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Saturday, May 29, 2010

walk your talk

No power on this earth
Can make me say
A thing which I won’t do
I never give commitments
Which I sure am to fail into.

We say the most beautiful things
Sometimes to show ourselves off
Sometimes to hide our intentions
Sometimes to hear cheer from crowd
Sometimes without weighing our power-then fail!

Fail when we face the test
Test of proving the truthfulness
Of all the huge commitments we made
And destroy our very reputation
I prefer not to make that blunder.

When the time will come
I will do what my soul says
Till then I will not commit
A herculean task with my human body
I will wait and watch.

Heaven sent

Who are you holding me
Oh so close to your heart?
Your love penetrates
My tender body
To make it warm and strong.

Your loving eyes
Look at me with love
Whenever I open my eyes
Wipes away traces
Of darkness, pain and fear.

Your voice is like the angels
I left behind in heaven
It soothes my very soul
It fills me up with happiness
It fills me up with peace.

Your presence is just like God
She told me of course
Before I was about to come here
She will meet me here
I will have to call her mother.


They say
Forgiveness is virtue
It proves that you are man
Your kindness is divine.

I wonder
Does a child forgives
The abuser who ripped him
Of his rightful innocence?

Or the mother
Who sees her own baby killed
Without any reason at all
Forgives the murderer.

Forgiving, is it that easy?
Or we just pretend?
Then why do we urge to write
Death sentences for terrorists?

We should be forgiving everyone
That’s how it should be
Or did I get the word wrong?
May that might be.

Handling grief

They say
Different people
Have different ways
Of handling grief.

Some keep shedding tears
Till that day
When last drop of tear
Has left their eyes.

They share their pain
With everyone
Talk about it repeatedly
Until it’s absolutely gone.

Some become mum
Don’t utter a word
Wait for the day
When the turmoil stops.

They share their pain
With none.
They keep it away from mind
And wait for it to fly away.

Did any one of them loved less?
Or was anyone’s pain lesser than other?
I guess not, I think not,
It’s just their own ways to douse the pain.

Ten years

So you want
Bygones to be bygone
After ten long years
After ruining all his hopes.

You loved his brother
You two soared seven skies
In each others consenting arms
Then he dropped you in mud.

You settled his score
On his innocent brother
Trapped him and played with him
For full ten years- mercilessly.

Now ten years later he stands
Prematurely greyed and shattered
You seek his forgiveness not love
Because your lover has caught you.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


There are times in our life
when we desperately seek
from someone or everyone,
sometimes we get it
and sometimes we don’t
only heavens forgive us
not the children below.

Shall we not keep in mind?
Broken faith, shattered trust
Betrayed love, cruel injustice
Remorseless wrong, ruined dignity
Destroyed reputation, dream and hope
Are seldom forgiven
So we shall not play with them
If we do, shall not seek forgiveness.

Death of an angel

I used to see a little angel
Sitting under a tree
Playing with flowers
Running after butterflies.

Months passed away
I did not see her
Then one sad evening
I saw her shadow again.

It was her, or was it?
Where was that angel?
The playful, innocent one?
Who always loved and played?

I saw a sad woman
Who has lost her wings,
And along with that
Every thing I loved.

“You don’t know? Do you?”
A friend queried me.
“A prince fell in love with her.
But was too wary of her nature.”

“He thought she laughed too much,
He thought she was too naïve
Too playful and childish
Too innocent to be queen.”

“So he twisted and tainted her
Till she became like now
Then he got fed up with her
And married someone new.”

Flower in glass house

A delicate flower bloomed
In the covers of glass house
Spreading her beauty and charm
Filling up it with her grace
Her fragrance filled it up
She was the gardener’s pride
Pampered to no end.

He was a lonely butterfly
His wings painted with rainbow
His heart full of love
he loved her in stealth
could never tell her so
He used to flitter around
Her glass made abode.

His yearning eyes soaked up
Her beauty from afar
His wings brushed the glass
So many times
Praying it will let him through
She never even noted him
His love swelled up in his heart.

Then one day a cruel hand
Picked her up before her time.
No one heard her last sigh
No one saw the tears
That fell from the eyes
Of the lonelier butterfly
As his wings fluttered in vain.

Greed, desire and yearning

Greed, desire and yearning
one is never ending
one knows its limit
the third realizes it late.

Greed is never satisfied
Its an endless pit
No matter how much you fill it
It is always hungry for more.

Desire knows when to stop
When to stop chasing
The mirage called greed
And be content and blessed.

