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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It’s the essence
The living breath
The must of every life.
Not an achievement
It’s just the start
Of building a life
On this foundation
Brick by brick
Stone by stone.
Not for me or you- for everyone.

It’s not for only me
It’s for all of us
A life of dignity
A life of light
A life of full plate
A life of covered body
Covered dignity
And a cover above our heads
Against sun, rain, storm.
Not for me or you- for everyone.

How can I say I am free, happy?
When my brother is in chain
My sister is abused
My mother cries tears of blood?
When the sound of their heavy chains
Keep ringing in my ears
As I lie in my velvet bed sleepless
Staring at the ceiling!
Their cries penetrate those walls
I have built around my heart.

How can I feel satiated, full?
When my brother’s child
Cries for a single piece of bread
When my sister’s son
Goes to work in brick kiln
While mine go to oxford and Cambridge
Theirs don’t even get a chance to read.
Is it the independence I seek?
Is this the fulfillment of my life?
Then where is brotherhood of man?

Sharmishtha basu
true independence 18.09.10
independence means
food clothe and shelter
for all
dignity to live
dignity to die
not for me and you
for every one
liberty is not property
of privileged ones
its for one and all
each and every soul

Sharmishtha basu

stolen heroes

Heroes 19.08.2010

Where are the heroes?
Voices that protested
Hands that picked up swords
For truth, for downtrodden?

Some have compromised
Some have fallen asleep
In cemeteries and pyres.
Some have lost their power.

Some are still fighting
In the battlefield
One against the tentacles
Of the poisonous hydra.

A solitary warrior
Carrying the flag of truth
Very lonely crusader
In the world busy making profits.

Sharmishtha basu
Stolen heroes 16.09.10
Searching high and low
Can anyone show
The path
that leads
To the land
that have stolen
Our brave hearts
Men n women
With courage
O lion
O river
Heart full o love
Like fruit laden trees.

Sharmishtha basu

Binky and Stinky

Binky is an old
all shriveled up monkey
he has a strange ally
a young Turk named stinky.

together they run havoc
every where they go
when binky’s slyness fails
to get what he wants.

he hands over the charge
to energetic stinky
he uses his animal power
to complete the wreck.

every one crosses his heart
when he sees binky n stinky
sitting on a branch
lost in heart to heart chat.

Sharmishtha basu
This is a familiar scenario in Indian politics and sometimes in career world too; once in a while we can see it nearby us too in people we come across every day. An old man and a young man (you can replace it by woman) gang up together- one’s brain and other’s strength can bring havoc or tremendous success. Depends on what they want to accomplish.

disappearing girls

An evil monster thrives
Right amongst us
Hidden behind gold cloak
Feeding on child flesh.

Every time its tentacle strikes
A child vanishes
I put down my morning cuppa
And thank god “She’s not mine.”

I try to hide my eyes
whenever I come across
grieving parents
running from pillar to post.

a part of my heart knows
soon the turn will be mine
and I curse God
why did She gave me a child.

Sharmishtha basu
It’s a break in regular theme. We all know that law and order is mostly unsavoury, sometimes it just crosses the limit of toleration.

As per printed media 2500 girls have vanished from West Bengal in one year. These girls mostly are abducted by Human Traffickers.

Parents of one of them, despite being poorest of poor are running from pillar to post for their daughter.

Shame on these monsters. Hope devil soon takes them back and spares us.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

glory divine

Glory divine 2.08.2010
Colours dancing in the sky
Red, blue, green, yellow, mauve
A sudden streak of white
Swirling, twisting, creating
A painting from divine.

An invisible painter
Grabbing a paintbrush
Plays with all the colours
In the canvas of endless sky
His glory is divine.

The colours swoop down
To touch the trees
Lending them
A moment of glory
As they embrace them close.

Touching the mountains
Rivers and lakes
Sharing their beauty
Happily, wholly
The earth turns in fairy land.

