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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A funky fairytale

A demon loved an angel
To the limit of insanity
They are not for each other
This much he knew for sure
He knew she will walk away
The moment he shows himself
So he donned a mask
Conned her into loving him.

But what could he do to himself
Soon the mask started to peel
The angel left him
When the mask fell of his face.
First she was angry and bitter
Then he realized his helplessness
His heart was forcing him
To hound her to force her to him.

The demon got furious
Believed her a traitor
He called her names, taunted her
She asked him to change himself
He refused said her love was fake
tried to make her jealous, bitter
hit her from every angle, corner
she reminded him she was an angel.

To have an angel in his arms
He will have to be one
A simple truth that can’t be undone
Oil and water can’t mingle
Black and white can’t embrace
To mingle with each other
They have to be same
Or sacrifice himself in absolute sense.


“You will never forget it
Will thank me forever
For showing it to you
Just go don’t stand here!”
I walked away a bit skeptic.

Never did I thought
Heaven was waiting for me
Down in that valley
Full of spring flowers.

Red, blue, yellow, pink
Name a colour- it was there
Bobbing their pretty heads
In the morning breeze.

Hiding in the deep green
Ocean of softest grass
Playing hide and seek
With childish abandon.

As I stood there staring
A bunch of deer joined me
Looking at me with wide eyes
As they grazed in the valley.

summer blues

Scorching summer heat
Flames shooting upwards
Flames showering downwards
To and from the sun.

Trees, beasts, earth
Begging for mercy
Dark rain clouds
Shower from heaven.

Sun blazes in the sky
Without any mercy
Lashes outs its rays
At the earth below.

Her body is parched
Yearning for mercy
Heaven’s grace
Shower down on her.

lost princess

The beautiful princess
Lost every thing
Her joy, hope, happiness
Her love too followed suit.

She was the apple of king’s eyes
Never saw her mom
She fell in love with a prince
And their marriage was on horizon.

Then she was told
She will not have him
For she did not had royal blood
She was a deserted, abandoned child.

She felt her world has ended
She ran away from the palace
Determined to end the life
Which has taken away her breath.

She was about to commit the sin
When she heard a voice sweet
Sweeter than the nightingales
Which sang to her in dawn.

“Don’t be sad my child
You don’t belong to human race
We lost you when you were born
And we found you at brink of death.”

She turned and saw two golden fairies
Standing right beside her
With the touch of their magic wands
Her own wings woke up from slumber.

Together they flew away to moon
To the land of endless joy
From the land of skepticism and scorn
To the home of the lost child.

sitting on fence

People who think too much
Too long, before taking a step
often end up taking up
The wrong path or turn.

People who can’t say
What’s in their heart,
Either don’t have anything
Or it’s too feeble for a spark.

They say those who sit
Too long on the fence
Thinking and thinking
Which side they will take.

Often fall down in one
Which may not turn out to be
The one they wanted to be
But finally they do land in one.

I saw her

I saw her sitting
Alone in the park bench
Under the twin trees
One red the other golden
With falling leaves.

Her pretty face was beaming
Her eyes were lost in dream
Who was she thinking about
I longed to take a dive
In the pool of those dark eyes.

Flute player

He was wandering alone
Lost, tired, hungry in the woods
Its been weeks
Since he met another soul.

Early dawn, birds were singing
A divine choir for the sun.
lark he heard a sweeter sound
The mellow strain of a flute

He knew he was blessed by heaven
ran madly through the mist and fog
Stumbling, falling rising again
To seek out the flute player.

He ran past bushes
Crossed vales in path
hurried across
The singing brooks.

Then he saw her, a celestial maiden
Playing her flute to the sun
He dropped down to his knees before her,
She opened her eyes and looked at him.

He saw her silver wings fluttering
She Looked at him and smiled
Beckoned a village sleeping in valley
And disappeared in the milky white mist.

seeking forgiveness

So now you say you are sorry
You seek my forgiveness
As the table has turned
You beg for understanding.

Can you give me back my dignity?
Which you ruined without reason?
Can you give me back my innocence?
Which you crushed under your feet?

Can you give me back my life?
Blissful and happy
Full of light and sunshine
Before you throttled it?

Would you have forgiven me?
If I had done the same to you?
Your face tells the answer
Go away, don’t come back to me.


They creep everywhere
They creep
For they don’t have the courage
Or bravery to walk.

They laugh
A cruel, ruthless, vicious laugh
Which doesnot have any joy
Only cruelty and blood thirst.

They know they are spineless
So they select weak
Or they wait for their preys
To become weak.

Then they go for the kill
A dozen or more against one
For they know alone they are nothing.
Killing, and all the while laughing.

They are the vilest creeps
That skulk in wilderness aplenty
If we look around us
We sure will find them here aplenty.

fury of failure

Fury of failure
Is dark, deadly
Often cunning
And often poisoning
Beware of those
Who are indulged in it,
Judge every word
Before you believe it.

They are hard to be identified
Their fury may be well hidden
It may have some rhyme or reason
Or it may have none
They may just be jealous, furious of
every thing good that’s not theirs
Or they may be jealous
Of every good thing in the world.

They may be jealous and spiteful
Trying to choke every nightingale
Because they themselves cant sing,
Trying to pull down every artifact
For their fingers are numb
They know only one thing
Destroy the thing of beauty
For you can never possess it.

Then they may be jealous and sweet
They will slither to your arm
Then they will poison your charm
By discouraging words, by changed tracks
Then smile and walk away
While you are left behind sans charm
Wisdom tells it again and again
Don’t give up your dreams for others.

fake friend

When I first met her
I was so surprised
How can such a creature
Exist in this cruel earth

So sweet, gentle, full of peace
How can she stay like this?
I was so overwhelmed
When she held my hand called me friend.

Then slowly the truth came out
A bitter pill coated with sugar
But not a life giving drug
It was bitter poison coated in sweet

She came to me to kill me
By her sweet disguise
But she only made my faith stronger
Only angels can be sweet as nectar.

Human beings react when abused,
angels and crooked souls don’t
one forgives and the other one
Waits for the chance to settle score.


People give away so much
Through their small actions
Stay on the sideline
And just watch a little,
Before taking any action.

People who let you
Do every thing with them
Are usually not worthier
Than a handful of dust
If you want to keep.

People who let you treat
Themselves like dirt
And happily accept that
Are usually like dirt
Without much material within.

Don’t trample, abuse them
Kicked dirt lands in eyes, face
But if you are looking
For people to cling, to follow
Don’t look at them.