Yearning yearns but learns
Often after stumbling
But it does quits thereafter
Chasing the ever eluding mirage.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Death brushes by

A beautiful bird
Used to come
Every dawn
To sing a song
Sitting on the branch
It used to pour down
Its very soul in melody
Filling me up with peace.

It stopped coming
I thought it was gone
Away to some beautiful world
And is living there happily
Then someone told me
Its no longer around
Its soul has left its body
Gone away to most beautiful place.

Sadness enveloped my heart
Death brushed by me
Caught me unawares
A friend passing by
Asked about tears in eye
Could not say any thing
He did not even knew the bird
I could not spread my pain
To his happy, joyful heart.

Some sadness is for us only
They just cant be shared
We can only wait for time
To dry those unshed tears
To wipe out that touch of pain
From our heart and soul
And make us breathe easy
Bring back the joyfulness again.

Mother’s touch

How can she know?
What’s mother’s love?
She never tasted any
Through out her life.

She read about it
So many times
In so many places
But never felt it.

Her mom was there
When she grew up
Distant and cold
Only dutiful not loving.

Never did she sat
Holding her hands
Or caressing her brow
When she was in sickbed.

Never did she allowed
To be touched or hugged
Touching her meant
The hand to be pushed away.

So she grew up reading
All the sweet stories
How mothers rock their babies
And how they hug and kiss.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Who is true mother?

Who shall we be calling a true mother?
The one who conceives a life?
And leaves her to fight on her own
In this cruel, ruthless world?

Or the one who picks up
A little, abandoned life
Holds her to her bosom
And gives her a new lease of life?

The one that created
A tiny body inside her
Or the one that sheltered
That tiny body in her lap?

One that created that hand and feet?
Or the one who taught her
How to walk and hold?
How to live a lovely life?

Real mother

She was a real mother
Mother to her core
The whole world was
Her child to her
Never bothered about species
Or any other silly fuss
Every baby was a baby to her
Even if it was alligator, bear.

Her love knew no boundary
It was like an ocean
Overwhelming every thing
Without any discrimination
Being around her meant
Being doused by her waves
She never even stopped to look
Who was it being blessed.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My heart

How can I deny?
Oh I truly love thee
My heart is overflowing
With Sweetest, deepest love.

A love you don’t need
So you can’t have it
For your vessel is not pure
Pure enough to contain ambrosia.

My heart is like a beehive
Filled up and pouring
The nectar is dropping down
Drop by drop like molten gold.

To have it make your heart yearn
That fire of yearning will purify it
Then collect these drops and drink
Or else forget it, its not for you.

Mother’s heart

She was out there alone
Dawn was yet to come
The stars were sparkling
A sickle moon shining.

Her bag was on her back
In which she stuffed
All the disposed things
From all the garbage bins.

She reached the first one
Was about to start her work
When she heard a growling
And a baby’s whimper.

Quickly she went to the dog
She saw it was sitting there
With a fierce look in her eyes
Five cubs were sucking milk.

Four had four legs
One had two, it was a baby girl
The dog wagged her tail at her
Allowed her to pick up the baby.

She patted her, gave her the biscuit
Which she has bought for her own
And started back for home thinking
One mother deserts, another saves.


a dream come true
for so many women
but not for all
for all of them
are not meant to be
perfect mothers at all.
Some are just not
Mother material at all
We force motherhood on them
And they miserably fail.

Why do we human
Get so harsh on women?
Expecting them to obey
Our dictated rules?
Nature- our true mother
Tells us again and again
Every female is not meant
To be a good mother at all
Just a look around you- honestly
Will show you this rigid truth.


She never saw her mama
Everyone told her a story
She has gone away
To live with angels in heaven

All she had was her photograph
Placed on her study table.
Her daddy was every thing she had
She was her daddy’s little angel.

Then one day her gramma came
Told her she was going to have
A new mother, just for her
She was on her way to her home.

Soon she came dressed in red
A beautiful fairy just like dream
She held her to her very heart
And said, “God sent me back to you.”

Monday, May 17, 2010

Best friends

He and she were best friends
The very best ones
That can ever be
He and she were body and shadow
That’s how it was meant to be.

Nothing could separate them
Not even their friends or parents
It seemed that they were glued
With each other forever.
Never did they think they will part.

Then he had to go away
They cried for days
Then time healed them
Suddenly he came to visit her
A decade has passed away.

Both blushed and she ran away
She sat in her room with beating heart
He stood there thinking hard
Is it the same person, the same being?
Who used to slip in my bathing tub?


When God decided to send
Her cherubs down to earth
She knew she will need
Someone just like her.

