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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 - a shardoma

thank you for
the colours you gave
vivid dreams
colourful butterflies
in my blue sky

Sharmishtha basu

2010 - a poem

its time to say goodbye
you knocked my door
I opened it wide
you sat down with me
with last cup of tea
together we sipped
its every single drop.

I thanked you from heart
for all the gifts you gave me
in the year I lived with you
wisdom, warmth, happiness
experience, tears, pain
laughter, light, tenderness
friendship, love and sweetness.

You stood up and hugged me,
thanked me for living the year.

Sharmishtha basu

last day

wrapped in deep calm peace
last day of year visits
to bid me last goodbye

Sharmishtha basu


frost embraces her
barrier gets bejeweled
sparkles like a star

Sharmishtha basu

white mountain sunrise

touch of crimson on
milk white mountain
nature’s painting

Sharmishtha basu


white starlight
messenger of divine
liberation of souls

Sharmishtha basu

vivid dreams

a lovely
dream comes true vividly
spreading hue
colours blue
red, pink, mauve and rainbow hues
soared in meadow green

Sharmishtha basu


my naïve trickster
I can see through
all the games you play
or trying to play with me
I know you have conned
and you have fooled
too many people
I give you full credit
I don’t know why and
I don’t know how
I can see through you
and your devious plans
when you bat your eyelids
faking to be an angel
I see a wolf
licking lips under a sheepskin
try to find someone
who is more naïve than you are
please don’t insult my brain
or look down upon my wisdom
just because I don’t blow
your cover openly wide and far

Sharmishtha basu

the dancer

her body sways like willows
dancing in the ocean wind
her feet move back and forth
deftly like waves in ocean green
soft sand dances under her feet
ocean waves roll under her toes
moon light pours down
on her ivory silk skin
a graceful form dances nimbly
performs for the ocean only
under the full moon
till the break of dawn.

Sharmishtha basu
29 .12.10

only God in heaven

The melodious strain emitting
from the hearts of human beings
in the form of carol, azan or hymns
flow like rivers of love
demolishing each and every barrier
to reach the deep, tranquil ocean
called by millions of names
some are God, Allah or Khuda.
Let every festival make our souls
reach out for that deep ocean
splashing in our very souls
embrace it with love and gratitude
for blessing us with so many colours
so many ways of remembering, loving
the only one God above in heaven.

Sharmishtha basu
27 .12.10

changing colours

changing colours of festivals
early memories
when festival meant celebration
happiness, fun, new dresses
gifts, crackers and treats
waiting all the year
for the hand-counted minutes.

slowly enjoyment takes backseat
spiritualism seeps in
crackers are replaced by hymns
fun, cheer and laughter watches
while deep sense of peace wins

then comes those days
when only the sense of well being
company of divine reins
all other feelings simmer down
festival becomes union with divine.

a satisfied soul sits with a smile
watches others enjoying things it did.

Sharmishtha basu

Saturday, December 25, 2010


pristine white blanket
covered the earth
under the sparkling stars
conquering deepest dark
warmed up in a frozen night
by mother’s love
and mother earth’s
spread of golden hay.

In a dilapidated stable
on a spread of hay
surrounded by angels
and mute animals
child of God was born
to teach and rejoice love
to glorify and beatify
God’s meek lambs.

Sharmishtha basu

trail of light

on a cold dreary night
some thing changed
a star shined bright
a ray descended
in the arms of a mother.

Son of God
came down to earth
to teach His children
how to love one another
how to live in love.

souls blinded by power,
lust, greed and corruption
saw their own reflection
in that messiah of light
they tried to relinquish light.

they destroyed his body
and celebrated victory
they failed to see
the souls blessed by his touch
the trail of light showing path.

Sharmishtha basu


In my mind you are vibrant
full of texture and life
just like a pretty butterfly
or a singing meadow lark.

I grab my pen, paintbrush
try to capture your beauty
suddenly you lose dimension
the life factor vanishes.

Sharmishtha basu

carpet of leaves

my feet are aching to walk
on the road that takes me to your home
oh my lover sweet.
hidden so well from the prying eyes
but tis covered with autumn leaves
nature has woven a carpet
for my bare feet.
I have removed my payals
they make too much noise
they will lead a trail to my path.
but tell me my love
what will I do with these leaves?
shattering to pieces
under my cautious feet.

Sharmishtha basu

the slave

his hair is all white
just like a gallant knight
his soul is black
like a venomous snake
poised to strike.

he sold his soul
to witches and demons
when his friends
are looking for salvation
he slithers in darkness.

poison of his greed
running in his blood
the hooded serpent
sits on guard
in the prison of innocents.

his soul is sold
he cant look for heaven
so he pays the price
of all his unworthy gains
by preying on innocents.

just like a hound on watch
he watches for witches
he preys for demons
and sometimes shivers
when hell beckons.

Sharmishtha basu

crystal cascade

breaking every rule
surpassing every blockade
crystal cascade falls

Sharmishtha basu
20 .12.10

free souls

white floats in green
no chains, no shackles, free souls
followed by trails

Our God

Stop child of God
Before it’s too late!
Think well, before you act,
God is not mine
God is not yours
God is not his
God is not their
God is our.

When you insult his God
You insult ours
When you laugh at their God
You laugh at ours
When you burn my temple down
You burn ours.
I said what I thought is right
Go ahead, do what is right.