Aurora 16.09.10

Light and shadow

A blinding flash
O white
A furious blending
Of purple, red, blue
A soft hue
Of indigo
Dull fire of
Yellow n orange

Earth watches
This performance
Its brilliance.

Sharmishtha basu

Seven pearls

Turquoise blue
Under Powerful hoofs
Mermaids swim by
Nymphs arise
To harness
Seven pearls
With chariot of fire
robe of flames
Apollo surfaces
Beautiful dawn
Waits in the sky.

Sharmishtha basu

Hope and dreams

Those hands reaching out
At you with so much love
Have been hurt so many times
Treat them nice.

Those eyes looking at you
Have seen so many
Fake promises
Be true to them.

Those lips
Chanting your name
Have been mocked
Too many times.

It’s sometimes easy
To ascend the throne
Becomes impossible
To stay there.

Hope you can feel
That love, hope and yearning
Laid down by common men
On the steps to your coronation.

Sharmishtha basu

tread softly

tread softly
They are hearts
treat them
with dignity
Don’t push away
Those reaching arms
These are the one
that weaved the silky robe
that paved the path
and made that throne
for your coronation

Sharmishtha basu

Every time

Every time

Every time you will hit your brother
The blow will land on me.
Every time you will abuse your sister
You will abuse me.

I am their mother
They are my children
Just like you are mine
They too belong to me.

To have me first have them
To reach me come through them
To serve me pick them up from dust
Wash their pain, you will embrace me.

The moment you will hurt them
You will walk a step away from me,
Further and further you will walk away
With every pain you will cause them.

I am not apart from you or THEM
I am mingled in you and am outside you
You just can’t separate yourself or them
You all are a part of me and me of you.

Sharmishtha basu

My glory 7.09.10

Oh my children!
Million times
I cried out
Why can’t you hear?

Is it me you seek?
Then love them all
All religions
Sing my songs.

They all sing
My praise my glory
How can I love you?
If you burn my glory!

Centuries through
My messengers said
These very words
Why do you forget?

Sharmishtha basu

Queen of spring

flower fairy

Her tiny wings white as dew
Flutter with joy
As she flies from flower to flower
Waking them up with her soft kisses.

Spending some time with each one
Just before flying off to the next
Her mornings are busy
Spreading joy, happiness and colours.

In the night she comes down
Swinging on the beams of moon
Her paintbrush and palette in hand
She softly wakes up the buds.

She happily paints them in multiple hues
Painting living dreams on petals
Then fills them up with fragrance
And sleeps with them for a while.

Sharmishtha basu

Queen of spring 7.09.10

Hush behold her
Flying like butterfly
Flower to flower
Blessing them all.

Roses steal ruby hue
From her ruby lips
Violets borrow
Shades of her blue eyes.

Chariots of moonbeams
Carry her down here
Rays of sunbeam
Take her back home.

Fairy of flowers
Queen of spring
Comes down to earth
To scatter fragrant dreams.

Sharmishtha basu


coconut tree

Blue satin
Stitched with white lace
Spread far and wide
Resting against blue sky.

White sand reaches out
To feel its satin touch
A solitary coconut tree
Stands tall, looks beyond.

A green island far away
Covered with tall coconut groves
The ocean wind plays messenger
Shares their stories.

As it comes rushing across the sea,
Teasing, creating waves and ripples
To softly ruffle the trees
And share his stories.

Sharmishtha basu

Stories 7.09.10

Waves come
Waves go
Wind whispers
Stories and tales
Fables reach out
From the land
Reaches the ear
Of ocean waves
Coconut groves
Whisper words
In the ears
Of rushing waves

Sharmishtha basu

The princess and the frog

Junior mister froggy
Was mommy’s pet
Mommy called him
“My darling prince.”
When he crooned
His froggy melodies
Mommy was always there
To applaud and cheer him.

With time he grew up
Became a big frog
Still he was mommy’s
Darling, her pet.
He went out for adventure
To slay dragons
To conquer lands
To win a princess for himself.