To take care of those precious souls
Till they can stand on their own
To guide and protect them
To love and nurture them.

She created her reflections
To Send her to the earth
To take care of her cherubs
When they reach the earth.

Her reflection was just like her
Patient, kind, protective
Her love was as deep as God
So was her whole bearing.

Who else will spend sleepless nights
Sacrifice her very being for her child
Without any expectation in return
Without any grudge or complain?

Sweetest song

A baby bird
she has just learnt to fly
flew out of her nest
and kissed the blue sky.

She swooped down below
Drank from the Silver Spring
Sat down on a blooming branch
Started to look around her.

She heard a mellifluous symphony
Cascading like a waterfall
Sprinkling like a fountain
Birds were singing, filling up the sky.

She tried to join them
Her baby voice faltering
Sometimes joining them
Sometimes stopping abruptly.

Slowly the orchestra stopped
Fairy of spring flew to her
Scooped her up in her palms,
“You are the sweetest one.”

She held her to her bosom
Softly kissed her tiny beaks
Touched her with her magic wand
Flew away to the blue sky.

The Quest

He was in quest of true success
A wise man told him the way
To reach the sage who knows
The way to real success.

He left his home in search
Followed the map line by line
Braved scary forests
Crossed deadly deserts.

Then he reached the valley
Across it he saw a wall of rock
Sky kissing mountains standing tall
He had to cross that mountain chain.

He clambered up and down the wall
Reached a wonderful valley
A crystal clear river was running
Flowers carpeted the whole valley.

He saw a hut and rushed for it
His heart was happy like never before
He knocked the door it opened by itself
A fairy was sitting inside the door.

“Cross that forest my child,
For this is valley of happiness
Across that forest you will meet the one
For whom you have left your every thing.”

He thanked her and left for the forest,
Crossed the darkest forest of his life
Risking his life in every second
He reached the end of it at last.

It was a garden full of greenest trees
Laden with sweetest fruits
Birds and beasts were roaming merrily
In the middle of it he saw the second hut.

A gorgeous fairy was sitting inside it,
“You have reached the haven of love my son,
Cross that dreary desert my child
You will reach your destination.”

Every step burnt his flesh
Every breath scorched his lungs
Still he inched along his way
To reach his destination.

At the end he saw a wall
Too easy to climb and cross
After the barriers which he has crossed
To reach his dream land.

He climbed on the top of the wall
On the other side was his home
His village, his people were there
Just like he has left them there.

He heard a sweet voice beside him
Saw two tiny fairies sitting there
One as bright as sun
Other one as soft as moon.

“Child we are truth and satisfaction
We dwell in every home, heart
Those who can see us, get their dreams
Delivered in their very palms.”

“Those who can’t see us, roam around
Cross mountains, forests, deserts
Sometimes they realize the truth
And sometimes they just waste in path.”

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Island of peace

My soul is an island
Island of peace
Resting in the ocean
Ocean of life.

Sometimes the waves sing
Sometimes they rock me
Sometimes they are sleeping
Sometimes too turbulent.

They come in plethora of forms
To touch this tiny island
To rock, to shake and to crush
Sooner or later they return back.

My island knows it
So it sees and acts
Just as the ocean wants it to
And then resumes its peace.

little miss

“No I don’t want that one
I want the red one
Not the green one
Please mama the red one for me.”

I heard a voice as sweet
As a nightingale
And turned to see
The tiny miss nagging.

How sweet is their world.
They live in true bliss
Mama and papa are there
To pamper little miss.

To doll her up and play
To make each and every day
Her laughter and baby talks
Are music to their ear.

A cute world for a princess
Full of love and pure bliss
That’s how it should be
For every little miss.

blue eyed boy

He was a boy with blue eyes
She was a shy pretty girl
Both were still in school
Studying in same class
She loved him so much
But could not look at him
He never noticed her
For she was too keen to hide.

Then they parted ways
Miles entered in between them
Someone still misses that
Smart, handsome blue eyed boy
Whenever his thoughts
Crossed her mind
Her face lighted up with sweet smile
Miles and years just disappear.

A heart

If you have a heart of gold
People may be jealous
And call you a fake
Or may be mistrustful
Thinking that you are fake
Don’t let that get to you
Prove its worth by burning
In that fire of mistrust or envy.

If you have a heart
As wide as the sky
As deep as the ocean
You will find people
Who will try to bind you
Don’t let it happen
Never shrink yourself
No matter what.

If you have a sweet heart
People will try to taint it
By pouring things bitter, sour
Let your sweetness overpower
All things that pour in your heart
Never let any thing from world
Corrupt your sweetest feelings
For your brothers, the human race.

