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Monday, January 31, 2011

haiku collection 3 17.1.11

deception (HH)

her hazel eyes
shining soft and bright
hid the deception.

Sharmishtha basu

medusa 8.1.11

a humble grass flower
boasted celestial charm
got forever doomed

Sharmishtha basu
8 .1.11

sin (HH) 23.1.11

tabooed love, lovely eyes
temptation too strong to shun
heart sways towards sin

Sharmishtha basu

Story of guilt 28.12.10

those hooded eyes
tongue licking lips fast and quick
telltale story of guilt

Sharmishtha basu

confinement (SHW) 25.1.11

confinement gone
cage of ice has shattered
crystal creek is free

Sharmishtha basu
25 .1.11

inhibitions 25.1.11

shed inhibitions
bear your flower and fruit
world belongs to you

Sharmishtha basu
25 .1.11

the thinker 21.12.10

her hands reach within
deep in the ocean of thoughts
to scoop up wisdom

Sharmishtha basu

butterfly dreams 28.1.11

burning orange, gold
ivory n ebony
studded in deep green

Sharmishtha basu

scorpion 4.1.11

the black scorpion
lethal and poised to kill
anyone annoying.

Sharmishtha basu

scorpion 4.1.11

red ripe cherries
simply shunned my conscience
I gave in to Sin

Sharmishtha basu
16 .1.11

tug of war

earth threw a feather
sky caught it in mid way
moon tries to snatch

Sharmishtha basu

for a haiku

its quite a fun
to scratch your head for a spell
for a haiku

Sharmishtha basu

red rose

velvety smooth red
mellow and glowing ruby
smiling among thorns

Sharmishtha basu
coldest heart

its the coldest heart
that fails to melt at the pain
real bad disease

Sharmishtha basu


its murder of men
only the pretexts vary
what spills is just blood

Sharmishtha basu

shattered faith 31.1.11

agony of death
bows its head to crushing pain
of a shattered faith

Sharmishtha basu
31 .1.11

darkness 31.1.11

overwhelming love
blind surrender of self
darkness engulfs world

Sharmishtha basu

splendour 31.1.11

dazzling gold torrent
exploding from a volcano
a killer splendour

Sharmishtha basu

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