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Monday, November 30, 2009

Painting together

man and his children singing a song
with a gorgeous harmony
God placed trees and grass
his children planted flowers underneath.

What a sight divine it made
tall, graceful wild trees
standing proudly against the backdrop
of deep blue sky with silver white clouds.

Man placed a carpet of flowers
right underneath those gracefull trees
purple, white, blue, red, yellow
name a colour and you will see….

God smiled and placed some velvet green
surrounded that carpet with a lace of grass
and the painting was just perfect
the most beautiful painting, loveliest duet.


I love nights, like I love days

Star studded or gray metro skies

I love the air of mystery

The soft envelop of silence.

That follows the busy days

To soothe the very soul

Occassional barking and mewling

Stray vehicles passing by.

Sometimes shattered by the whistle

Of the night watchman on his round

Apart from that all you can hear

Are the sounds made by yourself.

The soothing sound of your breath

Fingers rustling the pages of book

Or softly dancing on keyboard

What an absolute bliss.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shy love

How could I be so blind to not see
beyond those frightened eyes
shy smile, lingering too long around me?
Never losing a chance to be with me!

How could I be so deaf to not note
the silence which fell on your lips
the moment I started to talk as if
you wanted to hear each word.

How could I be so absent minded
To not note that soft, shy smile
which lighted up your entire being
the moment you felt I am around!

How could have I been so feelingless
to not feel how you woke up
with your complete being whenver
I was lingering anywhere near?

Now that you are gone away
I miss you every second
when you were around me
I failed to understand your shy love.

The heavens laughed

Once there was an innocent lass
full of beauty, love and grace
for some reasons known only to heaven
the cruel eyes of a vile soul she won.

He started to spend hours after hour
gloating her innocent charm in stealth
the lass dwelled in her own innocent
dream world full of fairies and flowers

one dark day his dark claws
shot forward and plucked her
from that land of sunshine
to his land of dark, ugly lust.

There he took away her light, air and beauty
dressed her up in dark, ugly colours of lust
proudly boasted that none other will love you
ever again, now that i am done with you.

Be mine or perish, the girl laughed on him
her laughter ringed in every corner of his
dark castle, the heavens laughed back on this,
it opened, and his dark, cold castle became warm.

A chariot of light came down with the sun
it took away the object of his lust from his claws
took her far away from his greedy, lusty sight
to the land where she belonged, the land of sun.

Friday, November 27, 2009


I was standing on a hilltop
watching down below
the valley was studded with ruins
ancient abodes of a lost race.

Some of them in ruins
some were still standing tall
after braving the nature’s challenges
for years after years

I saw her coming out of there
draped in a sky blue dress
her dress was flowing in wind
kike some beautiful dream.

Was she there to worship?
in some ancient temple..
or did she went there to feel
the mystery of that ancient race.

She made a beautiful picture
that much I can say
oh she added a gorgeous colour
in those lonely, ancient ruins.


Deep blue sky
sailing white clouds
bluish hills and snowcapped mounts
raising their heads to kiss the heavens.

The sky admiring her beauty
in the blue lake below
lake acting as her mirror
eager to hold her reflection.

The banks of the lake
covered with poppies
oh so very gorgeous
red, yellow and blue.

Salute the painter
who paints out of pure divine love
and then like a king, an emperor
blesses every soul with them.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mountain and valleys

blue mountains with snowy top
reflecting the crimson light
morning sun is yet to show up
in the sky, beyond their majestic line.

Misty valleys are still to wake up
Birds have just now started to chirp
The veil of night’s bride is still there
Sprawled across her earth bed…

Written on 4.11.09

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Golden veil

Blue sky has picked up a golden veil
In the dusky evening
Its wrapped up around her
Loving, serene beautiful body..
Which is glowing behind this golden haze
Like a pearl shines through muslin,
Sometimes seen, sometimes unseen,
Glowing behind the misty haze.

Adorned in golden glory
She bows down to admire her beauty
The lake and ponds and rivers
All rush to capture that beauty
Their crystal water transforms
In flowing, glowing liquid gold,
Every creature of nature is touched
By the glowing joy of the blue heaven.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Little bird

Little bird singing oh so sweet from the branch
Filling up my very being with your divine strain
What are you trying to tell us by spreading
That pure, divine melody free of any cost?

The purest and most precious things are free?
So when we come across beautiful souls
Brimming with love, tenderness and affection
We should not waste the bliss by searching price.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

game of life

Big boys don’t cry while playing
They never taunt or cheat
Nor do they ever hit under the belt
That’s what my mama taught me.

She said child life is a game
Always play it fair
Always be a sport
Never lose your spirit and soul.

If someone is too desperate to win
Doesnot minds compromising every thing
Leave this game to him
Soon you will know its worth it.

Be a grown up in your games
It hardly matters you lose or win
As long as your heart is happy
And your soul is shining bright.

Soon this game will be over
You will be on your way
If you could look back then
Let it be with a laughter on your face.


competition for a seat in heaven
well that’s a new concept to me
how do we compete in this race?
By running the very best we can?