If you have a heart of lion
People will try to intimidate you
Ego, fear, mistrust… too many reasons
Never let them chain your spirit
Rare souls are blessed with this
Never let any one mess this
Walk tall, lions never crawl
They face every thing with regal stride.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flower in rags

Sitting on the park bench
Watching kids play
Dressed up like angels
Running, laughing all the way.

A rude refusal rang out
A sharp, cruel tone
Shattering the blissful
Lovely serenade.

I turned my face
Saw a sad scene.
A flower being ripped
By a bitter thorn.

A beautiful flower
Dressed in rags
Was trying to sell
A bunch of roses.

Some well-dressed mama
Thought she was too dirty
To come near her
Or her precious ones.

So she was applying her right
To make her understand
How unworthy she is
Of venturing so near her.

She turned to walk away
Scared and pale
Learning a lesson bitter
Too early in life.

Childhood days

Those long walks together
Sometimes running
Sometimes strolling
A gang of five siblings
Out to explore the world
Two yappy dogs
Unleashed and free
Chasing rabbits and birds
Jumping like crazy
Ignoring the shouting kids.

Garden full of flowers, bees
Butterflies soaring like dream
Flocks of birds and parrots
Sometimes a dancing peacock
Right in your courtyard
Spreading its gorgeous plumes
The velvety, red velvet bugs
Filling up the trees
Soft as velvet red as cherry
Treasures for the little kids.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ponchishe boisakh (25th Day of Baisakh) (9.5.2010)

Baisakh is a month of Bengali Calender, the first month. Every Bengali knows the 25th day of this month. One of the dearest human beings of almost every Bengali was born on this day, Rabindranath Tagore. I wont bother you with his biography, sorry. Because I hated reading biography or autobiographies.

Today is his 150th birthday. He has left earth a long time ago but has left behind a trail of light and beauty. His songs are still the hot favourites of too many Bengalis (including myself).

I love to write, almost every thing but fact based serious things. And after I started to write myself my respect for him shot sky high. I have always adored (almost worshipped) him but now when I explore his expertise in almost every sphere of human feelings I feel awestruck by his genius.

He is one of the reasons I thank God again and again that I am a Bengali. Because to understand and soak oneself into his works one have to clearly understand Bengali and have at least an ample amount of Bengali temperament. I have read a little bit of English translation of his works, they tasted quite lifeless and devoid of sweetness.

Tagore, Kabiguru once wrote a poem which mused that someone was reading his poem hundred year afterwards that date. Well, I can proudly say that if his works stay and Bengalis survive then people will be reading his works five hundred years later too. He was ONE poet.

Your words

Decades have passed away
You have put down your flute
Placed your pen in stand
And left for your own journey
Enchanting journey to dreamland.

Your music still resonates
Fills up our soul
Your poetries still spill out
To show us how lovely life is
You have left a trail of light.

Deities show themselves
Fairies dance in them
Nature unravels her glory
Human soul is undisclosed
Your words contain the universe.

Some times they take me
On a trip to a garden
Or a village road
To a lotus pond
Or in the endless space.

Or some palace far away
Where a beautiful spirit dwelled
Every dweller fell in love
And could never leave her
They perished yearning for her.

Sleepy river

A sleepy river lying
Calmly in the lap
Of green mountains
Majestic and charming.

Logs and rocks scattered
All across her body
As she lays supine
Staring at the sky above.

Two small birds are singing
Softly in a haunting tone
One from each bank
Calling out to the other.

Are they singing a love song?
Or are they singing for river
Asking her to break free
And dance down the mountains?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

walk after rain

The rain stopped
After a quick splash
Tired of the confinement
I went out to take a stroll.

The sky was covered
The stars were hiding
Not a single one of them
Was in sight.

Then I saw them on earth
Sitting on branches
Decorating the leaves
Sparkling down below.

They must have taken
A break to earth
To visit the trees
To kiss them with rain.

These sunlit days

These sunlit days
Rays of sun
Cascading down
Like molten gold
Free of cost
No investment
No expenditure
Only profit.

Silver moonshine
Calm breeze
Brushing our face
As we inhale deep
Cleanses our very soul
No fear, no frown
As we embrace earth
And her various forms.

We shall not forget
Nothing comes
Absolutely free
Though this mother
Asks for nothing
We shall not
Exploit, abuse, ruin her
In return of her kindness.

If you think otherwise
Just for a second close eyes
And imagine a world
Absolutely destroyed
Human life cringing inside
Globe created by himself
Nothing natural comes through
No birds, no trees, no river.