Soon he saw a princess
Playing by her fountain
He went up to her
“Kiss me, I am a prince.”
The princess saw a frog
Heard him going “Ribbit”
She ran away screaming
“Mommy mommy come quick!”

Our prince was undaunted
He followed her to her palace
Soon he found her out
Sitting in her room
He clambered up to the windowsill
“Kiss me now! Quick!”
The princess pushed him out, he hollered
“I will be back!”

Sharmishtha basu
Musings 10.09.10

A pretty princess
Pretty as a picture.

Melodious as a lark
Fragrant as a rose

Won the fancy of a toad.

The toad asked for a kiss
The princess obliged.

He turned into a prince
They lived happily ever-after.

That’s what the story says.

What if he dint changed?
It has not been a fairytale.

Sharmishtha basu

Fragrant dawn

Tall trees wrapped in green
Lean on it
To see their youthful faces
White flimsy mist
Softly covers it
As if to save those blooms
From harshness and eyes.

Soft, white lotuses
Gently spread their petals
Welcome the morning sun
Light up the pond and the wood
With their elegant beauty
The wind softly kisses them
Sunrays come down to embrace
Their elegant beautiful beings.

Sharmishtha basu


Fragrant dawn

Soft pink faces
With streaks
Of crimson

As the wind whispers
Soft, sweet praises
Crystal water
Reach out to embrace

Deep blue sky
Smiles at them
Sun glows
In happiness.

They softly sway
Spreading their charm
Their sweet fragrance
Enchants the dawn.

tall trees
Try to save them
From hands
trying to pluck them.

Sharmishtha basu

Aqua Marina

Aqua Marina

Aqua marina smiles
blue Petals glow
droplets of waves
sparkling crystals
decorating velvet green.

Under the azurine sky
Snowy peaks
touching clouds
Pieces of ocean
Stitched in earth’s gown.

Sharmishtha basu


Blue poppies

A piece of heaven
A piece of sapphire
With a body and life
I never thought
Something so beautiful
Existed in earth.
They spread across
The valleys and mountains
Hundreds and hundreds
Beautiful dream.

Sharmishtha basu

Swinging to the clouds

Dark clouds have gathered
A peacock dances
Spreading its rainbow plumes
As the white lightning flashes
Against the ebony clouds
Birds have huddled in their nests,
Thunder roars
Pitter patter starts
Waiting to turn into
Silver torrent pouring down.

under the flimsy veil of mango leaves
the little girl swings
her swing trying to kiss the branches
her hair wet and face glistening
her eyes are lost in the clouds
she wants to fly out to them
so she keeps swinging
ignoring the sliver cascade
ignoring her mother’s shout
“come home right now!”

Sharmishtha basu

She swings

Her rope is tied
To the ebony clouds
She swings
The wind sings
A soft song
Rain drops
Call out her name
In soft symphony
Softly they kiss
Her glowing cheeks
Her flowing tresses
Her swaying dress
Trees stretch
Their green branches
Birds fly by
As she reaches
Higher and higher
To touch the clouds

Sharmishtha basu

Bizarre world

Bizarre world
You bewitch me
Mesmerize, hypnotize me
You have enchanting ways
You can paint white to black
Harbour evil, shun goodness
Silent just protests
Let the jokers roar
Yet the public accepts
Whatever is your say.

They meekly submit themselves
Just the way you want them to.
It always puzzles me
How do you do it?
They say “you can’t fool everyone”
I guess they are right
But if you can fool or use mightiest
Everyone else is subdued
And the public silently gives in
To your whims and fancies.

Sharmishtha basu

Magician World

Just like a magician
You weave your spell
Turn people into sheep
Mute spectator
Of every outrage
They scurry to their
Shangri la
Ignoring your evils
Praying in their heart
They will never be
The victim of
Your next insanity
They try desperately
To save their roost
Ignoring the wild fire
You throw around that.

Sharmishtha basu