slumber.

Be love

Feeling a little tired at the way the world works
sometimes it just steals the wind under our wings
thinking about all the suspicions we face
when we try to help someone out of compassion.

Was sitting beside the window, gazing out at trees
The green leaves, blue sky, scattered white clouds.
A little bird flew out of nowhere and softly alighted,
gently, tenderly it started a song as if to soothe me.

Little bird singing oh so sweet from the branch
Filling up my very being with your divine strain
What are you trying to tell us by spreading
That pure, divine melody free of any cost?

The purest and most precious things are free?
So when we come across beautiful souls
Brimming with love, tenderness and affection
never waste the bliss by searching hidden cost.

In God’s kingdom the most costly things are free
Air, water, food, light, God’s love.. none bears a pricetag
so is the love which we cherish for each other
so just let it be and lets be love, compassion and grace.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tormented souls

tormented souls submerged in their misery deep
tossing and turning in the pain and hurt
sometimes created by destiny, sometimes by them
pain, frustration and fury boils within their soul.

Sometimes they reach out their decayed fingers
From the depth of the dark abyss
Touch the souls passing by, by the icy tips
Freeze their warmth and joy and go back to the deep..

Go back

Go back undead go back to your crypt
go back in that dark place of rest
and resume your eternal sleep
she doesnot belongs to you or there.

You got tempted by her innocent youth
made a pact with her lusty kins
promising heaven in return of that youth
they failed to make her bow to you.

You returned from the door of heaven
unsatisfied still lusting for her
she was sleeping blissfully in her
lover’s arm, perfect picture of youth.

You stole her lover’s body but failed
to hide your shrivelled soul
soon your game was caught and
she backed away from you .

Don’t you realise the truth evil undead
your gnarled hands don’t look good
placed upon those lotus hands
nor does your dark soul beside the white.

Go back to sleep evil undead and pray
to God that he forgives your lust
and lets you enter in his domain
forgiven, cleansed and chastised.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

If you dont love her..let her go

If you don’t love her let her go
let her explore her chances
before it is too late for her
too late to win another love.

Be a little cruel today to her
tell her to move ahead
tell her to search for someone
who will care for her forever.

She may pine for you now
may beg you to think again
but if you don’t love her
make her change her mind.

Tomorrow she will look back
and bless you for all the tears
that you caused her today
when she will bask in her lover’s arm.

But before you ask her to go away
Away from you to be on her own
Just remember the golden words
Love’s direction is usually one.

Tomorrow if you change your mind
you may regret for losing her hand
then it may happen that you beg her
but don’t get the love which you rejected.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

little ones

Who are you, you tiny, invisible beings
who hover around me in invisible frenzy
flying around with eyes full of mischief
whenever I leave something and relax
you pounce on that and mess all up?
as if a teacher has left a room full of kids.

The moment she walks out all start jumping
the entire room is full of the pitter patter
of their tiny feet hitting the floor while running
the entire corridoor fills up the chattering
of those invisible little beings, without being seen.
When the teacher returns every thing has changed.

Just like her when I return to my plans after a while
I see that you have stolen my paintbrush and colors
and have dabbed color all over my beautiful sketch
some times I laugh, sometimes I curse and cry
but you are oblivious of all this pain just like children.
staying forever invisible yet I know that you are here.

Swirling around my peaceful world in your childish frenzy!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

never be jealous

Don’t be jealous at the smiling flower
It is glowing with beauty divine I know
Look closely all over that pretty being
You will see lines of sun and wind.

The lines created when she battled
With the fire poured by ruthless sun
Or when the winds tried to tear her
Clawing at her with their furious rage.

Never be fooled by the smiling face
Thinking that they are unduly blessed
Study a little deeper in their life
And you will know that it’s the other way.

Their smile is stable and sweetest
That’s not because they live in heaven
That’s because they have created that bliss
After paying its full price in tears and pain.