Just a bunch of us
Clambering around
Dressed in armors
And gas masks to save us
From air, water and light
Can you imagine that nightmare?
Better check your steps now
And do what is required.


Her body was parched dry
So long it has been
She has been touched by love
Her whole being has gone dry
Even the tears in her eye
She looked at the sky
And begged God for mercy.

Covered with dust and dry leaves
She waited for the mercy
Kindness of the heaven above
Slowly they came- dark clouds
And sprinkled down on her
Their unconditional love
Her body bloomed, life sprouted
A lovely fragrance enveloped her.


It’s a country of sages
Where people still believe
That God is within us
We are within God.

Where people still believe
Every nourishing soul
Is like our own mother
A river, a beast or earth.

Where people bow
To the God inside others
Every time they meet
Forgetting every thing else.

Where values precede gain
Soul precedes wealth
Dignity precedes life
Where death is welcomed.

dont let it go

Close your eyes and feel
Can you see them?
Those huge beasts
That roamed on her chest
Their body was heavy
But they treaded light
She survived happily
For thousands of years
Even after they merged
In the deep layers of her.

Then came her most darling child
Fairest of them all
The only one who could hear her
Talk to him or her
Whisperings of a mother
Through wind, sun, moon and rain
But that child could only hear
It forgot to feel her pain
All it did was ask
For more, more and even more.

Soon her body got tired
By his constant digging
All her other children
Perished one after the other
Her golden dusks and dawns
Hid themselves in fumes
Her rivers and oceans
Got covered with oil spill
Her lullabies and songs
Got submerged in machine roars.

Her tears started to drown them
Her sighs started to scare them
Her moans escaped in lava
Still they did not listened
Then one day they woke up
Decided to do the reverse
To mend her bleeding body
To treat their mother right.
A new voice was heard
“don’t let it go.”

“This earth is our home”, it sang
“We live on it we die on it
We cant let her suffer any more
She is our true mother
For she bears us selflessly
For every dagger we dig in her
She gives a piece of herself
We cant let her go like this.”
A new age dawned
And she waits to see them succeed.


Here the morning sun
Visits hours proceeding
The chant of melodious strain
Pouring down like rain.

People speak a language
Melodious as river
Sweet as pouring rain
Soft as whistling wind.

Women are born to love
To love every soul
Their love is pure, selfless
Which knows only to shower.

They know to cry in love
Shed their priceless tears
As long as their beloveds
Are living in good cheers.

So many loving souls
Have blessed this piece of earth
So many poets and sages
Have walked this blessed earth.

a strange age

We sure are living in a strange age
Here bats fly high, stalk the sky
Wait like vultures to kick the horse
Whenever that elegant creature falls.

Now witches rule the world
Angels hide their faces
In agony and shame
witches mock and call them names.

Monkeys don suit and boot
By copying the perfect specimens
They boast they have become the best
Specimens of human civilization.

We are ruled by beggars and choosers
They sell their soul buy the earth
They hope everyone else to applaud
Their “courage and expertise” or else die.

And oh the outnumber goodness so much!!!!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


tears are not weakness
they don’t mean cowardice
they are the thawing
of the ice of pain.

The frozen ice of pain
Clasping around your soul
Melts down in tears
Let them easily flow.


sadness is a shadow
which should be met
with smiles and light
if you let it linger
too long in your heart
it will deepen
and become darkness
darkness of pain.


happiness is a butterfly
soft, graceful, fragile
to be watched
not to be held
it will stay as per
its own will
just enjoy its presence
it will fly away
to fly back in another form.

Feelings and passion

Feelings are like wings
Wings of birds, butterflies
They soar but not to high
They know they belong to earth.

Passions are like meteors
Blazing, shooting high
They don’t care about anything
They want to kiss the seventh sky.

Shell and pearl

A restless soul
Which left the earth
With insatiate desires
Stumbled upon the body
Of a meditating sage
Who has left for heaven
Immersed in meditation
The shell stayed on earth.

The soul captured the body
Happy as a king
Thought that he will get
All the honour of the sage
The disciples came to see
Their teacher, mentor
They gathered around him.
To hear him, adore him.

Were shocked to see
The vulgar transformation.
They scattered away soon
Mumbling among themselves
Is it really him
Or some ghost has stolen
His body in stealth
His soul is not within.

The spirit forgot in haste
Body is only shell
Its our actions that decide
Shall we be adored
Or be abhorred
He stole the shell
And thought he had
The hidden pearl.