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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

evil shadow

that night I turned and faced her
demanded a clarification
what gets inside her heart
what were her intention.

Why oh why did she
echoed my every movement, step
her ways truly exhausted me
who will like to be copied by ape.

she begged to me with moist eyes
told me she just cant be other way
she has no body, no concrete form
she just have to copy my way.

I felt her pain and allowed her
to copy my each and every action
after all a shadow has to follow
the owner of her body’s destination.

that night I felt someone choking me
soon my soul was hovering by my body
I saw her open her eyes to look at me
it was the shadow who possessed my body.

“Thank you for training me so well.”
she laughed at me with mockery
“I think I will take care of this body.”
her eyes were filled with trickery.

Standing there I realized my fault
I have sealed my own doom
I have been conned by a trickster
an evil have I given a room.

Now I roam in spirit world
while the slave is now the owner
she relishes the things that were mine
by replacing the rightful owner.

Sharmishtha basu

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