Or by running fairly by rules,
Using our lives as race tracks,
I hope it’s a race not football
Where tackling is normal affair.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Land of dreams

As the night moves on
darker the shadows become
creations start to spill in
is it the magic of moon?

Or some mystery works in dark
the region between dream n real
where dream come forward
and try to woo harsh reality.

The soft enchanting magic of dreams
try to overpower witty brain
try to lure him to the land of fairies
where mermaids bask in ocean beach.

Where white stallions run wild
where dream fairies come down
from the sky to say goodnight
and brain surrenders to dreams..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tears of fire

last night I had a strange dream
I woke up hearing someone sob
I went out to search it out
located it to the temple nearby.

Curious I got inside the divine abode
to my shock I realized
the deity was crying inconsolably
tears of fire streaming down her cheek.

Everywhere that tear dropped
a small flame of fire shot up
surprised I knelt down before her
and begged her for the reason.

Gently she spoke, in a voice sweet
“My child, I cry for thee all…
My tears fall when you hate each other.
When those who are supposed to save, kill.”

I saw in the temple wall, reflections of torment.
A king torturing his subjects, a priest cheating.
A mother hitting her child heartlessly..and more.
Softly she said, “This goes on and on and I cry…”

Sunday, November 8, 2009

In the woods

Alone in the woods, taking a stroll
surrounded by tall, majestic trees
touching, kissing the blue sky
sometimes peeping through green.

The ground covered by green grass,
air covered in veil of milky mist
I being the only living soul
even the birds preferred not chirping.

In that mysterious hushed silence
my heart was beating fast
my senses were filled up with mist
and fragrance of green trees.

Will I encounter a fairy somewhere
she too taking her stroll in the woods
will she be furious or just fly away?
leaving me behind mesmerized..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Little one

I saw you standing there
outside my window
underneath the cherry tree
the tree was full of flowers.

Flowers pinkish and white
just like your lovely face
they dropped down upon you
as if they wanted to bless.

You stood there looking at them
with deepest love and happiness
as if you have found paradise
in your very home garden.

You taught me blessings come
to those who can see through
its flimsy disguise
and relish the wonder of life.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Blue fairy

There you sat on a dead tree
making it look like a dream
as graceful as the marble taj
glowing in the early morning.

My thirsty eyes soaked your charm
they thought a blue fairy
has lost her way and is resting
for a while on that wooden throne.

Then heavens bowed their head
and two rainbows side by side
appeared behind your beautiful self
decorating the deep blue sky.

You opened up your tiny beaks
and a divine melody poured out
confirming your divine origin
you gently spread your wings to fly.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Shadow playing

Earth smiled at the sun
softly spread a velvetty carpet
full of luscious green grass
asked him to come down and play.

Softly told him to rest for a while
for he works without respite
spreading light and life all around
ignoring day, night, months, years..

the sun gently smiled and agreed
said he will send down his rays
to rest for a while on that carpet
and then they will be back home.

His rays came down to rest
half of the sun hid its face
a soft shadow enveloped half world
while the sunbeams played in grass..

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The castle

White dazzling man made dream
peacefully dwelling in nature’s arms
hills kissing its elegant feets
blue sky kissing its gallant forehead.

Distant horizons are guarded well
with sky touching hills as sentinels.
hills filled up with cherry trees
toppling all over with snowy blooms.

Snowy cherry blossoms toppling all over
the green velvetty grass around the trees.
It seems as if the painter has painted
a beautiful heaven with white, blue, green.

A hilly river winding her way around the hill
around the castle and the green tall trees
singing in a sweet voice, language unknown
dancing through the hills to places unknown

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Your life is your own canvas
your very own piece of paper
the colors may be handed out
but you can always select other.

Its you who finally paints it..
if you don’t let the brush
slip away from your hands,
you can give it a lovely form.

If the starting is not right
don’t fret over some wrong lines
give them a shape or cover them,
those dark lines with happy colours.

If life hands you shades of gray
borrow some colours from your heart
to make the picture a perfect splendour
every life has shades of gray in its share.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Cherry blossoms

A fairy has touched the trees
with a magic wand of love
each and every leaf of them
has transformed in flowers..

It seems as if they always
bore flowers in place of leaves
the whole tree is glorified
with dazzling white blooms.

Birds and butterflies flittering
from one tree to another
feeling nature has created heaven
to nurture their tiny souls.

The grass below is scattered
with flowers like snowflakes
every thing looks like a dream
spring has come to visit cherry tree.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


It’s a strange glue
that sticks the victim and tormentor
in a bond too strong
to be broken by the tormentor.

The victim tries to break free
but the tormentor’s evil guilt
hovers above her endlessly
like shadows of past hauntings.

Whenever she opens her mouth
tormentor thinks she will say
something which will blow
his mask of goodness away.

Whenever she does something
the tormentor shivers with fear
thinking it will bring down
his palace made of evil deeds.

So he hovers around her
hiding in the cloak of own sin
he keeps lurking in the darkness
scared to let her go out of sight.