Sharmishtha basu

questions to a blackheart

Why did our paths crossed?
Yours and mine?
I must have done something
Really, really vile

In some long-gone birth
If I believe in Hindu saying.
For I have not done anything
In this birth of mine.

to meet some one like you,
holding so much bitterness
so much anger and rage
against a stranger like me.

A woman masquerading as a man
keeping another entrapped
using pretty pictures of another
using brother and father to help.

Does your heart ever curses you
For the cruel games
That you played with me
heaven only knows with how many more.

for years you kept playing same game
never even bothering about Karma
guess devil’s adversaries think
devil too saves his disciples.

devil never saves his slaves
he lavishly rewards them
as long as they can work for him
then he just dumps them for another.

Sharmishtha basu

This poem is based on a real life story. Two engineering students used to trap boys and girls on internet, pretending to be of their opposite gender and flirt with them remorselessly.

Do they ever feel bad for the things they do?

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Liberty, absolute freedom
To do every thing I want
A treasure attained seldom
Most of living souls just can’t
Reach this launching pad
From where soul takes the leap
Its true and its very sad
This treasure is hard to keep
Even if it’s attained by one
It’s lost oh so easily
When ignored its quickly gone
Like mercury it slips swiftly
Souls that have lived with it
Can’t imagine a life without it.

Sharmishtha basu


What is solitude?
Standing at the end of world
Looking at the calm ocean
Stretching to the blue sky
feeling its depth, storms and turmoil.

A single tree standing
right beside you
tall, graceful reaching for sky
You looking out at the ocean
With absolute peace reigning your soul.

Sharmishtha basu

Water and wind

The wind swoops down
To touch the lake
It whispers to the water
We are so same
Yet so different
You are tied to earth
I on the contrast
Am tied to the sky
I freely roam by.

We both give life
We both mean life
Sun sees through us both
Oh we are so alike
Yet so very different
You can be held
I can be felt
You can be tasted
I can be inhaled
Yet are so one in diversity.

By Sharmishtha basu

Some other mate

She is not the one in your fate
You should look for some other mate
She won’t let you treat
Her like your doormat.
She won’t let you mock and taunt
She will just simply walk away.
She knows she is not a doormat
She is a lady, and knows her worth.

I know, I know you are handsome
Your pocket is full of money
But that may not mean
All the world to everyone honey
You should look for that someone
One that will die for your looks, money
One that will let you treat her like dirt
One that will let you walk all over her

sharmishtha basu


gazing out the window
of my moving train
a scene filled me with wonder
made my heart ponder.

Another train far away
Was crossing a bridge
on A mighty waterfall
crashing down from hills.

The train looked like a toy
Inching under that cascade
Cascade of pure beauty, power
it looked like so puny and small.

my heart reminded me there
How feeble and weak we are
Against this majestic power
which we call the universe.

Sharmishtha basu

Second best

Don’t go for the second best
Its not worth the bargain
When it comes to give
Your heart, your soul your life.

Friends or lovers
Who make us feel second best,
Are they really our friends?
Are they worth wholehearted love?

Friends are the ones
Who see through us
And love the show
Hold on to us.

Lovers are those special ones
Who know us through and through
And love us, hold on to us after
Discovering us to our very core.

Ready to fly

my tiny fledgling
is slowly spreading her wings
her tiny wings are ready to fly
to search the blue sky.

The blue sky beckons her
The cage is choking her
She wants to run wild now
To taste the sweet freedom now.

Her hours of freedom
Are counting more and more
Seldom is the scene
When she crosses cage’s door.

Soon she will fly away
Build her nest in wild
Leave the empty cage
Silent, bleak, missing her.

Promised day

Sitting in the bus
Gazing lazily out
At the fleeting scenes
Passing by my side
The bus stopped at signal.

My eyes drifted to pavement
Another family living
Under a plastic sheet
Too feeble to save them
From the wrath of nature.

A tiny toddler playing
On the dirty pavement
A beautiful flower blooming
Half withered in concrete
No one even bothering.

When will I see the last of it?
So many times I wonder!
When will the promised day come?
With shelter, food and books
For each and every children?

green valley

I lie on my back, flat
Blissfully ignorant of world
Gaze in the crystal clear blue
As it gazes back at me peacefully.

The velvet grass softer than carpet
Stretched under me,
Horizon to horizon
Its leaves tickling my cheek and arms.

The farthest horizons are decked
With snow capped high mountains
Looking up at the sky
Mist envelops them like white gown.

In the distance I see a home
Marble white and dazzling
For a second I feel a pang
A pang of envy towards its dwellers.

Then smile blows away the pang
I reach out to embrace what’s mine
The beauty of nature surrounding me
And close my eyes in happy remembrance.

Words untold

Fairy of
My creativity
Don’t run away
From me
The urge is
Burning deep within
All it needs
Your soft grip
On my pen
Let words
Flow from within
A crystal cascade
Shower of gold
Words untold

Sharmishtha basu

Song of unemployment

Give me bread
Honest bread
With little something
For me and my family
I promise I won’t steal.

Give me my dues
Let my sweat, brain speak
No other language
I should need to use
I won’t go astray.

When I starve
With my family
When my toil is stolen
Just because you sleep
Instead of guarding us.

That’s when I go blind
Do things I should nor
To stop me
Wake up
Do your duties.

Sharmishtha basu