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Monday, January 31, 2011


a cozy bunch of monkeys
lived up floor from me once
a chirpy herd quite funky
dwelled on my roof top once.

their days started prior dawn
as I laid snuggled and comfy
they opened their beady eyes at dawn
got active like a bunch of zombie.

One minute they were thump thump
the other minute they were squealing
then they will start to hop and jump
sometimes they will go rolling.

for years I tried to convince them
my rooftop is not their home
I will be so glad to see the last of them
if they will kindly return to their home.

Then one day they disappeared in thin air
I woke up sans their jumping and sound
as if some angel heard my prayer
vanished em with a single whiff of her wand.

Sharmishtha basu
19 .1.11

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